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At 4:09am on December 15, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How are you doing sis?

How is the family?

Everyone looking forward to xmas?

Have you done all your shopping yet?

How many times have you seen BD2 now?

I'm hoping to go & see it one more time before it finishes over here!!

Congrats on your son for getting a job!! lol about the free movie tickets!!

My boyz are on holiday now for 6 weeks yay me lol!!

Haven't seen any new pics of Rob lately hopefully he is just kicking back relaxing before he starts his busy year!!

Holy S*** sis I just heard about the shooting that happened in the US those poor dear sweet kids!!

No I haven't seen Cosmo yet it hasn't even come out here yet don't know when it will!!

No I haven't red the host I'm wasn't or ant much of a reader until I started reading the Twilight Saga books!!

I'm pissed off cause TVD still ant on yet & it ant long till its the end of the year!! We are so far behind by the looks of it!!

I think that the celebrities should have the right to be a bit rough with the paps especially if the invade there private space or over step there bounds!!

Man it has been so HOT over here for the last week!!

Whats the weather been like over there?

Hope all is well with you & the family!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 2:13pm on November 28, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Sis
Sorry for the late reply!!

I just got over having sunburn poisoning it took me 5 days to start feeling better!!

My boyz are all doing good thanks!!

Thats good to hear that you & the family are all doing good!!

How was your guyz thanks giving?

Yeah I agree with you I thought that they rushed some of it too especially when she first woke up & the thirst thing!! Yeah I loved the fight scene as well but I hated when Carlisle Jasper Seth & Leah were killed in it so glad that it was just her vision & not real!! I was the same sis when the showed Aro holding Carlise head I was like WTF I was also saying OMFG this can't be happening!! I think that it was the best fight scene out of the h*** saga!! I took my other 2 boyz to see it & they liked it!! Even they said that baby Nessi looked weird as a baby which she did really!! Yeah Emmett was a crack up as always!! I so hope that they have alot of extended & deleted scenes in the DVD!! I am so going to miss the saga but at least we will have the books & the DVD!!

What do I think of when Jacob took his clothes off? Well the guy doesn't do it for me what so ever ok yeah he has a nice body but thats about it I couldn't believe the amount of screams that happened in my cinema from all the young ones & teenages when it came to that part!! I was like wtf are you's screaming at!! Ok but if it was Rob ok I wouldn't scream or anything but I would be sitting there fanning myself trying to cool myself down lol!!

Oh yeah I red on the OK mag site about them having a baby & s*** & about them moving to the UK to raise there baby!! I was like for f**k sake leave them the hell alone for once!! I'm getting sick of all this b******* that they are saying about them!!

Yeah I heard about that too about her doing the sequel to Snow White but hes not directing it cause hes working on his marriage yeah I agree with you maybe he should of thought of that before hand!!

Holy S*** did you see the pics of Rob & Kris arriving back in LA!! I couldn't believe how many of those f**kers that were there!! Those papz are unbelieveable they could hadly get through with the amount of them that were there & one of them shouted out Kris are you going to cheat on Rob again!! I was like for f**k sake it happened let it go already but no they had to sink there teeth in more & make it worse!! I thought that Rob was going to punch one of them!!

Yeah I was wondering the same thing too about why he hadn't seen the movie yet!! Maybe it was to hard for him to sit there & watch it!!

How are things going on TVD? Its still not on here yet!!

Hope all is well with you & the family sis!!

Talk to you soon xoxo

At 3:10am on November 22, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hi Kim
How are you?
How is the family?
Sorry for late reply it's been a busy few weeks with work and the police, the police are still sorting my case but I am ok he didn't steal anything or hurt me he was just very explicit and grabbed me! But I am ok!
So have you seen Breaking Dawn yet? OMG IT'S EPIC why did you think of the twist???
How are you feeling about the last Film being out? I am abit gutted!
I now have Cosmopolis on DVD it's hard to follow but it's a brill Film and Rob is Brill in the Film!
So what's new? Xxxxxxx
At 1:36am on November 19, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Sis

How are things going with you & the family?

Not long now till you's celebrate Thanks Giving? Got any plans for that day?

