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At 12:34pm on April 3, 2010, BellaBlack said…
not much . oh finally reading the twilight book. I know Iam all late , cuz i saw the movie way b4 i read the book. But i have to say so far the book is AWSOME !!!! like read these books are making me crazy ! But now that iam reading it , i see what every one has been saying about the book the movie , WAY DIFF!! like really !!!! WOW !! book is as so far is better ! lolol but other than that nothing much expect wish time to time that my BF could be more edward like ! lolol so whats new with you ?
At 7:24am on April 2, 2010, natasha rumgay said…
hey honey
something for you xxx
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At 10:56am on March 31, 2010, Adina said…
yeah...age is just a number baby =)
you have 21 years old?sorry for that....I thought that you have 22..
well,you are not getting old guys if your heart is still young!
no...we don't have any plans for the holiday...=(
It will be the Easter so we'll stay at home.and my brother's birthday is on 15th april so ...another reason to stay home..=)
how about you?do you have any plans?
At 9:40am on March 31, 2010, SeLma Cullen Salvatore said…
aww honey thx you said i am not a bad sister
ofc you are not so too
i know how things are with school and everything
you don't have to be online here everyday is not so much new...i was just shopping with my friends
today you know...i bought two t-shirts ;D
anything new about you and georgie ??
lots of love and hugs seLma ♥
At 5:55am on March 31, 2010, Kimberley Cullen said…
Hi Sweetie, I'm so glad the bracelet got to you I was worried about the mail system lol...I'm glad it made you happy that's all that matters..I been listening to my New Moon CD more lately now that I've watched the movie a couple more times, I can place the songs with the scenes in the movie, so the songs mean alot more to me now...This week I will try and go see KS new movie The Runaways is this movie out where you are?? talk with you soon, and I'm glad you like the bracelet and card....:) :)
At 9:28pm on March 30, 2010, Frog_robsten said…
No, hon, I'd love to read ur comment.Like you, I have tha same habit that writing so long.I hope u will have a nice holiday this week.
My day is normal like the others.I will have a Math test tomorrow and I have't finishied revising for it.But don't worry, I will manage it.And if I do it well,I will have a lot of free time to talk to u, here, about evrything we like, our addiction and our idol.
Are u fan Kristen?It's near her birthday.Do u think Robsten will be together on that day?I don't know whether Kristen holds a birthday party with Twilight cast or even her friend.
At 5:08pm on March 30, 2010, Giselle said…
hi, how are you? do not worry about the late reply, I remember you every day you are my friend, of course I remember you, I´m sorry for the many homework of the school, but I understand you * smiles * the School is ok but now I am resting for a week for Semana Santa, then I will continue my exams * frown * I hope that RM will come soon because I'm dying to see the movie, * smiles * my day girls do not by away of planned with my BF but I had fun! * smiles *...
At 2:12pm on March 30, 2010, Emily Watts<3 said…
Heyy!! +) Ikr. Np, im glad u love it!! +) Rocky, pretty much, hbu? Its ok, ik i miss her alot. *tears* Cooly, well here u can add me i can post a link 4 ya: Sounds cutee +)
At 12:58pm on March 30, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Ya it only got worse, bc of all the stress piling up. I went to the hospital on friday bc i had a really bad anxiety attack. My mom ordered this thing for me she saw on tv about anxiety attacks so hopefully it'll help me. They send me these herbal pills and videos about my condition and how to help me w it.
I know you're a busy girl Veronika, i'm not mad or anything. I know how life can I hope you can rest and relax, i don't want you to get too overworked and overexhausted. It's not good for the body. I don't want you feeling ill. It's not a good feeling, i know. Just find time to yourself and relax. If people don't understand that they can deal w it, you need YOU time. Feel better, k?!
Aww i'm so glad your Fred is good! A fat cat is a happy cat, don't I will give my babies kisses and hugs for you. Gypsy hates kisses but i do it anyway and laugh bc she gets so She's so cute sleepin right next to me, i wish U could see it! I've got a few pics of my bunnies, i'll have to send them to your email when i'm done writing you. Aww, that means a lot that you feel my animals are yours bc idk Fred personally but i love him too! He's so cute!
Keep me updated w what's going on w you when you can. I miss talkin to ya.
Lots of Love,
Jamie lynn
At 12:41pm on March 30, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Awwwww! I just loved the cat/bear photo comment!!!!!!!! Thanks so much, I love it!!!!
