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At 4:15pm on July 25, 2011, Liz said…
Hi, send me your email and I'll send you the link to EP, okay?  See you later.
At 8:22pm on February 8, 2011, Facinated by Rob said…
Love ur page it's one of my favorite picts!! Let me know if u want picts I've got lots of good ones!!
At 12:20pm on October 7, 2010, Alice Sonia Cullen said…
thanks you i love alice to thats why i have her on here
At 5:23pm on August 15, 2010, Kimberley Cullen said…
Hi Midnight Dreamer, How have you've been..Vampire Diaries will be starting soon, next month Sept 9th...How has your summer be going?. I hope all is well..talk with you soon, Kim
At 11:11pm on July 10, 2010, Glee said…
Hey! This is totally non Twilight related *sobs*, but have you heard of Cody Simpson (he lives in the Gold Coast)? Apparently he's meant to be like 'the next Justin Bieber' but he's WAAYY better? OMJ, I can't stop listening to his new song 'iYiYi'!!!!!!! Plus, I can't believe he's only a few months older than me =D =D =D!
At 8:29am on April 21, 2010, Kimberley Cullen said…
Hi Midnight Dreamer, that's okay I understand, unforuntately I do alot on Twi when I'm working lol...If they ever knew, they probably do know, lol...Vampire Diaries is crazy, Stefan with the obsession now of human blood, I'm glad they mixed it up but I feel bad for him, Damon is awesome with he wity humor, interesting though Elena's uncle Gilbert with the his ring..will have to see how all this turns out...I hope they don't have Elena go with Damon though she belongs to Stefan, the same as Edward and Bella, RP & KS, :) Talk with you soon, Kim
At 7:22pm on April 20, 2010, Kimberley Cullen gave MidnightStar874 a gift
Thanks for all your TWI friendships and comments sent to me on my page....
At 7:46pm on April 18, 2010, Megan davis said…
omg love ur page
At 12:12pm on April 8, 2010, VampireLovr said…
Absolutely love the profile pic...Thanks for the add :)
At 8:43pm on April 7, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Thanks for the pic of Rob!!!! It's good to hear your Easter was good. The beach sounds like a nice way to spend the day! I unfortunately didn't have anything special happen or even planned. Just did the normal. YEP, life's pretty dull right now.lol So do you have any fun plans for this summer?
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At 8:34am on April 7, 2010, Kimberley Cullen said…
Hi Midnight Dreamer, all I can say is GO ROBSTEN....Vamp Diaries was crazy, from beginning to end, I don't like the fact though that Pearl is stronger than Damon, he is
so crazy, Matt catching him and his mom, yikes...lol, I would be mortified if my son caught me doing something like that lol...But if it was with Edward maybe I would be like whatever lol..Anna and Jeremy that will be interesting to see if she changes him, I didn't like his hair though in this episode...and we still have Elena still looking for her mom it should be an interesting few epsidoes ahead of us...and they have Stefan which is crazy will see what happens tomorrow nite....My easter was well, glad all these little holidays are all over...I'm reading the Eclipse now I'm on Chapter 7 Unhappy Ending, Rosalie's story but this is a good chapter, when Edward comes back from hunting and him and Bella are in the bed together yummy......
You have a nice week also...talk with you soon, Kim
At 1:58pm on April 6, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Twilight Thanks For The Add Pictures, Images and Photos
How are you? Did you have a good Easter?
At 1:48am on March 30, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey honeyy :)
oo i know what u mean, i'm bored too
and tired ... so much things to do and
lectures , its crazy around me :)
the good thing is that there are holidays coming YEY!!!
OOOO I KNOW!!! Remember me is sooo good!!!!!!! love that movie!
but its also sad.. any way Rob looks so hot in it :)
and ye i want to see The Runaways!! but i don't know
when its gona come out here....
snowboarding is great, but i want to live somewhere where is always sunny
or at least warm :) hey i'm moving where u are lol :)
oo i loveeee Robsten!!!!!!!! i just adore them!! but are u sure they are really together?
i hope so!!!!
hey how ar eu by the way? anything new around u ?

lots of love and hope to hear from u soon :)
have a wonderful ~sparkling~ day !!
At 3:51am on March 25, 2010, Kimberley Cullen said…
Hi Midnight Dreamer, I was reading your comment to Veronika you said that Rob and Kristen came out as a couple, where did you read this at?? I'm so happy if they did because they make a great couple..I'm so excited GO ROBSTEN....Finally a new episode of Vampire Diaries tonight, I cannot wait to see it...I'm reading New Moon again and then the other books, so this will be my forth reading, how many times have you've read the Twilight Saga??
At 2:33am on March 16, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey honey :) so happy to hear from u :)))
how are u ? anything interesting around u???
and thank u so much for the understanding !
u are so sweet! :) o i know i hate cold weather as well..
but where u are we probably can't talk about cold weather
even when its raining right :))) i wish to live u u live !!! :)
couse here, in Bulgaria, we have all the 4 season...
when its winter its winter.. we have snow and everything :(
ye i like the snow from time to time and ye i'm snowboarding
with my bf hes very in to it :))) do u ?

oo i know its so unfair, the premier of Remember Me in Bulgaria
is on March 19 :((( i know its not that far away but it seems like that :)))
when is the premier in Australia, do u know ?
ye i've heart that Rob is amazing in Remember me!!!! can't wait !!!!
and the Eclipse trailer was so good, but i liked much more that Sneak Peek
they gave us!!!1 did u saw it ? its muchhh better than the trailer !! shows us
so much more ! :) and ye i think that the premier of The Runaways is soon too..
i'm sure Kristen is great in it! we'll see :)
i hope to hear from u soon
lotsssss of lov and hugs !! :)))))
At 9:10pm on March 15, 2010, Mad about Rob said…
Noice I like Maroochydore , we come that way for holidays sometimes . Do you have kids ? I have 3 boys ! ( lucky me !! ) lol
At 8:56pm on March 15, 2010, Mad about Rob said…
That's funny i didn't notice you were a Queenslander too !!! lol I live bayside near cleveland where are you ??
At 10:30am on March 15, 2010, annie_cullen said…
nice to meet you!
At 1:50am on March 12, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
ooo i know what u mean!! i love Rob and Kristen,
they are soo cute together!!! i love them!! :)
At 1:47am on March 12, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey honey , i'm soooo very sorry for the late reply .....
i haven't been around for more than a week.... its seems like
ages though.....i had so many things to do, that i didn't had time to write
here in my fav site!!!!!!!!!! and i missed u and all af my twifriends :)))
whats new around u ? i have so much to catch up..... its crazy i had a 100
mails in my inbox haha :)))
hey did u saw Eclipse trailer ?? its soo excitng :))i thought that june 30 is not so far anymore, but after today it seems centuries away..........
hey Remember me is comng out today YAY!!! Well here not here unfortunately
here in Bulgaria RM is coming out on March 19..... but promise to tell me
everything after u see it :)))
oo ye motorbike riding sounds like a lot of fun!!! just like Bella hah :))
omg hon i want to live were u live!!! i love the hot weather!!!!!!!
u are so lucky!!!! here is still a winter.... we have snow can u imagne...
i hate it, i can't wait for the summer!!!
by the way how are u ? i hope great!!!
and again i'm very sorry for the late reply, i hope u will forgive me
and i promise that i wont be that late any more :))
lots of lov :))



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