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At 3:26am on September 23, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

Um haven't heard about any fires over these ways!! Well that I know of anyways lol!!

My fingers are slowly getting better the doc said it will be another week till he can take the strap off!! My son is doing ok too just has a bruised jaw!! He plays rugby league!!

Yeah I was surpirsed to when I saw the pics of her holding the baby I was actually wondering whos baby it was till the mentioned that it was Jacksons!!

Yeah I heard that too about her parents I was like holy s***!!

Oh yeah my brother is the same even tho hes older than me lol!! If I didn't like any of his girlfriends I always tell me!!

Oh I'm like you sis a city girl!!

So how many siblings do you have? I hope you don't mind me asking you that question!!

Its our spring time now it started the 1st Sep!! We have 3mths of 4 seasons!!

So you's are starting your fall in late Sep WoW thats odd I always thought that every season starts at the beginning of the mth!!

Um well yesterday went over to see my mum cause its her birthday today which is the 23rd over here!! Brought her some flowers & just spent some time with her couldn't go & see her today cause she already had plans other than that just had a quiet one!!

What about you how was your weekend?

Hope all is well with you sis!!

Talk to you soon xoxo


At 4:02am on September 20, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

Sorry for the late reply have had such a f**ked up week!! First I had problems with my computer then I had problems with the net then I sprained 3 of my fingers on my left hand & to top it off I went to watch my second eldest game yesterday at school & he got into a fist fight with one of the players from the other team & it got out of hand you had all the team mates fighting & then the supporters came in & got involved!! So yeah I've had a s*** of a week lol!!

So how are you & the family doing?

Your kids happy to be back at school?

Its my boyz last week of school next week then they are on holiday again for 2 weeks!! Yay me lol!!

Did you get to see the pics of Kris leaving Toronto airport wearing Robs stuff!! I mentioned it to you before & you said that you hadn't seen them yet!!

Yeah I have heard that they have been talking & trying to work things out I saw it on E!! I just hope he knows what he is doing I would hate for him to get hurt again but I still won't see Robsten they same as the way I saw them before all this happened!!

I red on some site that Robs sisters don't want him to take her back that they would be really upset with him if he did!!

What do you think!!

I guess we will see how they are when they start promoting BD2!!

Did you read how Nikki is the godmother to Jackson baby boy!! I didn't even know that they were that close!!

Any plans for the weekend?

Hope all is well with you & the family!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 3:21pm on September 10, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

We are all doing great thanks!!

Good to hear that you are doing well!!

How are you handling waking up earlier in the mornings?

Didn't really do much over the weekend!!Just went to visit my parents cause they were leaving to go to Oz today for a funeral so took my boyz over to see them!! Sunday just had a quiet one!! Weather has been really shitty over here haven't had much of a Spring yet!!

How was your weekend?

Thats nice to hear that you & your friend will be having a Twilight movie day!! Will you's be having all the YUMMY goodies while you's are watching them!!

Yeah I thought that the VMA were ok too!! The best part was seeing the trailer!! Yeah I heard that she was dating him even tho I have no idea who he is loll!!

Yeah I thought that she looked nice love the dress too!! But I didn't like what she did with her hair tho!! Yeah she has lost weight!!

I saw some pics of her today leaving the Toronto airport & she was once again wearing Rob hat, ring & neckless so it makes you wonder if they are back together or what!!

Are you hoping to go to the fan convention or the premiere?

Yeah I heard that too I even heard that RiRi is interested in him too!! There were rumours before Russell proposed to Katy that she was interested in Rob but nothing came of it!!

I love Katy Perry I love her songs  I even have her Purr perfume, do I think that her & Rob will make a great couple I don't really know!!

What do you think?

I don't think RiRi & him will make a great couple shes to wild for him!!

WoW your son turned 21!! Happy delated birthday too him!! lol me too when my son turned 18 I told him just because your legal now I'm still the boss I still tell you what to do!!

It starts there next mth!! So can't wait for it to come back on over here!! I will say that we won't get it till around November!!

Hope all is well with all of yous!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 12:12pm on September 9, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey sweetie,
How are you and the family.
All the Pics of Rob at the VMAs and fight against cancer He is just a babe so Beautiful inside and out!!!
Yes Kristen does look thin tbf.
Oh I see so is it worth seeing???
Speak soon love xxxxxxxx
At 10:28pm on September 7, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

I found the last full trailer to BD2!! It wasn't suppose to come out till tomorrow or something like that but I found it early!! Hope you get this before it actually comes out on the site!!