Oh me too sis I loved BD2 unfortunately I have only seen it once so far but I'm hoping to take my other 2 boyz to see it on Friday for as my eldest came with me to see it last Thursday!!

I loved the h*** thing the only thing that I didn't like about it was baby Nessie I thought that they could of done a better job of not making her look like a CGI baby (I think thats what its called lol) but other than that I loved it!! I wish that they had more vamp sex in it as well but hopefully we will get more of that in the DVD when it comes out!! The fight scene I thought that it was the best fight scene out of the h*** saga!! I had tears in my eyes when Carlisle, Jasper, Seth & Leah died!! I loved Benjamin gift his gift was awesome!!

What about you sis what did you think about the h*** thing? Were there some things that you were disappointed in?

I bet you've seen all the pics & videos of Rob, Kris & Taylor promoting BD2?

Every suit that Rob wore he looked really HOT & SEXY but he could wear a rubbish bag & he would still look HOT & SEXY lol but my best one of his is the green Gucci suit!!

What about you what was your favourite?

The best one that I liked of Kris is the black lace see through outfit that she wore to the London premiere but it looked like that she wasn't wearing any panties lol!!

Well now that there promoting is all over & done with they can just relax & maybe go on vacation for awhile!!

What do you think is going to happen between Rob & Kris now that the saga is over & done with? Do you think that they will last?

I've red on a few sites that when Rob goes to Oz to film The Rover that he told Kris that hes going by himself that he doesn't want her to go with him that he needs time to himself & to think about everything that has happened between them over the last 4-5mths!! From what most of the sites have been saying is that he hasn't had much time to think about whats happen cause it was to close to them promoting together!! But I guess we all will just have to wait & see what happens I guess!!

Have you been voiting for the PCA awards!!

Man sis I can't believe that xmas is just around the corner!! This year has gone by so bloody fast!!

Hope all is well with you & the family!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo



At 12:00am on November 13, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Sis

1st of all I can say is!! WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW Rob in a green suit holy s*** I know that I have said it so many times before but HOLY S*** he looked FREAKIN HOT in that suit!! He wore that green suit like it was meant for him & him alone!!

What did you think of his green suit?

I didn't like Kris dress what so ever!! I thought that she could of done alot better than that!! Hopefully she will wear something better at the London premiere!! Her hair was ok I guess!!

Did you see what she wore to here OTR premiere in NY!! I liked what she wore but I hated her make-up!! The make-up that she had for the LA premiere was better!!

Oh yeah I laughed so hard when I was watching Rob & Jimmy water fight!! That was so funny even when Rob said you have a manly chest lol!! He always has a good time on his show & on Ellen!!

We are all doing good over here sis nothing really new happening with us!!

My eldest has finished school now now all he has to do is decide if he wants to go to tech next year or not!! Hes been trying to find a part time job but most of them always asks for experience which is ridiculous how in the hell is an 18yr old suppose to have experience!!

My second eldest hand is in a fibre glass cast for 4 weeks he got into a fight & ended up with a fracture hand!!

Thank goodness my youngest is good no problems with him lol!!

Hope you haven't had any drama with your kids & that they are all in one piece!!

I know I hope so too that they didn't change to much!! I guess we don't have to long to go till we find out just what the changes are that they have made!!

lol I'm like you sis say that my going to do some house work then end up doing something else!!

OMG 2 days to go sis can you believe it 2 more days!! But the sad thing is that I will see it before you cause it will be our Thursday here where it will be your Wednesday!!

Hope all is well with all of you's!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo



At 9:08am on November 11, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey sweetie,
How have you been sorry for late reply still tryin to sort my wifi out in my flat lol
Are you excited for Breaking Dawn Part 2?
I am not going to the London Premiere now :( I was going brought my train tickets, but my friend who was Coming with me let me down! So I was gonna go on my own but I was attacked on Tuesday so not going now :( but I M going to the Midnight Showing and I am having a Twilight Party before hand! Xxxxx
At 1:19pm on November 6, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

Good to hear that you & your family are all doing good!!

