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At 3:16am on August 8, 2012, JoS said…

Hi Kim sorry for the late response :) i'm okay and you?

well i have to say that I still don't believe in any of this b*******, sorry for cursing :) Kristen wouldn't do that to Rob, I could see in their eyes how much they loved eachother!

i've been so confused and sick because of all this drama that I haven't been posting anything...but I've been on my tumblr( if you want to follow me  :) all I can think about is that we don't know anything, and I'm so worried about Rob and Kristen! I honestly think this was set up! it just doesn't make any sense! if you want to know more about my opinion you can go to my tumblr :) this is a horrible time and i hope we can move on and let Rob and Kristen deal with this in the best way they can.

I will forever support Rob and Kristen no matter what happens!

Joana xoxo :)

At 12:40am on August 7, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How are you?

How is your week going so far?
The boyz & I are are all doing good thanks!! My eldest has been sick for the past 4 days so hes been off school for the past 2 days but hes feeling much better now so hes back to school tomorrow!!

Yeah its all over the mags here too only two of them they are on the front cover but the rest they ant but still in them!!

Oh yeah I know how you feel about a mums job never ending!! Its a full time thing!! Same thing every day!!

How are the kids enjoying there holiday? Are they looking forward to going back to school in a few weeks?

Do you think that Rob & Kris will present at the VMA next mth together?

Can't wait to see the pics of him promoting & doing the premiere for Cosmopolis next week!!

Are you still enjoying watching the Olympics not long now till its finished!!

Talk to you soon xoxo

At 2:24am on August 6, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey sweetie,
How are you how is your Week going.
Things have gone quite on the Robten front which I am glad about, I mean They were on the front of all the mags last Week bu I wouldn't read them they were only telling me what I already knew. I just people to leave Them alone and stop thinking they have an imput in there lives, and let Them work through it!!
How are you holding up.
I hoe Reese is supporting Rob which I am sure she is, I <3 Reese. Xxxxxxx
At 7:56pm on August 2, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

Thats good to hear that you & your family are all doing well!!

Oh yeah I was reading those comments as well!! Its all good for her to say it was a mistake but it was a mistake that shouldn't of happened to begin with!! The only reason she said it was a mistake was because she got caught!!

Ok so what if some people have f**ked her over that doesn't give her the right to do it back to someone who loved her more than anything!! It just goes to show how much of a b**** she can really be!!

Oh yeah I'm sure when they start promoting BD2 its going to be really awkward especially for poor Rob!! He properly won't want to have any interviews done with her or even photos done with her!! Really I wouldn't blame him if he doesn't!! I can just hear people now if he does do that they will properly say Oh how it happened mths ago how he should get over it & all that!! Hello its easy for them to say!!

Oh yeah I hope so too that it hurts her in the long run & she will have no one to blame but herself!!

Yeah I heard that he was hiding out at her place too!! But one minute I heard that he went back home for a while then the next I'm hearing that hes hiding out at her place so don't really know!!

But if anyone knows what Rob is going through its Reese cause her hubby cheated on her thats why they got divorced!!

That sucks that Cosmopolis ant coming out to where you are!!

Oh yeah Michael Phelps is doing really good in the swimming!!

Don't have any plans as of yet for the weekend!! The weather here has been really s*** lately all this week its been raining!!

Talk to you soon xoxo

At 12:38pm on August 2, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hi sweetie.
How are you, how is your Week going.
Yes I like likin park where are you seeing them who are you going with.
Are you excited!!
How are you holding up with all this Robsten stuff!!
I walked into boots on Tuesday in town where I always get my lunch for work and Kristen and Rob are on the front of all the mags my heart sank, but I would never read them!!
I txt my read and she said she read on twitter that all the fans are doing this thing called " operation hide the lies" where all the ans hide the mags.
I just have no idea what's lies or truth I just want it all to blow over!!
So what you up to. Xxxxxxx
At 12:39am on August 2, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How are you?