At 4:57pm on September 7, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How are you?

How is your weekend going so far?

Got anything planned?

WoW it was your labor day already!! We don't have ours till near the end of October!!

Thats great that your brother came over from Florida!! How long did you stay for?

Did you watch the VMA? What did you think of the BD2 trailer?

Did you also see the backstage video?

I bet you saw all the pics of Kris at the premiere of OTR?

I noticed that she was wearing Rob ring & neckless!! It makes you wonder with her wearing them what is really going on!!

I also noticed that Rob friends weren't at the premiere!!

Has she changed bodyguards as well cause I noticed that when Rob was promoting Cosmo that he didn't have Dean with him!!

Hope all is well with you & your family!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 5:19am on September 6, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey sweetie, how are you how is your week going.
I am great ta.
How was that film is it scarey.
Yes I gave read that Rob is going to VMAS to WOOP!!! Have you seen the teaser EEK AWESOEME!!
Can not wait to see Rob!!! Xxxxxxxx
At 12:49pm on September 2, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hi sweetie, how are you, how has your week been how's the Fsmily. Xxxxxxx
At 2:30pm on August 29, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How is your week going so far?

So how was your kids first day back at school?

We are all doing great thanks!!

Thats great to hear that you & your family had a great time at the water park!!

I haven't heard anymore about Rob going to the VMA I guess like you said we will wait & see!!

Oh yeah I bet it will be awkward for her for when she goes to Toronto to promote OTR!! I wonder how Rob friends who star in the movie with her are going to react to her!!

Holy s*** 5.30 you have to wake up!! What time do your kids start school in the mornings?

I didn't even get a chance to see Bel Ami at the movies when it was here it wasn't even out for that long!!

I don't even know if Cosmo is showing here or not I haven't heard anything about it yet!!

Got any plans for the weekend?

Last week of summer for you's ant it then you's are into fall is that right!!

Did you hear that Rob has put his house up for sale in LA?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 1:06am on August 29, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hi sweetie, how are you :)
That's cool about your neice she is very lucky to have you!!
The jimmi kimmeil I tear view is Great Rob looks Great and He looks relaxed and chilled.
Yes I have seen Pics of Kristen around LA looking a bit rough well she should not have cheated on the most AMAZING Man in the World she had I all man.
So hw is your Week going I am just about o go on a road trip with me best mate and it's throwing it down!! Xxxxxxxx
At 3:15am on August 25, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

Sorry for the late reply but I had a busy week especially with the last few days my youngest has been really sick so most of my time was taking care of him!!

How are you?

How is your weekend going so far?

How was the water park did you's all have a great time!!

How is your vacation going?

The kids getting excited going back to school?

From what I heard is that Kris will be in Toronto the same time the VMA will be on to promote OTR!! This will be her second outing since what happened!!

Did you see the pics of her out in LA!! Did you see what she was wearing & carrying!! I couldn't believe that she was wearing Rob hat, ring & carrying his backpack!!

Did you see the video interview of Rob on Jimmy?

I can't believe that Rob, Kris & Taylor won't be at the LA convention for BD2!!

I can't believe it either that you ant getting Cosmopolis where you are!! That so sucks!!

Thats good to hear that you had a great time at the Linkin Park concert!!

Hope you are enjoying your vacation!!

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 1:30pm on August 23, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
*Rock chick I ment* xx
At 1:29pm on August 23, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hi kim,
How are you and the kids.
I would never have guessed that you were a mom lol I just got a feeling that you were like 16 I don't know why lol.
Bu that's ace that you have custordy of your niece how come if you dont mind me asking.
So you are a ok chick then that's cool.
Have you seen Robs interview with jimmy kimml Rob looks SOOO relaxed and He just has a laugh man I lve that Guy,
So how is your Week going. Xxxxxxxxx
At 11:03am on August 20, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hi kim,
I am glad you had a good time at likin park I do like Thm, I love there song on the Twilight Soundtrack, and encore with jay z.
So how are you, how old are you again you work or at college.
I am 23 and I work full time.
I went to V festivil over the weekend I am SOOO tired but it was worth it such an immense festival!! Ed sheeran was the best for me I sang my heart out along with him.
So you seen all the apics of Rob oin NYC looking Beautiful as always!! Man I adore Him!!
Have you seen Cosmopolis yet, I haven't seen it at the Cinema as it was not relesed at my Cinema but I have pre-orderd it WOOP!!
So how is your Week going. Xxxxxxxx
At 1:58am on August 18, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How are you?

