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 Snow White And The Huntsman Panel has just begun at WonderCon and total surprise: Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron are present! 

You can follow the live panel blogging HERE

Update! SWATH Panel has ended.
The Universal Panel has started!
Director Rupert Sanders has come out and is talking about the origins of he project.
A fake-trailer was made to show off the style to the studio before it was greenlit 
Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart have arrived! 
Stewart is saying how proud she is of Sanders' work. 
"Everything I wanted [Snow White] to be is there and that's really rare," Stewart explains. 
Theron is discussing the Queen and how much fun it was to play evil. 
Everyone has an idea of her," Theron says, "And there's something nice about f--ing with that idea." 
Sanders is talking about how great Chris Hemsworth is in the film. He says it's very dramatic and will make audiences cry.
"I hurt myself a lot," says Stewart about the stunts.
But that's what drew her to the project.
"I got to jump off cliffs and ride horses," she says, "And that terrified me. I didn't like that."
They're about to show a five-minute montage.
Backstage shot of Kristen, Charlize and Rupert - https://twitter.com/#!/palakspatel/status/181132809384099841/photo/1
The footage begins with a battle that we've seen in the previous trailers.
Knights are riding on horseback, doing battle with an army that, when they're struck, shatter into tiny shards.
This appear to be the Queen's magical army. She's making her move across the land, conquering.
The queen talks to the mirror, who tells her another is now fairer than she and it will cause her power to wane.
A man is sent to steal Snow White's heart (literally), but she escapes into the Dark Forest.
The Huntsman is brought before the Queen. He's the only one who has been in the dark forest before, but he doesn't want to help catch Snow White.
We see the dark forest. It's filled with black smoke, tentacle trees, little dragons and bats.
The Huntsman finds Snow White, but helps her, traveling with her deeper into the forest to protect her.
We see some kind of a monster that looks like a bit like a minotaur. It attacks Snow White and the Huntsman.
Later, they've been caught in a trap and are dangling from a rope. The dwarfs approach.
When Snow White explains that she is the daughter of King Magnus, the dwarves agree to follow her lead.
The whole group heads to a better part of the forest. Everything that seemed ominous before is now positive. There are white horses (maybe llamas?), a giant turtle covered in moss and tiny forest sprites.
Later, Snow White realizes that she can see what the Queen sees and realizes that she can kill the Queen.
There are a lot of shots of the Queen aging.
After the footage, the floor is opened to audience questions. Someone asks Stewart about playing dark characters.
"It's because I'm a b--h," she deadpans.
She says that Picasso had his blue period and she's just in her b--h period.
Sanders is talking about the dwarfs -- regular-sized actors that have digitally been made into dwarfs.
Charlize Theron is jokingly hitting on a little kid who is asking a question.
Sanders says that the film is definitely based on the original Brothers Grimm version and doesn't take any other adaptations into account.
Then end of the SWATH panel, but we're about to move into Battleship.

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what is wondercon?!


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