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At 2:45am on July 4, 2012, BBYGRL said…


Sorry for the late reply but all last week I was really sick came down with the flu!! But am feeling much better now!!

How are you?

How is your week going so far?

How is the family doing?

So what have you been up to sis?

So you went to see SWATH & it was AWESOME!! Did you go with your brothers girlfriend?

No I'm either taking them to see it this Sunday or next depends on how they behave!!

At the moment they are driving me crazy!! They haven't even been on holiday for a h*** week yet & they are already driving me nuts lol!!

So your dad leaves on the 6th!! Did you get to spend some time with him in the weekend?

Did you read that Robsten is going to be at Comic Con so can't wait to see all the pics & videos of them!!

Thanks for letting me know about Cara blog!! I red the update to Isle De Cullen!! I see that A Drink With The Girls & A Drink With The Guys has finished can't wait till she does the sequel!!

I see that the Twi-fans site has changed its colour!! I think the white is a bit much but its still nice that they have finally changed it even if it is the colour!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 9:21am on July 1, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
How are you. Xxx
At 12:18pm on June 27, 2012, pinky ed said…

hahahha and i was right lol well done :D

At 1:19pm on June 26, 2012, pinky ed said…

awwsome page dude love it

At 4:52am on June 24, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey sweetie,
How are you I am just at my moms so I have wifi YAY!! Lol
I am good loving my flat, how are things with you what have you been up to.
I am loving the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Tralier AWESOME I am getting EXCITED now to camp out in London for the Premiere!!
No I don't think I am going to get a kitten now I am not really a cat person lol I am a dog girl at heart lol.
Have you seen all the Pictures of Robsten at Their friends wedding They look Beautiful and SOOO happy it's brill to see. Xxxxxxxx
At 4:36am on June 23, 2012, BBYGRL said…


Your brothers are god knows where lol & your nana is doing whatever in the garden lol!!

Do you eat crabs? I don't can't stand them!!

I wonder if they will show a trailer at the TCA next mth!!

Yeah I love seeing him with some scruff as well but not a full beard that is just to much!!

Did you see the pics of Robsten together at the concert!! Did you see that freakin pic they took of Kris ass that is just taking it to far!! 1st the pap was right on top of her when she arrived back & now they are taking a pic of her ass!! What next a pic of her kitty!! I tell yeah the papz are getting way out of hand!!

Did you hear that Woody Allen wants Rob to star in one of his movies!! Don't know if this is just a rumour or not!! I guess time will tell!!

Did you get to spend some time with your dad this weekend? Or are you doing it next weekend?

I'm so going to miss reading C&C every Sundays!!

You not working at the daycare anymore?

When are you planning on seeing SWATH?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 3:57am on June 22, 2012, BBYGRL said…


Thats ok no worries!!

No not much planned for this weekend?

What about you?

My week was ok went to watch my son play yesterday & today they lost yesterday but they won today!! Other than that had a quiet one!!

What about you how was your week?

So your dad leaves on the 2nd thats like just over a week!! Hope you enjoy spending as much time with him as you can!!

Can't wait to see the next trailer!! When the mutt said there are alot of red eyes around here I was like thats right mutt the vamps are in the house so you better watch your back lol!! But tell me why the f**k is Bella always happy to see the mutt she seems more happy to see or be around the mutt than what she is with Edward sometimes!! It makes you wonder sometimes who she really loves the most!!

Can't wait to see daddyward in action!! I hope so too that there are alot of Edward & Bella moments!!

Yeah I heard that shes doing a sequel to Grand Tale so can't wait for her to do this!! I know she said it won't be up for at least a couple of mths!!

Yeap I red the update to Isle De Cullen!! I hope she updates This Life soon so miss reading that one!!

Did you see the pics of Kris arriving back in LA?

Did you see the guy in the white what the f**k was he trying to do rape her or something!! I mean s*** he was right up her nose!! Talk about invading someones private space!!

It looked like that she got a tan while she was away!!

Did you see the pics of Rob!! NO more beard!! But it looked like that he had a few to many lol!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 3:21am on June 19, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How is your week going so far sis!

Thats good that you had a good weekend!!

Thats good that you got to feel your cousins baby kick!! Not long now till she has her baby!!