How is the family doing?

How are the kids enjoying there holiday?

How is your weekend going so far?

The family & I are all doing good thanks!!

Didn't really do much this weekend!! We had thunder & lightening last night plus it was raining all day today so we are having a wet weekend!!

Have you seen all the pics & videos of Rob promoting Cosmopolis?

I can't believe that in all his interviews that he did that each & everyone of them asked him questions about what Kris did do they not know that he is there to promote his movie not to talk about his personal life!!

Is it just me or is he even HOTTER than what he was before!!

Did you hear that Kris may not be going to the VMA & that she will be promoting OTR in Toronto next mth!! I really hope that they ask her why she did it!!

How was the Linkin Park concert?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo


At 5:04am on August 17, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hi matey,
So you had an awesome time then, I am off the V Festivial this Weekend SOOO EXCITED!!
I know what you mean I bet Kirsten is pissed about what she did to Rob no one in their right mind would do that I know I wouldn't!! He looks SOOO Beautiful promoting Cosmoplisis in NYC I wish I was there, well I was back in Feb!! Xxxxxxxxx
At 2:31am on August 14, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey sweetie,
How are you. Have you seen likin park yet.
Have you seen all the Pics of Rob from NYC at the Cosmpolis Premiere He looks Beautiful!! Xxxxxxxx
At 7:41am on August 10, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…

Hey kim :)

I am just at my best friends house I will worte back to you when I get in.

Have a good Day. xx

At 3:14pm on August 9, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

Happy Friday to you!! My week is going ok nothing really new happening over here with me just doing the same old thing I do every other day lol!!

Holy S*** you start work that early in the morning dame that is early but I bet it ant so bad in the summer time cause its nice & warm but when it gets colder I bet its a b**** all you want to do is stay in bed & keep warm!!

Oh yeah I heard about that one its a indie film I can't remember what its called either lol!!

Yeah you are right BD is more Rob & Kris so I guess we fans will just have to wait & see how they are going to do this!! I think the production company are more afraid of losing milliions of dollars than they are about people personal lives but what they are forgetting is that we fans are 100% Twihards nothing is going to stop us from going to see this movie!! Even if the 2 main characters are having personal problems & that is what it is personal!!

Yeah I agree with you it makes you wonder if his family crossed his mind at all while he was doing this!! It becomes that much harder when a family is involved especially young kids!! It takes too to tango so both of them are to blame for this whole mess!!

But two of the things that makes me sick about all of this!! 1 of them is that while this whole thing was happening Kris was wearing her rings that Rob gave her & the other one is that she was wearing one of Robs favourite hats!! Too me I think that she wanted to get caught but now that she has I think that its actually hit her how bad all of this is!!

Oh yeah I think that his agents have told them what they can & can't ask but come on these are reporters that we are talking about here since when have reporters liked to be told what they can & can't ask they will do anything or say anything just to get a good story!!

Oh yeah I saw the new pics from the EW mag I loved the one of daddyward so cute & the way that Nessie is looking up at him so cute too!!

Any plans for the weekend?

The kids still enjoying there holiday?

Talk to you soon sis xoxo

At 7:19pm on August 8, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How is your week going so far?

My eldest is feeling better now he went back to school yesterday which was good!! Keeping my fingers crossed that my other two don't get sick now!!

I don't know its really hard to say if they will present at the VMA together I guess we will have to wait & see!!

Did you hear that Kris ant going to the premiere of her movie On The Road in London & that she pulled out of her new movie Cali whether this one is true or not have no idea but the one with her not going to her premiere has been confirmed!!

Am so glad that Rob hasn't pulled out of doing his premiere for Cosmopolis can't wait to see him have missed seeing his face!! But when he does his interviews I just hope that the reporters don't ask him questions about his personally life!!

I know I'm wondering as well how they are going to promote BD2 but mind you when they promoted Twilight & NM they put Kris & Taylor together for most of it so maybe they will do that again this time!! But it sure is going to be really awkward!!

Oh yeah I'm sure that if the kids had a choice whether to go back to school or stay home they would probably pick stay home lol!!

Not much for me for the rest of the week probably just do some house cleaning you know the normal mom jobs lol!!

Has the weather still been really hot there!! The weather over here can't seem to make up its mind one minute its p****** down with rain then the next its sun shining can't wait for winter to be over!!

Talk to you soon xoxo



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