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At 1:28am on August 9, 2012, BBYGRL said…


I know right the weeks are going by really dame fast!!

Well that sucks that you's don't have any daylight saving at all!!

Oh ok so you still do the babysitting job well thats good at least it gives you something to do!!

Have you red the updates to Isle De Cullen!! More will be updated soon!!

I know I think that she forgot that his dad was in the room or she just didn't care!! But mind you who would when you are sitting on your hot looking boyfriends lap!!

Did you see the new pics from BD2!! I love the one with Nessie & Edward so cute!! Loved how Nessie was looking up at her dad!! The one with Bella by herself she looks like one hell of a bad ass vamp!!

Have you heard anymore from your dad?

Can't wait to see all the pics of Rob promoting Cosmopolis next week!! I so miss seeing his face!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 7:45pm on August 8, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How are you doing?

How is your week going so far?

Oh yeah I know what you mean when they go to lift those weights you can see the strain on there faces & I'm like holy s*** they are either going to s*** there pants or pop a blood vessel or something cause man there faces turn really red!!

So you's don't have daylight saving at all?

Oh man I just hope that my other two don't get sick now lol!!

Oh so you are back working at the daycare centre now or do they just ring you when they need you?

Yeah I had to work yesterday too & I'm working again next Friday as well!!

Haven't really been up to much this week apart from work yesterday plus did a bit of house cleaning you know the normal stuff!!

Not sure about this weekend yet probably just play it by ear I guess!!

Did you hear that Kris ant going to her OTR premiere in London & that she pulled out of her new movie Cali not sure if this one is true yet but her not going to her premiere has been confirmed!!

Did you read chapter 30 to Chop & Change!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 12:12am on August 7, 2012, BBYGRL said…


Thats good that you had a good weekend!!

I see that she has finished Another League!! I wonder what she is going to write next!!

Yeah I was watching the weightlifting the other day & some of them broke the world record & I'm like holy s*** how in the hell do you lift something that heavy & something that weighs heavier than you!!

I know I was wondering the same thing as well about why there is a time difference in your country from 2hr difference to 3hr!! So weird!!

My son is finally feeling better he was off school for the last 2 days but he is going back tomorrow!!

Didn't really do anything else for the weekend just had a quiet one!!

How is your week going so far?

Got any plans for this weekend?

Um the one that I red on TWSC was Fatherhood, Formula & Other F Words!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 2:02am on August 4, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How is your weekend going so far?

Oh yeah I'm the same if she updates more than one!! I'm thinking ok s*** which one do I want to red first lol!!

Yeah I love watching the gymnastics, swimming, tennis & athletics!! But it sucks when I have to watch the highlights instead of watching it live its gets more exciting if you watch them live!!

Oh so you's are only 7hrs ahead of London!! Far we are 13hrs ahead!!

I know what you mean & they even have 2 flags why I don't know!!

Today just took my eldest to the doctors cause he wasn't getting any better & then from there called in to see my parents!! Tomorrow just having a quiet one!!

lol yes don't forget about your cousin of course!! I bet Braxton looks different now from what he was when you last saw him!!

Yeah I got the ff stories!! Thanks for that 2 of them I have red before but the others I haven't red so I will!! 1 of them I've red on TWCS!!

Hope you are having a good weekend!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 7:32pm on August 2, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How is your day going so far?

I know we are only across the Tasman its not as tho we are half way across the other side of the world or anything!!

Yeah I red both updates to Isle De Cullen!! So can't wait for her to update the rest of them especailly This Life!!

Its so hard to watch the Olympics live over here cause of the dame time difference we are 13hrs ahead of London!! But watching the highlights is better than nothing I guess!! Sometimes I do get to watch them live cause they like start at 9pm here which is like 10am over there!! But its the early in the morning ones that I don't get to watch!!

How many hours are you's ahead of London?

Talk to you soon sis?


At 3:15am on August 2, 2012, BBYGRL said…


Aww thats a nice name for him!! Don't you wish they could stay babies forever!! I do lol!!

Its been raining here most of the winter!! I think that this is our worst winter for rain that we have had!!

Or maybe she may just take attack him instead of waiting for him to pull his finger out of his ass lol!!

No I haven't red anything that good lately!!