I'm doing good thanks so is my family!!

Did some house cleaning on Saturday then went over to my parents place to make sure everything was ok over there!! Then on Sunday went out to lunch with my parents & my brother & his family we all got together earlier for my sons birthday!!

lol well at least you know that it starts with a J!! Are you hoping to spend some time with him before he goes!!

So you finally have gotten your bar changed thats good!! Can't wait to see the pic!!

No no plans for the week except for going to watch my son play rugby league for his school on Thursday & Friday but apart from that will be having a quiet week!!

Did you hear that we will be getting a teaser trailer of BD2 this week & also a full trailer so can't wait hope its not ones that we have already seen!!

Yeah I hope so to that there ant to many R&J moments as well!! Yeah he really pissed me off in BD2 as well!! Mind you hes pissed me off on all of them!!

I really hope that there is quite a bit of daddy & daughter moments!!

I hope so too that she does a few outtakes & has another story up soon!!

Well now we know who it was that started the fire & who ordered the hit!! Glad that they finally got rid of Carlisle & Jane is next!! Only 5 chapters left!! Wonder what shes going to write next!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 2:48am on June 17, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How was your weekend?

Did you do anything?

How is the family doing?

When does your dad leave again?

Yeah my parents had a good holiday my mum said it was great to see & spend some time with her sister!! They both said that it was alot warmer over there than what it is here!! When they arrived here they said that it was freakin cold as lol!!

Have you got your bar changed yet?

Got any plans for the week?

Oh yeah can't wait to watch BD2!! Wonder what Bella is going to be like as a vamp & a mother!! I just hope that there ant to many B&J moments!!

Did you read the last of C&C? So sad to read the last of it!! WoW they have 3 boyz well one on the way & they didn't even have a little Leah!! I hope that she ends up writing another one soon!!

Did you read the update to Grand Tale what do you think do you think that Carlisle had something to do with the fire? I do!! I hope Carlisle gets whats coming to him as well as Jane for opening her BIG mouth!! How do you think Edward will react this time to Bella telling him that she loves him!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 1:20am on June 15, 2012, BBYGRL said…


I red that Kris was suppose to be in Oz on the 1st June to promote SWATH but that didn't happen!! Don't think that shes coming now seeing that SWATH is out next week!!

Holy cow yeah I did see his muscles I was like HOLY S*** are those really real or was it done by computer to make them look like that but mind you Kellan is really muscular so maybe it is real!! I so hope that they added this part to the movie!!

Yeah it was 3 of him but 3 to many if you ask me!!

Did you see the untag ones!! I hope they do that to E,B&R ones!!

Yes I was talking about SWATH!! lol I got my dates wrong my boyz finish school on the 29th not the 22nd was jumping the gun there for a sec!! So thats when I will be taking them that weekend that they are on holiday!!

Come on sis you & I both know that when they do show a clip it will have the mutt in it he has to be in everything!!

Tomorrow will be doing some cleaning then going over to my parents place to make sure that the place is clean & fresh for when they come back that night!! Sunday will be meeting my parents for lunch & catching up plus its my youngest birthday on Monday so we are all getting together for lunch on Sunday!!

OMG did you red that this Sunday is the final of C&C when I red it I was so sad I don't want her to finish it yet!! I hope that she writes another one!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 12:31am on June 14, 2012, BBYGRL said…


I'm good 2 thanks!!

Um you have your dates wrong sis it comes out on the 21st June!! Maybe shes not coming now!!

Yeah I saw the h*** 10 of them I loved the other one of the 3 of them together!! I also loved the one of Emmett & Bella arm wrestling together!! Actually sis there are 3 of the mutt there is 1 with him & Nessie together, & the other 2 are with the h*** 4 of them together!!

I'm going to be taking my boyz 2 see it next weekend seeing that next friday is going to be there last day of school for 2 weeks!! Can't believe that its almost school holidays again man it flies by very fast!!

Yeap hes going to have one hell of a year!! Hopefully Robsten will handle the separation!!

Hopefully they will show a clip or something at Comic-Con!!

Any plans for this weekend?

