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At 7:22pm on April 20, 2010, Kimberley Cullen gave Veronika Ivanelova a gift
At 6:59pm on April 16, 2010, Giselle said…
love you!!!!!

At 6:58pm on April 16, 2010, Giselle said…
hi veronika! sorry for the late reply! you do not have to worry about late reply! I understand you! I'm busy too! * Smiles * for school and homework, * smiles * it´s not your fault, I'm glad you had the Easter holidays with your BF, and visit their families, I am glad to rest from work, and be relax, you deserve it! * Smiles * I'm glad you're back because I can talk with you again! * Smiles * everything is fine with me now a little concerned about the thoroughly screen to enter the University, are very strict, but nothing new with me, just studying, get out with my friends, watch TV and talk to my Twifriends * smiles * I have to study hard for a test reprove! : 0 (did you see pictures of Robsten? I hope that Robsten are true! Go Robsten! * Smiles * what about you?
At 4:30pm on April 16, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
I'm so glad to hear your rested and happy! : ) You always seemed a little stressed and overwhelmed w all the things you have to do. And i'm so happy my animal stories put a smile on your face! : ) They seem to do that w people. My pets are definitely The summer before last my cat Bella and I went cricket hunting in my room. I'll have to tell you about that story later,lol, but my friend loved that and thought it was too I know exactly what you mean by being addicted to this site! I get up and think how and when am i getting on the comp so i can visit this site. I couldn't log onto this site for 3-4 days just recently and i went crazy! I seriously need to get a The salsa dances you talked about, omg, that sounds like so much fun! I always wanted to dance and sing but i'm not good at either I wish you luck w those classes and hope that you can get real good at it! Then you can whip Georgi around the dance floor for a Is he taking the class w you? Is salsa the only dance class you're taking? I'm so happy he still makes you happy in general after all these years! :) Have you two ever discussed the M word?lol Sorry if that q was a bit forward, just curious.
Lots of Love,
Jamie Lynn
At 12:34pm on April 16, 2010, Adina said…
they are not actually modern dances
they are kind of old 'cause they made the Romanian folklore
but I still love to play them :))
wow...that's weird.I've read Angels&Demons before The Da Vinci Code :))
They both were great!and I've heard something about The Lost Symbol 'cause Dan Brown gave an interview for one of our romanian celebrity.
yes it's really strange :)) In our school,when a pupil doesn't know nothing,the teacher gives him a 3 or a 4.It's pretty annoying 'cause for me ,my scoring system start from 1 and for them for 4 .haha...lucky stupid pupils
by the way,what are you studying at the college?
I'm fine,thanks for asking honey!you know that here we have a ...quote '' A true friend ask you how are you and he expect the answer'' or something like that..I hope you understand my bad english....:))
but what I want to say it's I always feel that I can tell to my twi best friends more than to my ''friends'' from school.I don't know...I just feel that...
At 7:51am on April 16, 2010, Frog_robsten said…
Oh, one more quetion I think I must ask u now.Do you have Yahoo ID?I wanna chat with you on Yahoo, more easily and more often as I want to be your real friend.Or you have Twitter account?Can you pls give me?If you can't, never mind, you also be my friend.
At 7:45am on April 16, 2010, Frog_robsten said…
Hi, Veronica.I'm all fine.Very glad and happy to read ur comments.Like you, when i read ur comments, I always smile and whenever I check my page and see that you have commented me, I'm very excited, really because simply I find that you care about me and you are a sweet and friendly friend for name in Vietnam is Hien, it means kinda gentle in my language, my nickname is Frog, you can call me anything you like.i like both.
Yes, I'm really lucky to have a chance to go to Japan but you have been to Greece, it's also lucky for you and I wanna go there too.I think you can go to Japan someday in the future.Now I'm imagining about one day I visit ur country and then you visit mine, it will be so fantastic and wonderful when we can share our day together, talk about everything and go shopping, go everywhere we want.LOL.Dreaming about it!
