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At 3:28am on May 26, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How is your weekend going so far?

Got anything planned for tomorrow?

Yeah me too thats all I do whats the point of doing anything with your hair especially if its so thick & hard to tame!!

I can never get my hair to do what I want it to do so I just tie the dame thing up makes it alot easier lol!!

Yeah I saw the longer version of them at the after party!!

Oh yeah sis I definitly saw Rob in his HOT tux dame that man is so fine!! Makes you wonder if he has any idea just how bloody HOT he is!!

Yeap I agree with you I loved this dress on her better than the one that she wore to the NY gala her SWATH premiere & OTR premiere!! The color suited her I think!! Plus she had her hair up too which was nice!! But dame she is really pale her skin colour is like a vampire colour lol!!

Did you see the after party pics of them so cute!! Rob holding her hand on arrival!! Its so good of them to finally come out of hiding now & just seeing them being themselves together!! This is what we have all been waiting for & finally it has arrived!!

Its so nice of them to be supporting eachother on there big nite just goes to show how much they love & care about eachother!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 2:07am on May 25, 2012, BBYGRL said…


WoW I had no idea that your tongue had to be a certain size but thanks for explaining it to me!! Oh ok now I know what you mean about a monroe thanks for also explaining that to me as well!!

When I was in my late teens I got my ear pierced 3 times but over the years 2 of them closed up so now I only have 1 lot but let me tell you the 3rd one hurt like a b****!!

WoW its down to your bum s*** that is long!! But mind you my hair use to be up to my bum but because I suffer with bad migrains in the summer I had to get it cut up to my shoulders & keep it that way!! But having really long hair is a pain especially to wash & brush it!! Plus it takes forever for it to dame well dry!!

Yeah me too I so miss seeing him putting his long fingers through his hair!!

Yeah I think I've lost count how many times I've seen the video of them hugging & kissing can't stop watching it!! Thats what I thought too when I saw him kind of jumping around & being silly looks like someone had to much to drink lol!!

WoW 7 more weeks really s*** time has gone fast for your cousin!! If the baby is already engaged I will say that she will properly end up having him early but then again all babies are different!!

Is it friday there yet lol!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 3:41am on May 24, 2012, BBYGRL said…


Thats good that you had a good day!!

Sorry to hear that you couldn't get your tongue pierced!! I didn't know that your tongue had to be a certain size lo!!

What is a monroe don't think I've heard of it is it like a tattoo!!

How long is your hair & where are you getting it cut up too!!

I think he will cut it for the marine movie he will be doing I just hope it won't be a buzz cut again!!

I can never have my hair down well only when its wet!! When its dry it looks like a mop I have so much hair it ant funny!! I always have it up in a bun!! I wish I had really thin hair where I could wear it down!!

Is it friday yet over in France I want to see the pics from Rob premiere lol!!

I wonder when we will know who won the competition between Rob & Kris movie!!

Have you heard from Elmo ant all since I ask you last!!

Got any plans for the weekend?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 2:47pm on May 23, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How is your day going so far?

How was your birthday yesterday?

Did you get heaps of presents?

How did your piercing go yesterday? Hope your tongue ant to swollen!!

Did you see all the pics of Robsten at Kris OTR premiere!!

Rob looked so HANDSOME & HOT in his suit!! YIPPY his hair is back lol!!

I didn't like the dress that Kris wore!! Let me give you my opinion on it & why I didn't like it & you can tell me your opinion ok!!

1st Didn't like the colour it didn't suit her!! The colour & the dress that she wore to the LA premiere to BD was alot better than this one!!

2nd The front clevage part didn't like I think that you should only wear a dress like that if you have something to show where she didn't!! I'm about the same size as Kris maybe just a bit bigger but I still wouldn't wear something like this cause theirs nothing really to show!!

3rd I think she should of wore a shorter dress something to show off her legs!!

Ok thats my opinion on her dress!! She could of done something with her hair again!!

WTF is Rob bf wearing & WTF is up with his hair!! Isn't he going to be a dad soon you don't want to scare the baby when it comes into this world!!

Also I didn't like the pants that Kris wore to the OTR convention she should of wore jeans instead lol!!

I so can't wait to see the pics of Robsten at Rob premiere hopefully Kris will wear something better!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo



At 6:52pm on May 21, 2012, BBYGRL said…


My weekend was ok didn't really do much!! On Saturday went to a breast cancer fundraiser bunch that my mum organised shes a president at her cossie club that she goes to they do one every year!! On Sunday just had a relaxing day!!

Oh me too can't wait to see all the pics from the Cannes festival!!

Yeah I saw that Cosmopolis was in the lead YIPPY!!

