Wigs, Outdoor Weddings & 'Breaking Dawn' In 3D? Jack Morrissey Answers This & More

Why did the character’s hair change for Breaking Dawn?

Here's the thing about the haircuts and/or wigs: as Bill said at Comic-Con, he felt like BD was about growing up for most of the characters, or certainly moving beyond high school, so the hair choices are about that. You may like this one but not that but that was the intention and the hair and makeup artists are all extremely talented. And Bill knows his way around this stuff from DREAMGIRLS, which was all wigs all the time. There was thought and design behind all of it, but as with everything in both parts of BD, that doesn't mean you have to agree with the thought or design, or like it. That's just movies. A team of the best people you can get all work hard with a director, and those choices and decisions get filmed and edited anyway.

Vampires are having an OUTDOOR wedding? Was Team BD worried about the sparking? 

Lots of care was devoted to making sure that no one on THAT SIDE of the aisle would be seen sparkling by the bride's side!
The wedding was the very last sequence shot by the main unit and there was a whole weather concern with it because, as an outdoor TWILIGHT vampire wedding, they couldn't shoot in rain, nor with any real direct sunlight. In the end, the weather was perfect for those final shoot days.

Are the Breaking Dawn films coming out in 3D? 

The decision was made early on not to film either chapter in BD 3D.

How does the director go about which songs appear under which scenes in a movie? Also, how does one determine where the orchestral score is placed? 

Every single movie happens uniquely--you kind of have to know someone who worked on. or close to any specific movie in order to know how it all happened and came together. And, for these two BD movies, you do!

For PART I movie--in broad terms--Bill received CDs with submitted songs. He and his team listened to each song a number of times and then take only the songs they like and try them under certain scenes. Once a song feels like a great fit with a scene musically, and sometimes even lyrically, the producers (including Stephenie) watch/listen, as did the music supervisor and studio execs, and approve.
When scoring the film, first the director, the editor, and their team try a temporary score cue over this scene, or a song under that scene, until they get the movie roughly where they want it to be musically. Then the composer and director "spot" the movie in a spotting session, where they talk through all of the score cues needed, what and how they need to be, and when they need to start and finish. Once agreed upon, the composer goes off and composes.

Can you get us a premier in our city/certain actors to show up?
Sorry, those decisions are in the hands of other people. We have no control over that at all.


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Thanks ! Really enjoyed this !
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Good excerpt! Nice to read abot the mechanics that go on behind the scenes


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