I'm glad that you love my country and our cultures.That's so nice of you.My country has one big festival in New Year called Tet holiday(Lunar New Year in Asia).At this time, young people often go to visit their ancestors, both their mother and father sides, visit their homeland.We also eat a lot, traditional foods, cakes(maybe one day I will let my mom cook for you when you come to my country.LOL)One special thing in this holidauy is that the older must give the younger, especially kids, money(it means wishes when you get a new age).That's the biggest reason why all the children want Tet besides the thing that we are all off school in about 2 weeks.Ohhh, a lot of thing, maybe you gonna get bored.I will tell about it at the other time.
I wanted to ask you one thing.In Bulgaria, people use Bulgarian as mother tongue, right?Is English foreign language or second language?
I know now I have to stop.A lot of things to talk with you, such a sweet one.Are you allright with your life?Anything new?I'm excited to hear all about you.Kiss on your blush cheeks!
At 7:56pm on April 15, 2010, BellaBlack said…
Iam sooo mad ! the dress that i wanted to were to the twilight convention , i cant get cuz they dnt have my size anymore!! this suxs! Anywho How have you been doing ? whats new in your twilight world? lolol
At 2:55pm on April 14, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Hi Veronika! I'm so happy to see you're back. I hope your vacation was fun. It's good to go and have some fun. Life is short so go enjoy yourself. I missed you and i'm glad you're back. Thanks for the Easter comment! I'm glad you liked the pics i sent you. I still haven't gotten my anxiety stuff that my mother ordered for me. I'm gettin frustrated w that. Although, i guess some good has come out of the bad in this way. I've been exercising for a while now, which i never really needed to do before nor had the energy. So i'm feeling better a little better just exercising, it's hard to explain. I hope everything is well w you and if you want to i'd love to hear any stories you might have. I love what you said about my bunnies they do look like little toys. Gypsy and Angel found them very interesting when we got them. They just stared at the them in their cage for hours.LMAO Ughh, so much going on. Most of it stressful still but that's my life. I'll reply to your mail when i get some time too but for now i'll leave you this comment. Have a great day my friend! : )
Love Ya Lots,
Jamie Lynn
At 9:10am on April 14, 2010, Frog_robsten said…
You said that I'm so sweet but I think I must say that I feel YOU ARE RELLY REALLY SWEET!I love to read ur comments, hon.I like it to be long.
Never mind about your distraction that I don't celebrate Easter.Never mind.I'd like to be cared by friends like you, Veronica.How about your Easter?Did you have any Easter eggs or rabbits?Or is there any big holidays as celebration for Easter?If yes, you went where?
I'm really fine with all my school stuffs(even though there is a lot of homework).I will tell you more about some big holidays and festivals in my country.Do you mind tellking me about yours?I really love travelling and other countries' cultures.But I don't have chances and conditions to go.I only had one lucky chance that I had been to Japan in 15 days in last September(exchange students).It's really lucky for me and I was very happy.I'd like to go to ur country, Veronica and I also wish to go to London once to meet Rob and get his autograph,As I say above, I love traveling and my desire and biggest wish now is to get some scholarships to learn abroad.
Sorry for saying a lot about me!I just want to share with you all about me!
At 4:42am on April 14, 2010, Adina said…
well it was really funny 'cause more lucky than the other pupils :))
I've just danced some traditional choreography from Romania.
it's really good when I did that 'cause I played those dances from when I was in the first grade :))
I had some free time ,'cause I've finished a new book.