Were you excited when you saw that she had updated This Life but then to find out it was just a message from her!! When I saw that she had updated I was so excited but then when I went to the chapter to start reading & to find it was only a message I was like WTF are you serious getting me all excited for nothing lol!!

Look forward to seeing what you send me tomorrow!!

Are you watching the Olympics?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 1:50am on August 2, 2012, BBYGRL said…


I'm doing good too thanks!!

Thats so great to hear that you are 100% better!!

Oh yeah getting sick really sucks!!

Oh yeah time flys by so quick!! I wish they could stay babies forever lol!! I so love the baby smell lol!! They are so cute!!

I'm not sure if you told me what she named her son!!

Can't believe how much rain we have had!! Its so bloody wet & slippery & the drivers are bloody crazy on the road especially when its wet!!

lol yeah when I red that Edward was an Aussie I was like this is going to be good & the way he talks & says things makes me laugh!! I like it its really good!! Poor Bella is getting frustrated with Edward lol!!

Yeah that would be good if you can give me the link?

Have you been reading anything good on TWSC lately?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 12:44am on August 2, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How are you?

How is your week going so far?

Glad to hear that you are feeling 95% better!!

I'm feeling better too so are my boyz thank goodness!!

No we don't have that show over here!! As of yet anyways!!

Got any plans for the weekend?

Have you been to see your cousin baby yet?

Man the weather over here is really shitty its been raining all dame week!! Whats it been like over there!!

I see that Cara has got a new story out!! Did you red the 2 updates from Isle De Cullen!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 1:11am on July 30, 2012, BBYGRL said…


We are all slowly getting better am trying to get myself better so I can take care of my boyz but its hard when I'm the worse one off!!

Thats good that you are slowly getting better hope you get 100% better soon!!

Have you seen the pics of them together sis!! In one pic the guy was kissing all over her body & in another pic he was standing behind her & she was sticking her ass out so her ass was touching his crotch!! To me by the looks of all the pics I saw is they were way to comfortable together for it too of been a fling or a once off thing!!

To make things worse she was never comfortable in public with Rob she wouldn't hold his hand or anything until recently of course but she was comfortable with this guy in public!!

I red in an article that there were moving vans at there place in LA moving things out apparently its either Robs stuff that they are moving out or its both not sure really!!

Trust me sis I know how it feels to be cheated on & its not nice at all!! Especially if that person tells you that nothing really happened & you believe them!! I just hope that if Rob does forgive her & takes her back which I think that he shouldn't that he knows what hes doing!!

I wonder whats going to happen when they start promoting BD2 I bet its going to be really awkward especially for Rob!!

Its good to see that hes staying out of the spotlight for now those papz will be eating him alive when he comes out of hiding!!

Hope you get better real soon sis!!

Talk to you soon xoxo


At 10:10pm on July 28, 2012, BBYGRL said…


My boyz & I have all got the flu now!! The first time all of us have gotten the flu all at once!!

Hope you feel better soon!!

I saw the pics today of what Kris did it was in New Idea magazine!! I could only look at them for a few seconds cause they were making me feel really sick!! I can't believe that she did that to Rob of all people!!

By the looks of the pics it looked more than a fling & it looked like it has happened more than once they were way to comfortable around eachother for it to only of been a one time thing!!

I wonder how poor Rob handled seeing the pics!!

To be honest with you sis & ya know that I love you but I have to say this!! I hope that Rob doesn't forgive her or gives her another chance cause she doesn't deserve it!! She betrayed him & his trust not only that but she also publicly humiliated him & broke his heart!! If it had of been Rob who cheated there is no way that she would of forgiven him & given him a second chance!!

Rob deserves to be with someone who loves him the way he loves her, he deserves to be with someone who will hold on tight to him & never let me go, he deserves to be with someone who looks at him the way he looks at her, he deserves to be with someone who will yell from the highest mountain in the world that she loves him & wants him & only him!! That is what he deserves, I'm sorry but that is no longer with Kris!! She doesn't deserve him anymore!!

I thought that he was doing Mission Blacklist in the fall but then again haven't really heard anymore about it since!! Yeah I heard that they are filming The Rover in South Australia too!!

Last night my boyz & I went to my uncles 60th birthday party even tho we were all sick lol!! It was good to see & catch up with my family who I haven't seen for a while!!

Thats good that you have heard from your dad!!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 4:25pm on July 26, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How are you sis?