You's must of had it really bad over the last few days!! I hate Thunder & Lightening especially at night time especially when you are lying in bed & its nice a quiet & the next thing all you see & hear is the lightening & thunder!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 2:56am on June 13, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How are you?

How is your week going?

Thats good that your mum & step dad had a good holiday!!

Do you know when Kris is suppose to be in Oz?

Its been really cold here lately!! Today was freakin cold as!! Today has been the only day we've had nice weather!!

So have you changed your bar yet or is it still swollen!!

No I'm not a member of it but I went onto that site cause one of the ones that I've been reading is on there but you have to be a member to read the stories!!

Thanks for sending me that pics!! Loved it!! Finally we get to see the 3 of them together without the mutt being in it!!

Did you hear about the sequel to SWATH!! Wonder when they are going to start filming that!!

Rob has got alot of movies coming up hes going to be so busy!!

Can't wait to see all of them at the Comic Con next mth hopefully Robsten goes together again like they did last year!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 12:01am on June 8, 2012, BBYGRL said…


I'm doing good too thanks for asking!!

Did your mum & step dad have a good holiday?

My parents have gone away too for 8 days they come back on the 16th!! They have gone to see my mums sister who lives in Tasmania!!

How is your cousin going with her pregnancy? Not long now till she has the baby!!

Yeah those are the two dresses I liked of hers as well that she wore to the MTV!! The one that she wore this year had to many different colours wouldn't of been so bad if it was either just one colour or 2 but not 4 different colours that was just to much!! Plus the silver didn't really go with her skin colour!!

I hope next year they will be nominated for more than 2 awards!! I hope they do good this year again at the Teen Choice Awards but with it being only teenages that can vote they will properly vote for HP or THG!!

Got any plans for this weekend?

What has the weather been like there?

Its been really shitty here for the last few days plus its been really cold too!!

How are you healing from you piercing?

Are you are member of TWCS as well?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 4:09am on June 5, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How are you doing?

Did you have a good weekend with your family?

Thanks for sending me all the updates!! It sucks how she had to change her blog!!

I also red your blog too can't wait to see what stories you put in there are you still going to keep your ff site as well I notice that your numbers have gone down too!!

I noticed that some of the ff stories have been taken down which really sucks especially for all the writers who have gone out of there way to write them!! Plus it makes it harder for those who love to read them have to find out where they have been moved too!! Why can't they put a blocker up saying if you ant 18 you can't read this instead of them having to move them to another site!!

So you got to see BD win best movie of the year!! For some reason I don't know why but I thought that HP won best movie last year thats why I thought that they would win it this year but it was at the Teen Choice Awards that they won last year lol!!

I don't know it didn't seem the same without Rob being there!!

I thought she looked awkward up there by herself but yeah I thought it was funny at the end!! I couldn't believe that she asked the mutt to come up & kiss her I would of been pissed if he did!!

Did you see the 4 pics that they showed of her from each of the MTV I liked the one that she wore last year & the one that she wore in 2010!! The one she wore this year it was nice but it could of been just one colour instead of 3 but yes I did like the length!!

I'm actually glad that they won one instead of THG winning most of it even tho they did!!

I think that reason why Rob & Kris weren't nominated for best actor & actress is because they properly new that they would of won!!

Um her new ff story I don't know still trying to decide if I like it or not it sure is different from the rest!! I miss all her other ones too!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 5:33am on June 2, 2012, BBYGRL said…

lol I forgot to ask you have you heard of these too names!!

Thomas McDonell & Taylor Kitsch!!

Give me your opinion on if you think either one of these 2 would be good as playing the lead male role in Fifty Shades Of Grey!!

At 5:29am on June 2, 2012, BBYGRL said…


Thats good that you are having a good weekend!!

Not doing much this long weekend!! Did some house cleaning today while the weather was nice!! Tomorrow properly just have a relaxing day!! On Monday properly watch the MTV but not sure now seeing that Rob ant going to be there!!

Ok I saw the black one that she wore on the today show so both of them what do you think!!

It so sucks that Rob ant going to be there!! Me think that they didn't win best kiss!! I mean wouldn't it be odd if they won but he wasn't there to accept it along with her thats why its called the best kiss award cause when you go up there you are suppose to kiss eachother but even tho they haven't done it in the last 3 years!! This year could of been different!! I don't know what do you think?

