this is a follow- up to my blog about how much twilight sucks.

yes, i am responding!!! many of you thought i wouldnt- yeah ok. like im gonna let this go!
some one called me an attention seeker with too much free time- yup thats pretty much true. i was just looking for someone to debate with, and you guys pretty much answered my call! lol. and i do have alot of free time.....

ok. so some of you said that im saying you cant like 2 book series @ once. YOU CAN! im just saying harry potter is better- but if you dont think so whatever!!!! im jsut insulted that you ppl started saying that twilight is the new harry potter, and how harry potter is a kids book when you havnt even read it!!!! i read twilight and ill give meyer props for the 1st one. good, fun read. but the last 3 books are just puke, puke, puke. theyre innapropriate, and now youre all probably saying "see, youre some kid and you just read kid books. im not saying that but only a book thats written for all ages is gonna last! harry potter is a legend and it owns the literature world. twilight will fade somday. wake up! yup, robert pattinson is cute but EDWARD ISNT REAL!! wow you people.......

so if anyone wants to debate with me, im free!! lol
peace~love~lightning bolt scars

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Comment by team_harry77 on June 15, 2009 at 9:23am
ok, robswoman..... youre confusing me.
did you read breaking dawn??!!?? i know that twilight is a teens book but a book is better if it is all ages because did you ever stop to think that little kids look up to teens like us?? they think we are SOOO kool, and to them we are. you should set an example for them!!!! i know so many young kids who read twilight now, and its not good for them to hear. harry potter has just the right amount of humor adn romance so that all ages can enjoy it...... think about that
Comment by team_harry77 on June 15, 2009 at 9:28am
now for carmela cullen.
i realize that neither wizards or vampires are real. thank you. theyre fictional.
but on the closer to reality part, i think that wizards are. vampires compare themselves to gods, and thats not true because there is only one real true God. magic is a form of physics and it could one day be possible. there are scientists all over the world studying harry potter to figure out that certain twist in reality to make it possible. (if you enjoy reading and are interested in this type of thing, read the divide trilogy by elizabeth kay. theyre amazing!!! harry potter and twilight fans alike would enjoy them!!!!!!!) anyway, harry potter is much closer to reality.


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