OK I won't tell you what happened to my friend lol!! Just hope that it doesn't happen to you too!!

Haven't seen anymore pics of Rob since the SWATH afterparty maybe hes in hiding for now lol!!

Oh yeah she does have nice legs thats why I didn't understand why she would wear a dress with that length for!!

Hopefully she will wear something shorter when she goes to the festival!!

Did you hear about the other movie that Rob is doing hes starring along side Scarlett Johansson!! Also I heard that his movie that hes doing in Oz they start filming at the end of the year!!

Did you hear that Kris is coming to Oz as well in June for the SWATH premiere!! You guys are so lucky!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 11:37pm on May 19, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How is your weeekend going?

Do anything exciting?

Did you see the pics of Kris in Mexico!! Man she is doing alot of travelling at the moment for SWATH!!

I think the Cannes festival is this week!!

You are getting your tongue pierced really WoW!! I almost got mine done when I was 18 but after what happened to one of my friends I changed my mind!!

Thats good that you are feeling much better I know how you feel about that time of mth!! Man us women go through so much!!

I think it was the lighting that made her hair look blonde cause it looks like her normal colour now!!

Yeah I agree the dress she wore to the Berlin convention & Berlin premiere was alot better than the one the she wore at the London premiere & gala!! All tho the red one that she wore to the Berlin premiere could of been a bit shorter that length didn't really suit her at all!!

Some of the names that I've heard who people think that would be good to play the male lead role for Fifty Shades is Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries, Henry Cavill have no idea who he is but I red that he auditioned for the role that Rob won for HP & he also auditioned to play Edward but he was to old to play him!! The last one is of course Ryan Gosling who I'm sure you know!! To me none of them seem to fit the part but thats just me!! What do you think?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 3:10am on May 18, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How was your day?

Got anything planned for this weekend?

How are you feeling? I hope you are getting better!!

The weather is still s*** over here!! Its been raining on & off all week!!

You know how we saw pics of Kris with her hair blonde!! Did you see her hair at the Berlin Convention its brown again!! Maybe she changed it back but why would she change it in the first place!!

Um I think that the Cannes festival is next week I'm not to sure!!

You know I can't see Rob doing Fifty Shades Of Grey not only is he filming too movies this year!! But what I red of MOTU can you see Kris liking Rob being the lead actor!!

Its still so hard to decide who should play the lead roles!! I've heard alot of people saying who they think should play the lead roles some of them I know some of them I haven't!! I wonder when they are going to decide to start filming!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 2:33am on May 16, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How was your day?

My day was ok again didn't really do much except for some cleaning even tho I couldn't do much cause its still raining over here & windy as!! Can't even dry my dame clothes cause of the bloody rain so I had to use my drier which will use alot of dame power!!

Um what did Kris do to her hair I saw the new pics of her arriving in Berlin it looks alot lighter than what it was at the premiere!! I wonder why she changed the color!!

Oh I so can't wait to see all the pics of them at the Cannes festival I hope that there is quite alot of them!!

Wonder if Rob is still in London or if he went to Berlin with Kris!!

Am disappointed that we haven't seen much pics of them together since they arrived in London!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 12:29am on May 15, 2012, BBYGRL said…


My day was ok didn't really do much!! Yes its still raining over here its been off & on all day but when it does rain it p***** down!!

So you liked the top part of her dress!! I didn't like any of it I thought the h*** thing was horrible!! Between that 1 & the 1 she wore at the gala I don't know which one is worse!!

I hope she wears something better at the LA premiere!! I wonder when that will be!!

I know I was disappointed to that there weren't that many pics of them at the after party they were all taken from a distance!!

I hope they wear something really nice at Cannes I hope Kris wears something better than what shes been wearing!! Rob will no doubt look freakin HOT in his suit but I wonder what color he will wear!!

Did you see the video clip that Kris did with MTV she was asked whos movie will win hers or Rob she said hers cause she hasn't seen Cosmopolis yet!! I think she was joking tho!!

Yeah I saw that More was updated you can so tell that Bella wants something to happen between them & that she wants to please him lol!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 6:38pm on May 14, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How is your day going so far?

Did you see the pics of Kris at the London premiere of SWATH!! Honestly I didn't like what she wore I thought it looked horrible but I love the way she had her hair & her make up was just right!!

Did you also see the after party pics as well!! Rob was there along with his sister it was nice of his family to support his girl on her big night!!

I wonder if they are having a LA premiere!! I think they will they normally do!! Hopefully she will wear something better this time!!