The MTV are going to be so boring this year!! Thats why I'm not sure if I'm going to watch it now!! I so hope that THG don't win everything!!

Normally they would mention about showing a clip before the awards show but haven't heard anything at all!!

Yeap I saw all the SWATH & Cosmopolis clips!!

Um how come she took More off do you know!!

Thats good to hear that she is better now!!

Hope you ant to swollen!!

Did you read the update to C&C she put it up early!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 10:52pm on May 31, 2012, BBYGRL said…


Thats ok no worries!!

How is your weekend looking?

Do you's have a long weekend this weekend!!

Hope your brothers gf is feeling better!!

Are you still going to send me a photo of your monroe when you have healed!! 

I thought that Kris was suppose to be in Oz by now!! Did I get the dates mixed up!!

Did you see the pics of Kris in NY? Did you see the dress that she wore? What do you think of it?

Yeah sorry it was the screening my bad lol!! I wonder why they never had a premiere for it!! Maybe because it wasn't filmed in the states!!

Yes I heard the rumours I so hope that this ant true!! We know that hes busy promoting his movie at the moment but I'm sure that he would of taken some time off for the MTV!! If the rumours are true it means that they didn't win best kiss which would so suck cause they deserve to win & I know for a fact that all us twi-fans voted for them non stop!! By the looks of things the MTV are going to be so stink this year!!

Plus aren't they suppose to be showing a clip for BD2 as well!! So whos going to show it please please don't let it just be the mutt & Kris its always been the 3 of them doing it!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 2:42am on May 30, 2012, BBYGRL said…


Aww thats so nice of you to be looking after your brother girlfriend while shes sick!! So does your brothers girlfriend live with you's?

Did you get your monroe done?

OMG did you see what Kris wore to the LA premiere!! Is she going to work or something that is something that you would wear to work or even school not to a premiere!!

Yes I did red the update to This Life & A Drink With The Girls!! Poor Edward I think Bella is trying to give her husband a heart attack or even a strock in This Life she likes putting herself her danger lol!!

Yeah I know it is weird but I heard that not all of them have the holidays off!! From what I heard is that they split it up between schools!! 

Yeah I saw that too in his interviews that he mentions her alot more now & so does she but she still seems shy talking about him!! I wonder how they are going to be at the MTV!!

I saw that on the 4th hes in Toronto for the premiere of Cosmopolis so by the looks of things straight after the MTV he flys straight there which means no after party & no rest!!

Yeap I know who it is!! Katy Perry ex-hubby!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 12:45am on May 28, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How is your day going sis?

Thats good that you had a good weekend!!

I think that the beanie that she was wearing is Rob I've seen her where it before!! Did you see her holy t-shirt lol!!

I know I was like s*** are they going to be having a rest before the MTV awards cause they have so much stuff on from now till then!! Plus Kris travels to Oz for the premiere on the 1st doesn't look like that she will be staying for that long!!

Um its there spring time over there now!! Not sure if its there summer next mth or the following mth!!

Yes I did read the updates to Isle De Cullen & More so good to finally see her update them!!

You know I don't think that I've seen Rob smile so much since hes been in Cannes!! Plus he seems more relaxed that what he has been!! What do you think!!

Man I so hope that Robsten win Best Kiss!! Can't wait to see it on the 4th!! Is that when its on for you's as well!!

Did you hear whos hosting it?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 2:30am on May 27, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How was your day today?

Did you have a good weekend?

Did you see the pics of Rob at the premiere of Mub he was there supporting Resse Witherspoon at Cannes!! So nice of him to do that!!

Did you also see the pics of Kris arriving back in LA!!

It looks like that Rob will be staying in London/France to promote Cosmopolis!! So it looks like that Robsten won't be seeing eachother again till the MTV awards!!

Both of them are going to be so tired by the time the MTV awards come around with all there promoting that they are doing from now till then!!

Wonder what dress Kris is going to be wearing for the SWATH premiere in LA!! Wonder if it will be long or short!!

Did you read the update to C&C today poor Edward got his hands full babysitting 3 babies all under the age of 2 lol!! I'm sure that he will be able to handle it all tho!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo




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