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At 7:33am on January 18, 2011, Ash gave Apoorva Gupta a gift
from an Indian, to an Indian! tc
At 3:04pm on October 30, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Fantastic!!! I'm so glad it worked for you and that you loved it! What'd you think of Dean, isn't he hot?! What about the guy who played Robert? I thought he was good looking too and i had to laugh when he tried imitating the Edward voice...especially when he said,"Hi"lol
At 4:44pm on October 27, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Here you go i found a link to the Supernatural episode i told you about. Hope it works for you and hope you like it:) Tell me what you think and if the link worked for you.
At 6:07pm on October 24, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
It was the newest episode on Friday. It's a shame they don't play it in your country. It's an entertaining show not to mention Jensen is hot and Jared has a hot abtastic body. Yes i just made up my own word..abtastic.lol You can look for it online. They might have it somewhere. The episode was called "Live Free or Twihard" Hope you find it:)
At 7:08pm on October 23, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
How did you see it already? It's not Halloween yet?lol If it's leaked out let me know where you saw it! I saw Supernatural last night and they did a Twilight kind of spoof. The guy was good looking too. They were being so obvious about it too. Instead of Edward and Bella the character names were Robert and Kristen.lol It was about the vampires tricking these girls into thinking they were prince charming and they were using Twilight lines.lol
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At 8:29pm on October 15, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Oh i know. I watch that every time it's on too. I remember being hooked as a little girl. The older episodes are the best to me. I have the first 5 seasons on DVD and i watch them so much it's crazy. In fact, a lot of people had told me that my family reminds them of the Simpson with how crazy it can get, especially as my brother being Bart the troublemaker.lol I know it's not breaking news but maybe you hadn't heard. A friend of mine said that they were going to spoof Twilight on The Simpsons Halloween episode this year. I'm dying to see that one!
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Isn't the drawing of him adorable?lol
At 9:59pm on October 7, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Wow, smart girl! I'm glad to hear you're doing so well in school!
It's alright, i get that. Your brain is burnt out and now you just want to chill. I hope you have a good vacation!
Fantastic, i hope you enjoy your book.:)
I'm a tv fanatic so i too have a mile long list of shows i love to watch.lol Out of the ones you've listed. I love Glee! And I used to watch Ugly Betty until about 2 years ago, maybe...if i remember right. It switched times and it conflicted with another show i watched so i stopped watching it. So i'm about 2 seasons behind. I don't even know what time and day it's on anymore or even if i'd get what's going on after missing so many episodes. I also love the shows: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Dancing With the Stars, America's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, The Simpsons, my 2 soap operas...i could go on and on but i'm going to stop here.lol
At 9:52pm on October 7, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
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Thanks for the picture, it looked great. Here are 2 for you to enjoy!
At 11:10am on October 7, 2010, TANNI said…
hey...wat's up?????????
At 10:39pm on October 4, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Great:) How do you think you did on your exams? Going anywhere fun on your vacation?
Nothing really new with me. Just reading a fanfic that everyone has been raving about. I've read the first few chapters, it's good. I wish i could give you some exciting news but honestly there isn't any unless you consider the front yard of our house had an underage drinking party a few nights ago and the cops were called. Somebody ran from the cops and they tazerd that person, in which i know this sounds awful but when i heard about that i nearly laughed out loud! Other than that, pretty much the same usual dull things.
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At 9:36pm on September 29, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
LOL Hi yourself Apoorva.:) How are you doing? Anything new?
At 8:35am on September 29, 2010, TANNI said…
At 11:44pm on September 28, 2010, TANNI said…
im doing good...wbu????
At 7:16am on September 28, 2010, TANNI said…

At 11:16pm on September 11, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Yes i do:) It's a great show. So you aren't quite caught up with all the episodes then?
Yeah, i understand how that can be traumatic. Its just too bad bc dogs are great for the most part.
You're welcome for the pics:) I hope you'll like these too. So anything new with you?

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At 11:12pm on September 11, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Wow! That Breaking Dawn poster is amazing, thank you!:)
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At 4:45pm on September 7, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
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At 4:42pm on September 7, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
I've seen the first episode of the new show and i didn't like it so i don't watch it. I love the old show but not the new one.
Unfortunately, no. I have a Myspace but not a Facebook.
Oh, i c how that is. It traumatized you so i get why you're scared. Puppies are cute, i'm glad you aren't so scared of those. If you ever want to get a dog, i'm sure you'd go for a small breed.lol
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At 9:22pm on September 5, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Yes, i we do.lol I don't really like Fin though. I don't think much of his voice but other than that i think everyone is pretty talented. And Sue just cracks me up all the time!
I only like the old 90210.
LOL ofc, i love dogs. I love animals in general. I have 2 dogs. Do you have pet dogs?
At 9:19pm on September 5, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
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