How are you feeling? I hope you are getting better!!

So how are you holding up after everything that we have heard about what Kris did?

I keep hoping that I'm going to wake up & all of this would of been a dream!! I'm still waiting lol!!

I red on the E News website that Rob has moved out of there LA home & is staying hidden for now till he starts filming!! I have no idea if its officially over between them or if Rob just needs some time alone!!

I'm wondering whats going to happen to the Q&A that he is suppose to be doing in LA & NY next mth for Cosmopolis!!

I am really trying to believe that Kris didn't do this to Rob but its getting harder & harder to believe!! I am so HEARTBROKEN right now!!

I don't even what to imagine what Rob is going through either!!

How do you forgive someone who not only betrayed you but your trust as well!!

Talking about filming I hear that he is filming Mission Blacklist in Iraq well some of it anyways s*** that is a dangerous country to be in especially filming!! I hope that nothing happens to him while he is over there!!

I wonder what is going to happen to the sequel of SWATH!!

I wonder what his family are going to say & think!!

There is one thing that I don't get sis!! For along time Kris didn't even acknowledge that she was in a relationship with Rob it was kept quiet even tho we all new that they were but they kept it to themselves!! It wasn't until say at the Cannes festival that both of them started coming out more in public about them being in a relationship!! So why now would she get caught in a public place of all places making out with another man it just don't make sense to me!!

What do you think? Do you think that they will get through this!!

Got any plans for the weekend?

How is the family doing?

Have you heard from your dad yet?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo



At 4:03am on July 21, 2012, BBYGRL said…


OMG is right thanks so much for sending me that video clip!! I loved it but they ruined it when they added the mutt into it!! She doesn't sexually attack Edward in the forest after her hunt like she does in the book plus her dress wasn't that ripped like it says in the book cause she was suppose to wear Edward shirt cause of how bad her dress was!! I would of loved to of seen a shirtless Edward lol!! But I so loved it!!

Holy craps thats a big baby she must of been really big when she was carrying!!

S*** thats a quick labour for your first time!! S*** I was in labour for hours with my first but all I had was the gas as well!! No ways was Igetting a freakin needle put into my spine stuff that lol!!

So your cousin & the baby are both healthy & good?

What did she name her son?

Oh yeah pushing out a baby takes alot out of you thats for sure!!

The Northen Territroy thats like the desert part of the country ant it?

Yeah I heard that too & apparently they went to his house after they arrested him & it was booby trapped!! The guy must be a real sicko to do something like that!! People like him are the ones thats going to stop having midnight premiere for everyone else!!

I went through JA Mash site she hasn't really updated much since I red them last!! She did say that she wasn't writing for a while or something like that can't rememeber what she really said!!

Wonder what Rob & Kris are going to wear at the TCA? Knowing Rob he will wear jeans hopefully Kris will wear a short skirt or dress to show of her legs!! Hopefully they will be sitting together!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 1:51am on July 21, 2012, BBYGRL said…


Thats ok no worries!!

She finally had her baby!! Congrats to her & her partner!!

So you didn't ask her about if she tried having sex lol!! Yeah sometimes walking helps but not all the time!! So did they have to induce her!!

Yeah I heard that he starts filming Rover in Jan man its going to be so hot over there then especially if they film on the desert road & everything!!

Wonder if Kris will go with him for a while!!

Saw the pics of Robsten today going to Bobby Long concert!! Wonder what happened to the back of her T-Shirt maybe they were making out in the back of the car on the way to the concert & Rob got carried away & made the h*** bigger so you could see the back of her bra lol!! But its so nice to see them open up with there relationship now especially in public!!

Can't wait to see the pics & videos from the Teen Choice Awards!!

Yeah I want to go & see it I think its the same as like what Justin Bieber did!!

Yeap thank god they have gone back!! But man why is it when they are on holiday it feels like the days are going slow & when they are at school the freakin days go by really bloody fast!!

Did you hear about the shooting that happened in America at the new Batman movie midnight premiere?

Thanks for finding out what happened to Within Reason & for sending me the link!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 4:35pm on July 17, 2012, BBYGRL said…


I forgot to ask you what happened to the author who wrote Within Reason why did she take down all her stories on the ff site!!

At 2:48pm on July 17, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How are you doing sis?