How is the family doing?

How is your week going so far?

Congrats on your country winning the gold for the womens gymnastics I was watching it the other night!! It was a fight between them & Russia!! Glad America won!!

Am starting to feel better so are my boyz thank goodness!!

If I was Rob sister I would be all up in Kris face by now!! I would of been on the first flight to LA!!

Um as to your question about Linkin Park no I'm not really a fan of theres but I have heard some of there songs!!

Do you know if you are getting Cosmopolis where you are?

I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these pics I have of Robsten I don't know if I should delete them or what!! I really want to but a small part of me wants to keep them!! I've already delete all the ones I had of Kris by herself nolonger want pics of her!!

Any plans for the weekend?

Hope you are having a great week!!

Talk to you soon xoxo

At 10:57am on July 31, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…
Hey Kim,
I know what you mean, all this Robsten stuff is SOOO UPSETING!!
I want it to be all fake!! I avent heard anything more about it!!
Only that Rob may be in London!! Which I think is ZGREAT He should be with His Fiends and Family!!
I hate that all this is happening I hope it's false!! I really do!!
So how are you. Xxxxxxxx
At 2:56am on July 30, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Got this sent to me a few minutes ago!! Thought that I would send it on to you to have a look at!!



At 12:33am on July 30, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

We are all slowly getting better!! I'm trying to get myself better so I can get my boyz better but its so hard cause I'm the worse one off!!

I agree with everything that you have said!! I wonder how they are going to handle promoting BD2 cause they normally interview together & everything!! Even the MTV movie awards for next year that is going to be awkward as hell especially if they win best kiss!! We the fans have been waiting for them for 4yrs now to kiss & they haven't so it looks like that it won't be happening next year either!! No thanks to Kris of course!!

You know what I'm waiting for is for some of the other directors who have cast Kris in there movie to come out & say that they had a fling with her too!! Just like what happened with Tiger Woods lol!!

I wonder whats going to happen with the sequel with SWATH!! If it does get made I won't be going to see it!!

I red an article on some site saying that Rupert wife brother thinks that its been going on for a while & that it just wasn't just a fling or a once off!! So we ant the only ones who have been thinking this!!

I'm with you too sis I pissed as hell!! I wish no harm to her but I hope that someday down the track when she falls madly in love with someone that they cheat on her so she knows how it feels!!

With her I don't give a s*** attitude I won't be suprised if she doesn't give a s*** what anyone says or thinks!! Including her family & friends!!

Ok going to stop talking about this now cause its really starting to get to me!!

Sounds like you had a really good weekend!! So not being really active does that mean that you had a bit to much to drink lol & the head is a bit sore!!

Talk to you soon xoxo


At 7:06am on July 29, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…

Hey kim :)

I am stilll very like shocked about it all and one of my close friends adores kristen like she is her idol amd from Wednesay when the news broke she has been on twitter the internet finding edviendace that kristyen didnt do it.

I must say i am still so confused I still have no idea if she did it or if she didnt i just dont know, one of her best friends on twitter has been saying that she didnt do it and to leave her alone and give her time to heal, and then there is the moving fan outside Robstens apartment in LA some people are saying that they have both left and some people are saying just Rob has left so i really have no idea whats happeing but the truth will come out about this!! I am just here for Rob 110% always have been always will be!! Love that Man!! xxxxxxxxx

At 9:23pm on July 28, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How is your weekend going so far?

Well my boyz & I are done with the flu!! Its the first time that all of us have gotten the flu all at once!!

I saw the pics today of what Kris did in New Idea magazine!! I could only look at the pics for a few seconds before I had to put the mag away & walk away!! Seeing those pics made me feel sick!! I couldn't believe that she would do something like that to him!! I so hope that Rob doesn't take her back!! As much as I love Rob he would be an idiot if he takes her back!! I wonder how he felt when he saw the pics too!! What gets me is by the looks of the pics that they had more than a fling & that it had been going on for a while & not just a once off like they are claiming!! She doesn't deserve to be with someone like Rob!!

