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At 5:03pm on August 14, 2009, Emo Retard said…
OMG I LOVE IT... IT IS SO AMAZING WOW OMG I LOVWE IT.... sorry im amazed.. it is great hehe
At 10:13am on August 14, 2009, Elisa-Marie said…
omg hahaha i love it =]
that would be perfect!!!!!!! lmao
bella shouldnt exsist, elisia and edward sounds better anyways
At 3:14pm on August 13, 2009, Twilight Addict! said…
Your house sounds pretty cool. Pretty colors. I'm trying to get pics on my computer but to be honest I don't know how. I've never been good with techno stuff, that's my borthers special talent. I'm gonna ask him to help me.
Yea alot of people call me crazy for not liking The Island of the Blue Dolpheins. I just can't stand it. But Suck It Up isn't a horror book. There's less romance in Suck It Up than in the Twilight Saga, but the plot is so good that you don't care if there's love or not. That's how it is to me anyways. You can always read the back before you buy though. See if you think you'll like it.
Thanks for wishing me a good brithday, but I'm dreading it. My lucky number is 14 and I've wanted to be 14 forever. Plus I'm kinda scared to drive and I start this February -gulp- so I really want to stay 14 another year. But that's never going to happen so I really have to get over it. Only 3 days, ugh!
School starts for me in exactly a week. I just went shopping for all my supplies. Not looking forward to that ether because there's this really really cute boy in the grade above me and I've liked him since forever, buy I only talked to him once because I completly choked up and embarassed myself infront of him. But the worse part about it is that my really good friend, Kailey, just told me she's started talking to him even when she knows I like him. I can't really blame her though cause I never really talked to him, but it still makes my stomach hurt to think about it. I'm not even in High School yet and the drama is already kicking in, ugh! Teens (counting myself) are so judje mentive. Well all just need to calm down.
Chat soon
At 11:41am on August 13, 2009, ♥♫♥Julie cullen♥♫♥ said…
Hey Alley!!!! How are ya?!? Thx for putting that flower picture up on my comments!!!!Oh and you'll be getting those photos soon. =)

At 12:20am on August 13, 2009, Emo Retard said…
haha okay lol...sry i dont have a task for u... yet!!!
At 7:56am on August 9, 2009, Twilight Addict! said…
Hey it's not like I'm timing you to get that book lol. Just thought you would like it. :)
Wow ten years that's great!!!! And I agree with you on devorice. If you go through that much trouble to get married, then stay with them. It's not that hard. I heard somewhere that about 70% of couples get devoricesd. what has this world come to?!
I had to read the Island of the Blue Dolpheins last year in school, and no afence but I HATED that book with a burning passion. I'm sorry. I just thought it was sooooo boring. I could hardly finish it. But if it makes you feel better my mom LOVES that book, and thought I was crazy not to love it too. Me and my mom are really close and we talk about school all the time.
My brithday's Aug. 16th, so I'm redoing my room for my present from my parents and relatives. It has a Twilight theme. Red walls, yay. So my room's a mess right now, it's kind of annoying becuase I am a ver organized person and I hate mess. But it's worth the final resalt.
Today I'm going to a local lake with my family, so got to go.
Chat soon!
At 11:04am on August 4, 2009, Twilight Addict! said…
Nah your age doesn't bother me, as long as it doesn't bother you. And you don't have to be sorry for not writing back as soon as you'd like, I know your busy, everyone seems to be busy these days.
How long have you been married? Just wondering, sorry if I'm nosy. I have 1 older brother (who bugs the crap out of me lol) and my parents our devoriced, but I live with my mom during the week then with my dad on the weekends. I can't wait to move out. I also have a cat. Her name is Kiki, I know it's weird, lol.
Yea sometimes I forget that authors are just people too. I think there, I don't know, better than me in some way, but really there just people like you said.
Are you seriously a vegatarin? Alot of people aren't and all my friends think I'm weird or different because I don't eat meat. Everyone jujges you in highschool, it's probably the worst part about school. To me atleast.
Anyway have you read the Count of Monte Cristo? Because I've got to read that for school and it is really hard reading. Nobody can beat Stephenie Meyer I guess, lol.
I'll talk to you later. Chat soon!
At 8:37am on July 28, 2009, Twilight Addict! said…
HeyI'm glad you want to get Suck It Upso bad. Most people think since it's a book about vampires thatit's not good because Twilight's better. But trust me it's worth your time. I liked it so much that I emailed the author and told him how much I liked it, and he actually emailed me back :) He told me personal things about himself and the book that I didn't think he would so he must be really nice. Anyway in a nutshull it's an awsome book.