How is your week going so far?

Been up to anything?

So if she hasn't had the baby by Thursday they are going to induce her!! Has she been doing alot of walking sometimes that helps or even sex lol!!

Yeah its going to be so sad to see the last of it!! Going to have tears in my eyes when I watch the last one knowing that after this there will be no more!!

Holy s*** Kellan got way more than a dame tan s*** he was brown as!! Don't know if it was a spray tan or what but s*** he was really tan!!

Yeah I think that is his next movie so can't wait to see him in a uniform YUMMY lol!!

Are you going to watch Katy Perry moive?

Man I am so enjoying the peace & quiet now lol!!

Talk to you soon sis?

At 5:22pm on July 15, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How are you?

My weekend was ok didn't really do much just got things ready for my boyz for when they went back to school today!!

Has she had her baby yet?

I know what you mean about it being the last one for them to be together!! So sad wish it wasn't ending!!

Do you think that Ashley has lost weight her face looks alot skinner than what is was before!!

I know when I saw the size of the plane I was like holy hell they are flying back on that!! If I had to go on a plane that small I would of said to hell with that I would rather drive!!

I know some of the ones that I start to read on TWSC I've red before on the ff site some of them I don't know why they took off in the first place cause they ant even that bad!!

Thanks for letting me know about More I red the update last night!! I don't mean to be mean or anything but I wish that she would hurry up & update This Life I really miss it lol!!

Doesn't Rob start filming his new movie in the fall?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 5:17am on July 14, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How are you doing?

How is your weekend going so far?

I take it that your cousin hasn't had her baby yet?

Have you caught up on the the videos from comic con?

I finally caught up on all of them today!! I even saw some new ones of Robsten leaving San Diego by private plane along with the mutt!!

No I haven't checked out The Lemonade Stand yet but I will!!

It seems that most of the ones thats on TWSC are all from ff site the only difference is that they include the sex scenes & what not!!

Do you know when Cara is going to update her stories I so miss reading them!!

God I can't wait for my boyz to go back to school on Monday that day can't come soon enough!!

Next mth Rob is promoting Cosmopolis in LA & NY can't wait to see those pics!! Wonder if Kris will go with him to the premiere!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 7:38pm on July 12, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How are you?

Any plans for the weekend?

Thats good that your nan is feeling better!!

Has your cousin had her baby yet?

Have you seen all the pics & videos from Comic Con?

Rob looked HOT as always & his dame smile or laugh gets me all the time!!

Kris was her normal self!! Loved the skirt that she wore but didn't think much of the top tho!!

There looked to be some kind of tension between Robsten they weren't there normal selves towards eachother!! Well thats what it looked like to me!!

Yeah I was thinking the same thing why isn't Nessie on the front with her parents instead of the mutt!!

No no plans for the weekend as of yet!!

Have you heard from your dad yet?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 11:48pm on July 10, 2012, BBYGRL said…


I'm also good thanks!!

How has your week been so far?

Did you hear about the poor twi-fan who was killed? So sad to hear about what happened to her!!

How is your nan feeling now hope she is feeling better!!

Has your cousin had her baby yet?

Man cars cost alot these days to buy so expensive!!

You haven't heard anything about Bel Ami coming to where you are that so sucks!!

Yes I've red the update to Isla De Cullen!!

Um what is the Lemonade Stand?

Have you see all the new pics of BD2 & the calendar?

F**kin mutt is on the front with Bellward!!

So can't wait to see all the pics & videos from Comic Con not long now!!

Thank goodness this is the last week for my boyz lol!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 2:44am on July 8, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How are you?

How was your weekend?

Did you get up to anything this weekend?

Does he have his period again lol!!

Is it your full license that you got?

Took my boyz to see SWATH today!! It was good all tho I don't think the fight scene was suitable for Kris but apart from that she played amazing but I do agree with what you said there was no english accent from her at all!! Chris was great at playing the Huntsman & Charlize was great too she deserved to play that part as the evil witch!!

I saw a poster at the cinema I went too of Bel Ami its coming out here on the 26th July!!

Thats good that you got to spend some time with your dad before he left!! Hope hes going to keep in touch with you's!!

Did you red the update to More!! They finally did the deed lol!!

You reading anything exciting on TWSC?

I see that some more have been taken down on your ff list!! Just like mine!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo




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