I know what you mean about her being awkward you would think that she would be use to doing these by now but no she is still awkward as ever!! Yeah I saw the MTV one as well & I was pissed by the way she acted when Josh was showing them the first MTV interview that they did she was acting like a little kid I couldn't help but laugh when Rob rolled his eyes at her when she acted the way she did!! I think that hes getting sick of the way she acts in interivews as well!! I also noticed that he didn't look at her like how he use to before!! I think that what she did to him is still effecting him & so it should!!

Did you see him on the Jimmy Kimmel show!! The lucky bugger he went skydiving when he was in Oz!! I couldn't help but laugh when he mentioned his shoes & socks lol!! He looked so comfortable on the show which was good to see!!

Can't wait to see him on Jimmy Falon & Ellen!!

What did you think of the dress that Kris wore on the Jay Leno show!! I didn't like the colour but the dress was nice!!

Out of the 4 dresses that Kris has wore to the LA premiere for the Saga which one is your favourite?

My one is the one that she wore to the Eclipse premiere!! She looked really beautiful!!

Wonder what she is going to wear to this premiere?

Who did you vote for to be the president of the United States!! I'm hoping that Obama stays the president!!

OMG not long now till BD2 comes out 8 more days!! Man the days are going by really fast!!

Yeah I'm wondering the same thing to sis whats going to happen to this site once the saga is over & done with!!

Didn't really do much over the weekend the weather was bloody shitty again!!

They are showing the saga over here on TV last week they had Twilight last night they had NM & next week they are showing Eclipse they won't show BD on TV cause its only been on Sky once so far & that was a few mths ago!!

Hope all is well with you!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 5:31pm on November 1, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

Good to hear that you & the family are all doing good!!

So you's weren't hit by hurricane Sandy at all?

Man New York was hit really hard from hurricane Sandy!!

How was your halloween?

Did you get alot of kids knocking on your door?

Gee you are lucky!! I haven't even got my tickets yet for BD2!!

I will be taking my eldest with me to see it cause he finishes school next week for the year cause he has exams so he will be coming with me!!

Not long now only 13 more days to go!!

Did you see the pics of Rob & Kris at the LA covention!!

Did you also see the pics of them in there halloween masks!!

Any plans for this weekend?

Have no idea what we are doing yet the weather doesn't look to good here today!! Looks like that its going to piss down with rain!!

So how is TVD going so far anything exciting happening on it?

Hope all is well with you sis!!

Talk to you soon xoxo


At 2:56am on October 29, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How are you doing sis?

How is the family?

How was your weekend?

How are you's doing with that huge storm that is heading your way!! Hope it does'nt get to bad for you's!!

OMG did you see all the HOT & SEXY pics of Rob at the LACMA Gala!! Dame I'm sure that man is trying to erupt evey womens ovaries lol!! Seeing him wearing that Gucci suit & showing his stuff on the carpet was working my ovaries into over drive lol!! I'm sure this man is getting HOTTER & HOTTER everytime!!

Did you see the video of Rob & Kris leaving the Prince concert man those papz are absolutely vultures!! I'm suprised that they haven't gone blind by all those flashing lights & they don't even get out of the way when the person driving is trying to move the jeep!! If that was me driving I would run the bastards over!!

Did you see all the pics & videos of Rob in Sydney!! I loved watching his interviews & his photoshoots was HOT!!

Can't wait for the LA convention to start this week!!

Did you hear that there ant going to be a BD2 Companion Book!! That really sucks!!

Have you seen all the TV Spots for BD2!! I loved the one of Emmett & Bella arm wrestling match so glad that they put that in the movie & holy s*** has Emmett put the beef on!! I also loved the one of Edward & Bella!! I had tears in my eyes on another TV Spot its the one where Edward falls down the h*** I was like NO Edward NO!! Gonna have to take some tissues I guess!!

I'm starting to get really excited now!! Only another 17 more days to go!!

