All but forgotten

I sighed with frustration and gave up on my hair. It could stay this way for all I cared. There was a light bang on the front door.
See my family isn’t anything like your average text book definition. To be honest we would more likely be matched with an asylum. But we aren’t crazy. You see my life isn’t on the same level as most others. My world is based on myths and legend which most people who think is completely absurd.
My family aren’t technically human. They have souls and bodies but what they can do and the talents they posses are utterly out of this world! It’s actually mind blowing to think that your family are some of the most talented beings in the known universe.
My sisters are Jane; Luce (Lucinda); Delilah; Ashlyn and Sophia. They all have unique talents which make them so special. Delilah has an extremely rare gift according to out grandfather; she has the power to read a person aura.
As I walked down the hall way she appeared from inside the bathroom. She was slender and near enough 5foot four inches. Her dark blonde hair cascaded down in waves that bounced slightly as she walked. Her eyes were a deep sea green that sparkled like an emerald in the light of the sun. Her skin was flawless, her cheeks were a light rose and her lips a voluptuous scarlet red. Her dark eyelashes framed her eyes and made her look even more stunning as she walked towards her room with grace and elegance that would put any ballerina to shame.
Ashlyn on the other hand had a talent far more beneficial. She can sense a person’s distress; her abilities lie within the world of healing. We all marvel at her compassion and understanding; its one of the reasons why we love her so dearly! Her angelic features are as radiant as the setting sun. Her mysterious grey eyes are both a wonder and a blessing; she has dark hair which surrounds her head in ringlets that deeply contrast with her dazzling pale skin. She was around 4foot 10 inches and had the figure that girls would die for yet she never seemed to notice this fact as her mind never thought twice about the way she looked. She is very compassionate and loving person who is like a goddess with her generous ways and forgiving nature.
Sophia was that of the adventurous sort; her thoughts overpowered by her constant wonder and curiosity amazed us in ways that some of still find hard to comprehend. Her power is based on the way things work. The slightest touch of her hand on almost anyone will tell her what they are feeling, what they are thinking and even what they plan on doing. She has the most puzzling mind I have yet to encounter in my life time but never the less she is one of the most kind-hearted souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is slightly taller than me at 5foot 2 inches and a slender but model like figure. Her hair sits peaceful shimmering in the light as it reflects the ever jealous gazes from the people around her. Her face is always set with a smile and her facial features are both friendly and easily read.
As I walked down the stair case Jane ran passed me heading towards the attic. Most likely going to build yet another one of her many ingenious inventions. Jane’s power was that of theory and how things work. Her speed was amazing and her ability to comprehend event he most complicated of theorems at her age I found to be simply astonishing. She was tall and slim with the balance and observational skills of a hawk. Her light brown hair dispersed at the ends as she whipped past me at a stunning pace. Her thin lips were a light pink and her cheeks a bright rose. Her tantalizing chocolate brown eyes shinned as they reflected the light around her. She was a very excitable and easily pleased person but angelic and pixie like in a way that made even the most satisfied people wish to be as nimble and lithe as her.
Luce has an extremely sensitive power; she can see things that no ordinary person can. If in a dark room she will see the creatures that lurk in the depths of its evil embrace. Her powers came from the realm of despair but if you were to meet her and talk to her you wouldn’t believe it due to her incredibly friendly attitude and hospitable personality. Her figure is slight with curved legs and hips. She is fare and pixie like, her light blonde hair feathered and spiked out at the edges framing her face. Her lips are a shimmering pink that are compliments her luxurious crystal blue eyes.

Please no copying. Ts blog is about wehter or not you think writting should be a hobby or a talent. comment if you want too if you dont then dont. This is just for your enjoyment.

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Comment by Tanya Cox on April 20, 2010 at 7:49pm
you have a long way to go honey, start by learning to spell 'writing' correctly...LOL
Comment by Elvirina on April 21, 2010 at 12:00am
I don't think it is bad... I like you are descriptive... but perhaps a little over the top, considering I know none of these people. Unfortunately that makes all your words flow into a puddle. But I like that you can write sentences that have meaning and flow well, but you just need to balance the information. Who cares if it is talent or not, if you enjoy it - go for it!


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