As to the answer to your question: NO I don't want them to get back together!! She doesn't deserve him!!

What about you do you want them to get back together?

I really hope that her parents & brothers are really disappointed in her right now!! She deserves everything that she gets!! But knowing Kris is properly won't give a s*** what anybody says!!

I saw that both Rob & Kris a suppose to be co presenting at the VMA together in a few mths!! I wonder if Rob is going to do it or if hes going to turn it down!! I don't think that its enough time for him to get over what Kris has done!!

Yeah I agree with you there I thought that they were meant to be as well but I guess that we were wrong about that!!

Have you watched any of the Olympics yet?

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Talk to you soon xoxo


At 3:59pm on July 27, 2012, Robertfanxxxx said…

Hey kimberley thanking you for your lovely comment, i think as such a Time like this us fans need to stick togther!

I am soo gutted and sanned by all of this.

I am 110% behind Rob!! I always support kristen because Rob did and because He loved her but now i dont know what i feel towards kristen i am just numb towards her now and i think its going to take along time for me to if or ever forgive her i cant forgive someone who has treated Rob this way.

Yes i dont know them personally but i have met Them both and i just gutted well and truley i was always such a MASSIVE Fan of Robsten!! I am just so upset about it all!!

There is something missing in her life as iin a recent interview she said her life is boring and that she wants somthimg exciting to happen amnd someone to f*** her over, well well done kristen you have fulfilled your mission.

I am so sad and so shicked truley.

I am 110% here for Rob as a friend and a fan!!

How are you holding up. xxxxxxxx

At 10:25pm on July 26, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

I'm doing good thanks so are my boyz!!

What they only have a week off on xmas & new years well that sucks!!

S*** my boyz have about 5-6weeks off then!! Plus they have 2weeks off every 10weeks!! Makes you wonder why they bother going to school with the amount of time they have off!!

I like watching the Olympics but the time difference is going to be hard cause London is 13 behind us!! I love watching the gymnastics as well & swimming!! Isn't Michael Phelps retiring after this Olympics!!

Ok alot of people on this site were saying that shes young that she made a mistake!! Yeah ok people make mistakes no body is perfect in this world but there is a difference between right & wrong they both new that it was wrong but did they give a s*** about it NO!! Plus she is 22yrs old she is old enough to know that what she did was wrong especially with a married man who has young kids for f**k sake!!

Yes I agree with you if it had of been Rob that cheated on her there is no way that she would of forgiven him!!

I don't blame him for moving out of there LA home!! There is noone to blame for this but Kris & Rupert!!

Poor Rob gave 4yrs of his life to this relationship & for what for the love of his life to turn around & publicly humiliate him, break his heart, betray him & his trust!! I wonder what hes going to do now!!

Alot of people are saying will he forgive her & take her back!! My opinion in this is NO I don't think he should!! She betrayed him & his trust!! She deserves what she gets!!

Don't get me wrong I love Robsten but after what Kris has done I don't anymore!!

Rob deserves to be with someone who would never betray him, someone who will hold on tight to him & never let him go, someone who will yell from the highest mountain in the world that they love him & want him & only him!!

On saw on a few sites some of the comments that some people have said about what Kris has done!! One person said so this is how she got her roles in movies by having a fling with the director!! Another one said that her parents should been ashamed of her right now!! Another one said which I agree with that Rob should hold his head up high cause he has done nothing wrong!!

I wonder whats going to happen now with him doing the Q&A next mth in LA & NY for Cosmopolis if he is still going to do it or not!!

I think what Rob needs is to take some time for himself & think about what he wants!!

I heard that hes going to be shooting some of Mission Blacklist in Irqa s*** what a place for them to be shooting that is one dangerous place to be at the moment!! I hope that nothing happens to him while he is over there if they do end up filming some of the movie!!