Hope all is well with you & your family!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo



At 1:03pm on October 28, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hi sweetie,
How are you?
How is the fam?
How has your week been?
Have you been to see the new bond film yet? I went yesterday it was very good, I also ended up at the world premiere to when I was in London on Tuesday how cool is that?
Yeah Jlo was awesome she has still got it! Really enjoyed the concert me and my best friend did an interview with 4music it's a music channel so you have it?
Back up to London again week after next to meet the Kardashions do you like them?
Then the following week I am back up again for the Breakin Dawn Part 2 Premeire WOOP!!! In Lester Square it's going to be cold and busy but I can NOT wait! I love the buzz of camping!!! I will fill you in on it all :)
So have you booked your tickets yet? I sore the Trailer at the Cinema Yesterday EEK!! And all the posters are up to!!!
It's my Halloween party Weds I am very excited!
It's strating to get really cold now is it where you are?
Have seen all the Pics of Rob is Aussie He looks stunning as normal!!!
Chat soon xxxxxxxx
At 3:54am on October 25, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey sweetie how are you??? Xxx
At 8:57am on October 22, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hi sweetie,
How are you and the family?
Sorry I haven't really been in touch how are things it's getting closer to Breaking Dawn Part 2!!! I am in London at the moment going to watch Jlo in convert to tonight!! I will be back up to London soon after to camp out for the Breaking Dawn Premiere WOOP!!! Xxxxxxx
At 3:48am on October 22, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How was your weekend?

Our long weekend was ok!! Took my boyz to the beach on Saturday cause the weather was lovely it was just as well cause on Sunday & today the weather was absolutely s*** it pissed down all of Sunday & it was windy as hell today!!

Yeah our easter is like yours it sometimes falls earlier than others!!

Have you red that Rob is going to be on both Jimmy shows & on Ellen as well next mth!! I'm disappointed that him & Taylor are going to be on Ellen together I was kind of hoping that it would of been like last year how they had everyone on there!! But Rob always seems to bet more relaxed when he goes on the Ellen show!!

Did you see the pics of Rob arriving in Sydney!! I'm so jealous hes like only 4hr flight away from where I live dame it!! I don't know why he couldn't come here as well!!

Did you also see the pics of him at the premiere!! YUMMY thats all I can say!! All tho I'm not to sure about the shirt lol!!

I see that he had Dean with him this time!! Was he on vaca when Rob was promoting Cosmo cause he had a different bodyguard with him then!!

No I don't know when he's suppose to be filming that movie!! I think the next movie that he will be filming is The Rover!!

Still no news on when TVD will be starting here!! How many episodes have been on so far!!

Hope you & your family had a good weekend!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 1:16am on October 17, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

Thats good to hear that you & your family are all doing good!!

Do you get much kids knocking on your door for sweets on Halloween?

I think that the only thing that we celebrate the same time as you's is xmas eve, xmas, new years eve, new years & easter!! When do you's have your easter weekend!!

You's don't have boxing day do you's its the day after xmas!!

Oh yeah all countries are so different at celebrating things!!

I red on some site that Rob & Kris will be put into different rooms or hotels when they start promoting BD2 in America!! This is suppose to be Summit doing!!

Oh yeah sis I'm with you about showing Rob all kinds of loving lol!! If he was my man I would never let him go!! I would show him every single day just how much I love him lol!!

Have you seen the pics of Rob yet at the Elle's Women Gala!! Holy S*** Uma looks really good after just having a baby but has she had plastic surgery done!!

Yeah I've noticed that too not many people come on this site anymore!! I too am wondering whats going to happen to this site once the saga is over & done with!!

Have you heard about Rob starring in a new movie its called Hold Onto Me!! Don't know much about this one!!

Hes got one busy year coming up by the looks of things!!

Promoting for BD2 starts next week so can't wait to see all the pics & interviews!! Rob being in Sydney next week Kris going to Japan!! Wonder where everyone else is going!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 1:10am on October 16, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

Thats ok no worries!!

We are all doing good thanks!!

My boyz finally went back to school on Monday after having 2 weeks off!!

Yes I've seen all the pics of Robsten!! I just hope that she doesn't hurt him again but I will never see them the same again especially after what she did to him!! I just hope that this ant a publicity stunt that they are doing just so that the fans go & watch the movie!!

I still don't think that she deserves him after what she did!!

How do you really feel about them being back together?

Did you see the pics of Rob at the Elle's Women Gala!! I couldn't help but laugh when I saw his hair his fringe reminds me of how Cameron Diaz had her fringe in There's Something About Mary lol!! I loved how he had his hair when he was at the premiere of his movie Cosmo in NY!!

No didn't really do much in the weekend the weather was really shitty we had a huge as storm which basically put a damper on things!!