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At 12:36pm on March 30, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Aww thanks!!!! : ) I spent a lot of time trying to figure out something new to do w it. I got bored of the old one. I loved my old page but it gets tiring staring at it day after day. I wanted a change of scenery, i guess you could Hey i found this pic today hopefully you haven't seen it.
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At 11:12am on March 30, 2010, Adina said…
no problem!
well.. hope it isn't something grave.
I'm really good..=) like always.....nothing new ..or old.It's just my problems became bigger from a day to another.I think I'm getting old.=)
Sometimes I just feel that,you's almost impossible to ignore all those feelings,like when you can't sleep 'cause you are too worried or stressed....
Wow...look who is talking now..the little 13 years old girl to the young 22 woman...
I'm sorry! I'm ashamed now.
I've got the song but thanks anyway! you helped me...
how are you?I do you feel?
a lot of hugs and kisses!
At 10:46am on March 30, 2010, suad said…
how are you have you got email in yahoo or hotmail give me please
At 8:14am on March 30, 2010, Frog_robsten said…
How about you?Have you met any difficulty like this before?By the way, hon, how old are you?CAn I guess, I think you can be my sister.Sorry if I'm wrong.Because I see that all in Twifans seem to be older than my age.LOL.
At 8:11am on March 30, 2010, Frog_robsten said…
Oh, I'm fine.About the news about Rob's secret girlfriend, Gossip Cop had said that it's just rumour.I'm very happu when hearing it.
How about you?Have you finished all the homework and lectures?
I'm 17yrs.So, I'm a student.I also have alot of homework to do but I can't resist the thing that everyday I go to Twifans to see what's new aboout Rob,Kris,.......Haha, and maybe Twis have made me a little bit worse than before.I know that and I'm finding someway to resist my obsession.Twilight haunts me all the time and I know it's not good for my study.But I think I will get some balance soon.Hope so!
At 3:18am on March 30, 2010, SeLma Cullen Salvatore said…
aww thanks honey
ofc we have to take care of each other

you are the best friend and sister i could ever imagine
to have in my life ok??
ofc you are exhausted because of school and everything
i can understand that
i can't expect that you are always online when i need you ok??
you helped me really....i feel better now
and i know that he is a big a*****!!!
i will try to forget him...but now enough of me
how are you honey??
anything new?? i am a bad sister i am always talking about me
and never asking something bout you...hope you can forgive me
lots of love and hugs and kisses your sister seLma ♥
At 6:31pm on March 29, 2010, Emily Watts<3 said…
Hi, how r u? Do u have a Facebook?
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At 3:57am on March 29, 2010, SeLma Cullen Salvatore gave Veronika Ivanelova a gift
for my sister ! ! ! =)
At 3:55am on March 29, 2010, SeLma Cullen Salvatore said…
aww honey first of all i want to say thank you for the beautiful picture
i am also very happy to have you as my sister...
i really can't wait to see Remember me
i am also a little cry wonder...we are sisters...
ofc you are not a bad sister...and you don't have to send me eclipse earlier...but if you would ... it would be soo awsome!! xD hahahah...
yeah hon...until today i also thought everything is ok with chris
but he came to me and broke off...can you believe it?!
i am crying myself out for him now...i can't believe it...
the only thing he that we aren't doing so much together and that i am just thinking of my his words-> "f******" edward...!! i can't believe it!!
yeah honey...i think now i am a bit too sad to write more...hope you can understand that
love and kisses your sister seLma ♥♥
At 5:36pm on March 28, 2010, Brenda Cullen said…
Hey back at ya!
Yeah what can we do, I hopefully think i did fine, found out though for now that I passed the first part of swedish, and assed history ofc, other than that still waiting, lol and having more homework on top of that, during april I´m off to practice and well it mix up with my current lectures at that point so, have to do that during work as well, than take some days of to continue to road of finale exams english this time in three parts, after that a show and tell on spanish right after I come back and on that same week Psychology review... cant even spell anyways my B-day is comming up and I´m going to get my lip pirced so excited yeeah lol and get my collection of converse as new moon too, well that I´ve to buy for myself, since my mother told my sister of not to by me anything twilight related sighs ... cant wait to get my own apartment...
Thats all from me than, oh sure do I´ll hope I get to go to a premiere since I´m leaving before eclipse hehe



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