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At 12:44pm on August 2, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey sweetie,
How are you, how is your week going.
I don't think Rob cancelled His promotion for Cosmopolis His rep appartely said that Rob is proud of His Film and would never back out.
Tbf Kelly I don't know what's lies and what's the truth I just want it all to blow over!!
I went into boots on Tuesday in town where I get my lunch for work, and Kristen and Rob are on the front of all the mags my heart sinks I want read them noway.
So I txt my friend and she said that the fans on twitter are doing this thing called " hide the lies" where the fans hide all the mags.
I just want to hug Rob and I hope He knows how much we all love Him!! Xxxxxxxxx
At 7:11am on July 29, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…

Hi kelly :)

How are you how are ypu holiding up with this all.

I am still like have no idea whats happening whats true and whats false.

one of my close friends who adores kristen was up all last Night on twitter and the internet trying to find evedience that she did not do it and she conviced she didnt but i just have no idea, and like you said with the moving van who has left!!

Kelly i am just so confused did she, didnt she.

The truth will all come out at some point, i just hope its all false.

My friend said that one of kristens close friends was on twitter last Night saying that kristen didnt do it and we need to leave her alone give her Time to heal.

I just dont know what to think.

I am here for Rob 110% always have been always will be. I love that Man!! xxxxxxx

At 4:08pm on July 27, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…


Hi Kelly,

I feel so numb its unreal!! I am so shocked and upset by it all!!

I can not believe that kristen has dont this!!

A part of me thinks no its all fake she would not do this but then the eveidence is just mouting up by the Minute I am so gutted!!

How do you feel how you about it all, how you holding up. 

There must be somthing in her life missing as she said in a recent interview that her life is boring and she wants somthing exciting to happen and she wants someone to f*** her over.

Being the higgest paid actress in hollywood, and getting film roles comung out her ears all the parties the glam and being with thbest Man in this World is she mad what more does she want!! I could scream at her!!

I am here 110% here for Rob as a fan and friend I dont them personally but i have met Them both and i am just here for Rob with my whole heart and support!! xxxxxxxxx


At 10:43am on May 25, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
At 5:25am on May 25, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Can not for Cospolis Premiere Tonight!!
Have you see the new Breaking Dawn Posters Bella nd Edward BAS ASS!!! Xxxxxxx
At 11:48am on May 24, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
At 10:40am on May 13, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey sweetie, yes I have seen the photo shoot it's Awesome and Rob is Soo HOT!! The shoot ok 13 Hours to shoot and the h*** idea is Robs idea decated to Croneberg love it!! Rob is just AMAZING!! Roberts Birthday Today 26 Rob is just AMAZING!! New Moon is on Tonight at 9. Xxxxxxxxxxxx
At 12:19pm on May 7, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey sweeie how are you, great to hear that you are still voting so am I.
Yes MTV have narked a lot of Twifans of this Year we all feel the same sweetie. Xxxxxxxx
At 1:42pm on May 2, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Twifans I ment xxxxxxxx
At 1:42pm on May 2, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey Kelly I know it's NOT ON!!!!!!!
But we have got to stick together and vote Tifns we need to stick together on this and smash it!!!!!!!! Show the Crew and Cast Robsten how much we love them!!!!!!
How are you. Xxxxxxxx
At 3:01am on April 25, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey sweetie, how are you I am Great thank you.
Yes I am SOOO GLAD that Robsten went to Corella Together, They have got me in the mood for Festivial season as I am going to V in the Summer can't wait! But I can't where shorts like Kris my legs are long, bu not that thin lol, Yes Robs Jaw Line Beautiful MAN I LOVE ROBSTEN!!
I know I can nt wait for Cannes to o hope Robsten walk the Carpet Togther to that would be AMAZING!!
I have watched the Cospolios Tralier loads you sweetie, SOOOOOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO COSPOPLIS!! Xxxxxxxxxxx
At 2:26pm on April 20, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey sweetie how are you, how is your Week going, are you up to much over the Weekend.
Yes I have read all the gossip it's all very EXCITING!! Can not wait to see all the Robsten Pictures from the Cannes Film Festivail!!
have you watched the Tralier OMG THE FILM LOOKS NUTS!! Xxxxxxxx
At 1:12pm on April 11, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey sweetie, I had a Great Easter thank you did you. I hope Kristen had a lovely Birthday I know she will having it with Rob what I wouldnt give!!
So how are up have you seen all the Pictures of Rob surfing I never get board of seeing Rob surf xxxxxxx
At 10:08am on April 9, 2012, bloom mariel said… u.. :) imagebam.comPhotobucket
At 11:57am on April 8, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
How are you. Xxxxxxxxx
At 5:04am on April 8, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Happy Easter xxx
At 1:04am on April 3, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
OMG KELLY!! Rob is the full works man!! beauty, talent, brains, sense of humour the surfing skills, acting, singing the list goes on!! Beautiful I adore Him!!
How are you. Xxxxxxxxx
At 1:43am on April 2, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Have you seen all the Pictures of Rob surfing BEAUTIFUL!! Xxxxxxxxx
At 2:10pm on April 1, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey kelly how are you, how is your Weekend going :)
Yes I have seen all the Pictures of Kristen at the Kids Choice Awards She does look Beautiful She always does.
Yes I have read that Kristen and Robert have Date Night and I read that Rob is really protective of Kristen but you can see that when They are Together by Their Body language ;)
Also did you see that fan Picture with Rob last Night in LA Rob looks Beautiful as Always!! Xxxxxxxxx
At 12:19pm on March 30, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
How are you ;) xxxxxxxxxx


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