Will all these rumors pull apart Kristen Stewart from Robert Pattinson?


While I was searching for information on all the rumors that have been spreading in the net about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, I came across with this...

In my personal opinion, the media can be something that can give a celebrity status, fame and respect but sometimes when scrupulousness and selfish indivuduals want to gain with someones life things can go real bad...

I found this in E's website and lets see what you guys think about all the trash that's being said of our favorite Twilight characters!



Stop Tearing Rob and Kristen Apart!

Talk about one rough week for our fave couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Seriously, these poor real-life romancers have been through the tabloid (and fan) ringer lately, so does that mean their relationship is on the fast-track to combusting, too?

First up, there are those viscous rumblings of a Robsten lovechild ('cause she's so fat, right?), and if that weren't enough, now there are reports that Kris is receiving hate mail from Twilight fans who are superpissed at how she's supposedly been treating Rob. Uh, if the outcry's anything close to what we unfortunately have to witness on our very own A.T. boards, our hearts are with Kristen all they way.

So we're here to try to decipher what is fact from fiction, as well as the possible half-truth's burrowing in between:

The baby rumors. We smell a big let's-try-to-sell-lots-of-issues stunt from an Australian tabloid. First, this is hardly the first time it's been rumored that the young, hot couple's been perhaps trying to give the world a little Robsten, such old news. NW is basically the Us Weekly equivalent over there, meaning they do have lots of clout to help get folks thinking this one's not so far off. Retraction coming, we wonder, or will Robsten just chill through it all, like they usually do? Probably.

Now for the nasty letters. You've heard the phrase, "know your audience"? Well, know you're sources, too. The National Enquirer isn't exactly the most legit tab around H'wood, but then, we ain't exactly the New York friggin' Times here. Just something to keep in mind. Still, we contacted our Robsten camper buds who insist to us they have not been receiving tons of hate mail on Kristen. Not that it couldn't go elsewhere, but every actor deals with this crap. Yes, even Rob too. So this so is not a big thing, either.

Rob 'n' Kris are a fiery and fab couple, but just because they are perf together doesn't mean they won't face some relationship troubles. Especially when stressed and long distance. They are human, after all, not emotionally immune vampires. If they didn't come across messy bumps in the road, it wouldn't make their relationship worth fighting for. So let's cut them some slack.

Countdown to their Comic-Con rendezvous is on. Don't ef their schedules up, Summit!

Source: E Online Site
Today 5:09 AM PDT by Ted Casablanca and Taryn Ryder

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