I think you've heard about it..''The Da Vinci Code'' by Dan Brown
my aunt is almost 42 and she told me about it..:))
I cried when that little girl saw that her hair was cut.I mean she was so shy before that and what was the problem of those stupid girl anyway?!!
and Robert was so hot...and cute!!!
you know that I've told you that I've had a test at the algebra a few weeks ago and I was scared that I migh get a small note?
well...I didn't!I've got a 9!I was like...OMG!!!I CAN'T BELIEVE!the bigger note here is 10,and the smaller is 1 but that is the official point.what is the scoring system in Bulgaria?
yeah...I know what you mean.I can't stand school anymore!! =))
At 8:19pm on April 13, 2010, BellaBlack said…
I know he is just ooo hot for out own good !!!! right ! hahahahahahah
At 8:18pm on April 13, 2010, BellaBlack said…
OMG !!! LUV the twilight book !!! I mean Iam almost done . I would have finish it ealry but i had to break myself away form time to time , cuz it would drive me krazy !!! it makes me want to dump my BF sometimes ! lol like i am falling in love with this book , ( can i do that ) who knows , as krazy as that sounds but I pasted krazy a looong time ago! hahahahah !! so how was you holidays ? did you have fun ? Notthing too much new , just school work and twilight . lolol as you know iam going to the convention at the end of this month ,soooooo cant wait !
At 8:54am on April 13, 2010, SeLma Cullen Salvatore said…
heiii sisterrr!!
Are you crazy?? I mean ofc you are not a bad sister … don’t think of this ever again … ! ! I love you…and I am not mad at you how could I be…I should have remind that you told me about your holidays…soo in my holidays nothing much happened….i am still a bit sad about chris but there is a new boy in my class…and he is soo damn hot…he has the same hair as rob and he has blue eyes…and wowww…:) I know its crazy thinking about a new guy bc chris just broke off with me…but he is really hot…and he is looking soo much like rob…you wouldn’t believe it if you see him :) soo what have you done?? You’ve never told me where you are going on holidays :) hmm…yeah here nothing else did happened…soo the name of the guy looking like rob…is philipp…xD…and I was with him in the cinema..xD…we watched remember me xD…when I cried… he hold my hand…and then I was lying on his sholder…wow it was awwsomee…you wouldn’t believe how happy I was…after all the thing with chris…this was really good….soo anything new with you and georgie?? Or any new rob dreams?? I haven’t =( I hope you have
Love yaaaaaaaaaaaa your sis
SELMAAA!!!! xD ♥♥
At 5:55am on April 13, 2010, Frog_robsten said…
How is ur Easter?I'm not Christian but I love European cultures so I always care about some important holidays in Europe like Easter.
Thanks for your photos.Its awesome.hope to hear from you said you are 22 and now i say i'm 17.I don't know if I told you about it be4 so I tell u again.
At 5:51am on April 13, 2010, Frog_robsten said…
Hey, Venonica.I'm so happy when hearing from you.u are so sweet, really.I'm soory for your not having Internet.recently, my family has some problems and I'm really really sad.talking to you makes me happy, really.And other BIG thing makes me extremely happy today is the news and video of Robsten leaving Budapest. Have u seen it?I think Robsten is so sweet.Kristen makes her best to be with Rob on her birthday.They actually are the cutest couple I have ever known.they are the best.I think they will soon confirm their relationship.It's better for her not to hide their real feelings for each other in public.I can see their obsession with each other when they do like this- sneak out to be together when both are easy.But maybe Summit Entertainment and their manager won't let them do that.Poor them!Hope to see them together again u have a nice day?
At 5:37am on April 13, 2010, Adina said…
no problem!!! =)
yes I've painted a lot of eggs for Easter but only in red 'cause I don't like them in other color.
I've had a celebration at school and we made so many rehearsals in the holiday that I didn't feel free for any second!
And now the school started ...Gosh!I hate it! I never wanted so much in my whole a holiday!really I'm so stressed and I can't wait for june..=)
actually I've didn't made anything ...spectacular this days.really...I was so bored!
oooh but I saw Remember me and it was AWESOME!I totally love it!!!!but it's so sad that he died..
when I was the wrote from the table 11th of september 2001 I just was ...socked !'cause I know the stoy with those twin towers.
so...anything new into your life?what have you done in this holiday?
At 7:12pm on April 8, 2010, Renesmee Carile Cullen Swan said…
hey sweetie!!!
At 3:38pm on April 4, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
bella&edward Pictures, Images and Photos
At 12:35pm on April 3, 2010, BellaBlack said…



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