I'm glad your making it through this hard time. And your right, time does soften any hurt. I wish I could give you more advice than that but I'm not that good about giving advice.But I'm here for you if you want to talk about anything.
You said you were getting a new job, hope you like. And I might have already asked you this but, how old are you? Sorry forgot. I'm 14 if you didn't know.
Have you ever been to Dollywood in Tenessee? Because I'm going there tomarrow. Hope it's fun.
Talk to you later. Luv yea.
At 12:43pm on July 27, 2009, ♥♫♥Julie cullen♥♫♥ said…
Hi Alley!!!!!! I missed ya so much buddy!!!!!!!! Srry i haven't been on in a while and srry i haven't send ya the pix it's cuz i've been busy but it send 'em to ya ok I promise and that poster that u made I luv it!!!!!!!!!!!! It's F.A.B!!!! I luv it sooooo much i just had to put it as my desktop. LOL. Anywayz how u been???? .....Oh congrats on that job hope u like it!!!

At 11:03am on July 27, 2009, lindsey bard said…
nice to meet u to
At 5:26pm on July 23, 2009, Twilight Addict! said…
Hey sorry I haven't wrote for a while, I've been so busy. I feel so bad for you. I can't even comprend what your going through. Funerals are rough, but I've only been to one a really long time again so I'm not sure how it was for you. But trust me you'll get through this. It's all going to work out. Promise.
That's so cool that you have some micmac Indian in you. Is that one reason why your Team Jacob? So were you born in Nova Scotia? Sorry I ask so many questions lol.
I recently read this other vampire book called Suck it up and it's awsome. I usally don't read what I call "Twilight wannabes" but this book almost beat Twilight (not quite) but it was close. You should totally read it, it'll take your mind off all that's going on.
Well I guess that's it for now. comment when you can. Luv yea.
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At 11:26am on July 21, 2009, Clara said…
The party was alright :D, aww, thats to bad, I start school 24 aug. but im off to my summerhouse to night. thats sux becuse i want to be home with my friends. I will bee gone 3 weeks :( hope i survive... but i hope i can find a computer in a library or somthing. Hopefully i will write back soon :) xoxo
At 5:21pm on July 20, 2009, Julia Christensen said…
yep i saw it in a mag, and yes i do believe everything i see in magazines lol and so does every teenager i know lol
At 8:39pm on July 18, 2009, ebonyyrose; said…
Haha thanks for accepting :)
Love the banner btw. Its actually really cool :)
At 8:27am on July 18, 2009, Clara said…
oh, that sounds nice. It its party time today at my friends house haha :) But its raining, thats sux a bit. I hope your day will be greeeat! my day alredy suxs :(
At 6:50pm on July 17, 2009, Twilight Addict! said…
Oh. That's an awful way to go. I'm so sorry. I can see why you want just get away -hugs- funerals are awful things to go to. Everybody is so sad and that just makes everyone else sad. Hope you make it through the next week. I know you well.

I didn't know you lived in Cananda. My mom was born in Alberta Cananda. I've never been there myself but I'm a half native I guess. To bad it's not hot there too, lol.

I haven't read the Host yet but my mom has and she said it was really good but NO book well ever compare with the Twilight Saga but other books can be good. I fully plan on reading the Host, but I don't expect it to be anywhere as good as the Twilight books.

Chat as soon as you feel like it, no rush, I understand what your going through, so reply when you get a chance. Later :)
At 1:42pm on July 17, 2009, Clara said…
Hello Alley, whats uuup?
At 5:13pm on July 16, 2009, Elisa-Marie said…
haha well he is hott :).
and yeah Edward, I mean Jacob is okay, i like Taylor, he is soooo hott. but i dont think he looks good with long hair, so like yeah lol
At 2:40pm on July 16, 2009, moon_lit_night said…



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