This weekend is a long weekend for us its Labor Weekend!! We are suppose to be having another big storm which I hope we don't would like to do something for the long weekend!!

I don't even know if they are showing the h*** saga over here they haven't mentioned it yet!! 13hrs is along time to be in the theater!!

You looking forward to Halloween?

We don't celebrate Halloween over here nor do we celebrate Thanks Giving!!

Hope all is well with you & your family!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 3:24am on October 9, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How are you?

How is your week going so far?

How is all the family doing?

Did you see the YUMMY pics of Rob in NY? So glad to see some new pics of him!! Wonder what he was doing in NY?

Yeah I heard those rumours too about her giving him a key & everything!! I don't know its so hard to say if they are back together or not cause we haven't seen any pics of them together since Kris cheated on him!!

Did you hear that hes going to Sydney this mth to promote BD2 & that Kris will be in Japan!!

I heard that they will only be promoting BD2 together in America!!

So TVD starts this Thursday you are so lucky!! I can't see it coming out here till late next mth!!

Didn't really do much over the weekend was hoping to take my boyz to the beach but the weather was so shitty so couldn't do that but ended up taking them tenpin bowling instead!!

So can't wait for them to go back to school next week lol!!

So how was Perfect Pitch?

Everytime that Gangnam Style song comes on my youngest always gets me up to do the dance with him & let me tell you its a bloody workout lol!! Not as fit as what I use to be lol!!

Hope all is well with you!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 1:40pm on October 8, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey Kim,
Sorry for Kate reply been so busy last week I didn't have a day or night where I did nothing which is good!!
Yes I love this time of Year to so much to look forward to, I am actually having a Halloween party I have brought so many decelerations to decerate my house soo excited!!
Yes I have read that Robsten are back together and I just think if that's the case then I hope Kirsten relieses what she did and never does it again, but if it makes Rob happy then I am happy that's all I care about!!
I am getting ready to camp out for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere in London just waiting on the official information! WOOP!!!
Yeah I go to the Cinema all the time I love it!! I am always there!!!
Are you going to see the new James bond Film?? Have you heard the theme time by Adele it's awesome "skyfall" but yes I am always at the Cinema are you?
My Breaking Dawn Part 2 Tickets are booked and there are 5 of us going to the Midnight Showing so I am going to have a Breaking Dawn Party like last Year!! WOOP!!!
No not up to much the Weekend just working having a candle party Weds, how about you?? Xxxxxxxx
At 10:09am on October 3, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hi Kim!
How ate you doing???
How is your week going???
Have you got your Breaking Dawn Part 2 Tickets I have SOOO EXCITED!!!!
I keep here that Robsten are together then not I don't know what to believe.
What do you think if they are back together?
So ate you doing anything for Halloween??? Xxx
At 3:35am on October 1, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How are you?

How was your weekend?

My boyz are all on school holidays now!! Which means I get to sleep in yay!!

We are all doing good over here thanks!!

You are so lucky to have a big faimly!! Do all of you's get along!!

I have only got one brother who is older than me we don't really get along all that great we argue like every other brother & sister do lol!!

Yeah I heard rumours about them back together still don't really know if its true or not!! Like you said guess we will have to wait & see how they are at the premiere!!

I saw some pics of Kris arriving & leaving Paris she went there for a fashion show!!

How did your niece's birthday party go!! Did she have a good time!! Thats so nice of you to put on a birthday party for her!! I bet all of her friends which that you were there aunt!!

Yeah we celebrate Christmas the same as you's but because we are a day ahead we will have it before you's!!

The only thing that we don't celebrate is Thanks Giving & we don't go all out on Halloween either!!

Didn't really do much in the weekend did some spring cleaning on Saturday & on Sunday cause it was a nice day took my boyz to the beach!!

I've been meaning to ask you have you heard that song Gangnam Style!! What do you think of it?

Got any plans for this weekend?

Hope all is well with all of you's!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 4:38am on September 23, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…

Hey kim,

How are you? How is your Weekend been and you Week?

I have heard various stories that Robsten are together, but then Yesterday I heard on E news that the claims are false so I dont know what to believe what do you think. <3 xxxxxxxxx




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