Zimbio: 5 Scenes from the Book That Would Make 'Breaking Dawn' an R-Rated Movie

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Zimbio reports:

"For three movies the Twilight franchise has flirted with subject matter that would normally garner an R-rating. Blood-thirsty vampires, sharp-fanged werewolves, and teenage sexual awakening are all subjects that require a delicate touch to win a PG-13 from the MPAA.
Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has batted down rumors that Breaking Dawn will be rated R, insisting that nothing is sacrificed in keeping it PG-13. (Getty)

In the upcoming Breaking Dawn, the Twilight team faces it's trickiest challenge yet. The fourth book in the series takes all that mostly unspoken sexual tension and off-stage death and smashes it on the twin rocks of sex and gore.

While we know that Breaking Dawn's PG-13 rating is all but a foregone conclusion, here we take a look at the very- persuasive evidence that producers should think about making a mature-eyes-only Rated R tween movie... even if it only makes the unrated DVD release. In order to better illustrate these specific scenes which so far don't exist, we turn to the Internet with its happy abundance of Twilight-themed fan art. Enjoy!

'Sunlit Romance' by deviant-art.com user Suishuyiku. See Original

1. Breaking More Than Just Dawn
In the Twilight films so far we've watched Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart do little more than play footsy while the sexual tension just builds and builds. After a total of more than six hours of nothing but playful hints of sexuality, the audience needs the honeymoon scene almost as much as Bella and Edward do. Of course if they did show it, it would be very controversial, and not just for Rob's blindingly white naked torso.

In the book, Bella describes the aftermath of the couple's first night together.
I stared at my naked body in the full-length mirror behind the door.

I'd definitely had worse. There was a faint shadow across one of my cheekbones, and my lips were a little swollen, but other than that, my face was fine. The rest of me was decorated with patches of blue and purple."
Ch. 5, pg. 75
Bella also woke up covered in down feathers because Edward "bit a pillow. Or two." Of course the second time the two experience physical love there's not so much bruising, but it would definitely take things to the next level to see Robert Pattinson do the damage described in Chapter Six. After realizing her night gown has been torn to tatters, Bella assesses the rest of the damage.
"Were there any other casualties?" I asked timidly.

"I'll have to buy Esme a new bed frame," he confessed, glancing over his shoulder. I followed his gaze and was shocked to see that large chunks of wood had apparently been gouged from the left side of the headboard.

'Immortal Child' by deviantart user TheLittleHobbit See Original

2. Li'l Killers
In Breaking Dawn, we're introduced to the epically creepy/ awesome concept of vampire toddlers running around annihilating villages thanks to their unchecked thirst for human blood. Bella even has a dream where one little vampire toddler with a cherubic face sits on top of a mound of bodies that includes all her closest friends and family.

If nothing else, can we please get these blood-guzzling tykes in the DVD extras? Carlisle describes them early on in the book.
"However, they could not be taught. They were frozen at whatever level of development they'd achieved before being bitten. Adorable two-year-olds with dimples and lisps that could destroy half a village in one of their tantrums. If they hungered, they fed, and no words of warning could restrain them. Humans saw them, stories circulated, fear spread like fire in dry brush..."

'Twilight Breaking Dawn Birth' by deviantart user Izabeth. See Original

3. The Birth Scene
More than anything else in Breaking Dawn, the birth scene is a tough sell in PG-13. It will be hard to get across just how painful Bella's birth and subsequent transformation are without showing at least a little of the extensive gore in chapters 17 and 18.

At the end of Chapter 17, Jacob describes the "ripping sound" he hears as Bella prepares to give birth. Things go downhill from there.
...Bella screamed.

It was not just a scream, it was a blood curdling shriek of agony. The horrifying sound cut off with a gurgle, and her eyes rolled back into her head. Her body twitched, arched in Rosalie's arms, and then Bella vomited a fountain of blood.
Ch. 17, pg. 347
It's hard to get Kristen Stewart to go all Exorcist in PG-13, but it gets much worse as Jacob literally compares the amount of blood in the room to "a bucket being turned over, a faucet twisted to full."

And of course there's the actual delivery of the baby, which is only made possible by Edward's steely fangs.
The next sound jolted through me, unexpected, terrifying. Like metal being shredded apart. (...) I glanced over to see Edward's face pressed against the bulge. Vampire teeth -- a surefire way to cut through vampire skin.