I can't wait to see the Cannes pics hopefully we will get to see some of them there together!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 1:34am on May 14, 2012, BBYGRL said…


My day was ok!! Couldn't really do much it rained here all dame day & its still raining we had some thunder storms here about an hr ago!!

Yeah me too I didn't know that he could skate either!! I wish I was hiding inside his suitcase lol!!

I don't have the books yet so I don't know when I will starting reading it!! Me too I don't think that I could take myself away from reading my ff stories too!!

No I haven't seen the new ones you have added were they done today cause I went onto your page today & there was nothing!! I will have another look soon!!

I know you saw the new pics of Rob arriving for his birthday dinner!! Did you see the one of Hugh Jackman wonder what hes doing there at the same resturant!! No sign of Kris yet!! I hope she goes to his dinner!!

Thats ok thanks for letting her know for me!

Yeah I think that it should be someone new too!! I hope whoever they are will do a really good job!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 6:02pm on May 13, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How is your Monday going so far!!

Yeah its starting to get really cold here too!! There is suppose to be a storm coming our way sometime this week!!

Did you see the pics of Rob!! Its nice to see some pics of him since he arrived in London!! Hope he is enjoying his birthday!!

I'm sure you red C&C yesterday!! Edward got his son tattoo on him thats so sweet!! Love what he got done!!

Kris must be busy promoting SWATH cause we haven't seen any pics of Robsten yet!! I hope we do soon!!

I red the last of MOTU last night!! Is that how it finishs or is that how she wrote it to finish!!

Have you started to read the books yet!!

Still don't know who will play the lead roles its so hard to decide but it will have to be someone who is comfortable in there own body to play these parts cause there are alot of sex scene & nudity!! I wonder how they are going to rate this movie when it gets done!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 11:45pm on May 12, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How is your Sunday going?

Did your nana enjoy her nana day?

I had a good day today!! Went to the casino with my mum & brother didn't win anything but still had fun!! Got given some lotto tickets from my boyz as well as some slippers which will come in handy!!

No I didn't get to see Titanic or B&B either!! It wasn't in the cinema for very long which was stick!!

Hope Rob has a great birthday!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 11:53pm on May 11, 2012, BBYGRL said…


My Saturday is going ok so far didn't really do much!! Just went to get my mum roses for her for tomorrow seeing that we are leaving here early in the morning!!

Oh I think that they will be having alot of make up sex lol!! Seeing that they have been apart from eachother for a while!!

I thought that they brought that apartment at least thats what I red, maybe I got it wrong who knows!!

I know what do you get someone who has pretty much everything!!

Have you been to see Titanic & Beauty & The Beast in 3D yet?

Oh yeah I red the updates to CaraNo!!

I'll send you my list of FF stories!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 5:38pm on May 11, 2012, BBYGRL said…


How is your Saturday going so far?

Oh yeah that one is one of my favourites of them!! Its amazing how a few years can change your looks!! Now they look more growin up than when those pics were taken!!

Will send you 3 more pics of them of my other favourite shoots I like of them together!!

That sucks that she has to re-write it but its also good that she took it off the site for the moment wouldn't want anyone else to copy it!! Hope she puts it back up soon!!

Did you see the pics of Robsten in London!! I wonder why Kris ant staying at there apartment by the looks of the pics she staying in a hotel!!

Hope we get to see some pics of them together while they are there!!

Wonder what she is going to give & get him for his birthday!!

Can't believe that hes turning 26!! When he first started doing Twilight he was only 21!! Man how fast has the years gone!!

You looking forward to seeing Rob in a Marine uniform & holding a gun?

I just hope that he doesn't have to shave his hair anymore!!

Isn't this movie of his based on a true story?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 5:29pm on May 11, 2012, BBYGRL said…

At 5:26pm on May 11, 2012, BBYGRL said…

At 5:25pm on May 11, 2012, BBYGRL said…

At 12:14am on May 11, 2012, BBYGRL said…

At 12:11am on May 11, 2012, BBYGRL said…


My day went ok didn't really do much!! Its starting to get pretty cold here now!!

Have no idea what I'm doing this weekend yet!! Have no idea what I'm going to get my mum for mothers day properly just get her some roses like I do every year!! Along with cooking her breakfast!!

Yes I did read the update to This Life I really miss reading this one!! Wish she would update it more offen but I understand that it ant pre written like some of her others!!

Oh thats good about Isla De Cullen I love reading that one was disappointed when she took it off!!

I saw your comment about Rob with beard or no beard!! I forgot to mention on my one that I love him with scruff as well so glad that you mentioned it!! Oh I love there first photoshoot that they all did especially the one of Robsten even tho they weren't Robsten then!! I love how he looked then so HOT & HANDSOME!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo



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