Aww man your friend & her daughter are so lucky!!

How do you really feel about the h*** situation between Robsten & what Kris did to Rob!!

Talk to you soon xoxo


At 2:33pm on July 25, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

Thats good to hear that you & your family are all doing good!!

Man that is a really long time to have off!! When did they start there holiday!!

How much time off do they have around the xmas & new year break?

lol less story line more stripping & dancing!! I feel ya!! What was Channing Tatum like he used to be a stripper before he became an actor was he any good?

Yeah I red about her cheating on him!! I even went onto the US Weekly website to have a look & holyshit there is alot on there about what she did to Rob!!

Honestly I hope that its just that rumours but if its not then my heart goes out to Rob!! To be honest with you out of both of them I would have to say that she would be the one to cheat on him cause look at all the trouble he went through to get to her & she hardly did anything!! I hope for her sack that she didn't cause it would be her lost!! Rob is a great guy who deserves to be really happy & for someone to love him as much as he loves them!!

I red both statements that they both brought out!! Why would you apologise if nothing happened ok I know that it was in the magz but you shouldn't really believe whats put in them everyone knows that!! F**k its so confusing!!

What do you really think?

Do you think that she did?

What would you think of Kris if she did do that to him?

Holy s*** I wonder what his family are going to say & think?

I guess time will tell if they are still together or not!!

Anyway enough about all of that!!

So TVD starts early October!! So which means that it won't show here till Nov-Dec!!

You going to be watching the opening to the Olympics?

Man where are the days going its just flying by!! Can't believe that its almost August!!

Any plans for the weekend?

Talk to you soon xoxo


At 11:20pm on July 23, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

We are all doing great thanks!! Thank goodness my boyz went back to school last week after having 2 weeks off!!

Can't believe how fast this mth as gone by!! Time seems to be flying by so fast!!

Oh that sounds so nice going to the beach!! I can't wait for summer to arrive here unfortunately have to wait till December for it to arrive!!

Rob was so sweet to give his surf board to the fans I was like Aww thats so sweet & then Kris followed & did the same thing!!

Yeah I saw those pics of them too going to Bobby Long concert!! I wonder what happened to Kris T-Shirt at the back maybe they made out in the back of the car & Rob got carried away & made the h*** bigger lol!! But it was so nice of him to hold her hand & lead her to the car!! Its so nice to see them so open now about there relationship in public!!

Did you hear that Rob starts shooting Rover near the end of Jan to the end of March!! What a time for him to start shooting its going to be so hot then especially if they are shooting on the descert road or in the descert!!

Does TVD start over there in the fall? If thats the case then it won't show here till near the end of the year!!

Did you hear about the shooting that happened at the midnight premiere of Batman!! The guy looks like a physco!!

I was meaning to ask you what was Magic Mike like?

Thats a good idea about putting a book case in your living room so you can see it when you are in there!!

Are you going to be watching the Olympics?

All is good on my end nothing really exciting happening over here!!

Hope all is well with you & your family!!

Talk to you soon xoxo

At 4:14pm on July 17, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How are you doing?

How is your week going so far?

Glad to be back at home & work?

Thats good that you had a good holiday!! I bet that your brother & his family was happy to see you's minus the sister n law of course lol!!

Yeah I heard that they were making a sequel too which I think they shouldn't they should really leave it as it is you don't want to spoil what they have already done!!

Yeah I knew that Chris & Liam where brothers I already knew that when Liam & Miley did that movie together!! I think that Chris is better looking than Liam tho lol!!

Rob is promoting Cosmopolis next mth in LA & NY but have no idea when its coming out in the cinemas!!

He is also suppose to be filming Mission Blacklist in the fall so can't wait to see him in a uniform!!

I know I don't think that they should of changed Victoria as well they should of left Rachelle Lefevre play her right through!! I hate it when they change people half way through a series instead of keeping them on!!