'Hunting Trip' by deviantart user KittyNamedAlly See Original

4. Bella Goes Hunting
OK, so you can definitely kill a mountain lion in PG-13, but to be faithful to the book, Kristen Stewart would really have to go after this thing. PETA would likely have words for her.
My teeth unerringly sought his throat, and his instinctive resistance was pitifully feeble against my strength. (...)

It was effortless as biting into butter. My teeth were steel razors; they cut through the fur and fat and sinews like they weren't there.

The flavor was wrong, but the blood was hot and wet and it soothed the ragged, itching thirst as I drank in an eager rush. The cat's struggles grew more and more feeble, and his screams choked off with a gurgle.

'Bella Cullen family' By deviantart user Vikrapuff See Original

5. Strange Love
Stephenie Meyer leaves some wiggle room as to what exactly it means for a werewolf to "imprint" on someone. But there's no way around the fact that it's straight up creepy when Jacob imprints on Bella and Edward's new-born daughter, Renesmee.

The whole thing is made even weirder (even at PG-13) when Edward basically calls Jacob his future son-in-law near the end of the book, when Renesmee is at roughly the same maturity level as a seven-year-old.
Edward leaned his head against the same shoulder where he'd placed Renesmee. "Goodbye, Jacob, my brother ... my son."

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Comment by Aidinslevel on September 17, 2010 at 12:57pm
Agreed Alycia. I think they are going to take the SM route and just leave alot of to interpatation. Like the fade to black and then feathers everywhere instead of actually watching them go at it. Having blood and biting with the birth, but not a waterfall of it, making Nessie more CGI when feeding...etc. No matter how they approach the whole Jacob/Nessie thing, I think there are going to be a ton of people (those that did not read the books) that will just be grossed out.
Comment by Tornado on September 17, 2010 at 3:00pm
It's all relative. Everyone translates the book in their own heads. Some make it rated R. My version has always been PG-13, so it's easy for me to imagine it as that. It certainly could be done with an R rating, but it also could be done with a PG-13 rating and still be an accurate adaptation of the book.
Comment by Carmen Rohde on September 17, 2010 at 3:21pm
They described imprinting in Eclipse but they only went into detail with regard to Sam and Emily and sort of glossed over every other aspect of it. So they will probably will do the same in Breaking Dawn. They can make it very suggestive without making it graphic.
Comment by THE SPARKLY DEMON on September 17, 2010 at 3:42pm
i really luv Breaking Dawn but i could never get over how weird and creepy it was that jacob inprinted on renesmee....im not old enough to see Rated-R but ithink it would be better than PG-13. i want it to be as true to the story as possible no half steppin it!!! i want the sex, the gore,the placenta biting!!!(i know that gross....bite me) and i want to see the deaths i want to see that stuff i will go with my mom if that what it take to get the real stuff and i really want to see Bella bite in to that lion.....i just want it to be what i see when i read the book
Comment by THE SPARKLY DEMON on September 17, 2010 at 3:43pm
oh and i meant to say imprinted not inprinted lol......still creep tho
Comment by Ari Lora on September 17, 2010 at 4:00pm
I think it could be pg-13 and still be really cool. breaking dawn is my favorite book of the series so i could care less about whats its rated as long as its good. and i dont think that when edward tells jacob my son and stuff is a bad part, its acualy a really sad part because its like him say'i know ull take good care of nessie, shes better off with u than anybody else" when i read that part i cried.
Comment by Sparkle Farts♥ on September 17, 2010 at 4:19pm
can someone PLEASE tell me what chapter the "Jacob, my brother, my son" part is in!!! I CAN NOT REMEMBER WORTH ANYTHING!!!! :| please help me out here!!!!
Comment by Jason (Twifans08) on September 17, 2010 at 5:04pm
Breaking Dawn is gonna be craaaaaaaaaaaazy
Comment by TeamEdwardForever<333!!=) on September 17, 2010 at 5:20pm
Ok how come the last one can't be PG-13? I would like to know. And also, it was a little weird that Jacob did imprint on Nessie.
Comment by Mia on September 17, 2010 at 5:27pm
i think that they should have a twilight fan rating cuz we understand the story and get the imprinting and stuff and some random person who sees it will be like WTH, lol or just pg-13 idk either way


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