What a date for them to bring out season 3 of TVD!!

Talk to you soon xoxo

At 7:49pm on July 12, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How are you?

How is the family?

How was your trip to Florida?

Took my boyz to see SWATH on Sunday it was really good!!

Kris was amazing in it all tho I don't think that she suited the fighting scene but apart from that she was really good!!

Chris played amazing as the huntsman they made a good choice with that one!!

Charlize was also amazing as playing the evil witch!!

The cinema that I went to had a poster up of Bel Ami it comes out here on the 26th July!!

So you don't get along with your sister n law lol!! Don't worry sis I know how you feel!!

Cause I've missed so much of TVD I was having a hard time keeping up with it especially with season finally!!

Have you seen all the pics & videos from Comic Con?

Rob looked HOT as always & his dame smile & laugh gets to me all the dame time!!

Kris was her normal self!! I loved the skirt that she wore but I didn't like the top tho!!

There seem to of been some tension between Robsten they weren't there normal selves around eachother!!

Talk to you soon xoxo

At 3:37am on July 4, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

Sorry for the late reply but I was sick all last week with the flu but am feeling better now!!

How are you?

How is your week going so far?

Yeah I saw the pics of Robsten at the wedding too!! So good to see them together!!

Well TVD has finished over here for the year I think!! I got to see the last episode on Friday all tho I was lost cause I hadn't seen it for a while but hopefully will be able to buy the DVD when it comes out here!!

Well my boyz have been on holiday for 5 days now & they are already driving me nuts lol & I've still got another h*** week left!!

Am planning on taking them to see SWATH either on Sunday or the following!!

You looking forward to Florida not long now till you's go!!

Talk to you soon xoxo


At 3:09pm on June 20, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

I'm doing good thanks nothing really new with me!! My family is doing good to thanks!!

Thats good that you & your family are doing good!!

Yeah I saw both trailers one teaser trailer yesterday & the full trailer today!! It was awesome!! I love vampbella she looks really good!! When I watched the teaser trailer yesterday I noticed how Nessie is bigger than what she is suppose to be in the book!! But apart from that loved it!!

No I'm not caught up on TVD which really sucks cause I love watching it & its the last episode this week I hoping to watch it if I can!! Once it comes out on DVD going to buy it so I know whats happening!!

Its actually our winter time here so its cold sometimes it bloody cold but so far its been ok just really wet from all the rain that we have had!! Our summer time starts in December!!

WoW you are going to Florida so lucky I bet it will be hot over there but I'm sure you will have a good time!!

Did you see the pics of Kris in Sydney promoting SWATH!! I loved the top that she wore to the premiere but the skirt I thought that it could of been shorter to show off her legs!!

Yeah I hope so to that they are spending as much time as they can together before they start getting really busy!!

Rob has got so much going on I think that hes got about 6 projects in the works so hes going to be one busy man!! I wonder how they are going to find time to spend together if hes going to be so busy but I'm sure that they will find a way!!

Um no I haven't seen SWATH yet will properly take my boyz to see it next weekend or the following weekend!!

Talk to you soon xoxoxo

At 12:46am on June 8, 2012, BBYGRL said…

Hi Kim

How are you?

Howz the family?

Got anything planned for the weekend?

I was hoping that they would of shown a clip of BD2 at the MTV but they didn't!! Hopefully they will show one at the TCA!!

I think that the reason why she always changers her shoes is because they always hurt her feet!! Well thats what she said in one of her interviews lol!!

I see that LA & NY get Cosmopolis in August so lucky!! Hopefully the rest of us will get it as well but I have a feeling that we won't only so many will!!

Man it took me a while to go through all the pics & videos of Rob promoting Cosmopolis there was so many of them!!

I bet he is happy to be back in LA!!

Hope you have a good weekend!!

Talk to you soon xoxo



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