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At 10:38am on July 1, 2011, Esme Cullen said…

Hi Allison, I am really bad about signing on here.  Well, I've been gone so long, the basketball player was history last time, so how many have there been now *smiles*  How is your knee doing, have you been able to play in any of the softball games?  I know Indiana is really getting hit hard this year, actually a lot of places are *frowns*  I do hope everything where you live is ok!!   How are the French Horn practices coming along?  Have you been to the beach yet?

My spring/summer has been going along fine *smiles*  Have tons of cats outside and 6 kittens that kept crawling into some sort of muffler casing to the car.  Their moms had stopped taking care of them (2 separate litters).  After getting them out of the car two days in a row, which was not easy, I brought them all in the house *sigh* they weren't being cared for anyway.  Three of them had to be formula feed, I lost one :'(  but the other 2 are doing great now.  The larger litter of 3 have been fine.  I've decided, against my better judgement to keep one.  She is beautiful and I am insane lol.

Think of you often, and hope you are having a blast *smiles*

At 8:53am on May 11, 2011, Esme Cullen said…

Hi Allison, see I am as bad as you are ~ sorry!!  I do have good intentions, oh well, can't believe several months have past *frowns*  Well,  how did it go with the basketball player? Did you keep your crush to yourself or are you two an item now *smiles*

Sounds like you had so many things to choose from, which is wonderful.  School should be coming to a close shortly, right?!  Can't believe another year has come and gone.  I know you will be involved with softball, but any other plans for the summer?

At 9:29am on April 8, 2011, Esme Cullen said…

Well, at least we try LOL.  I've just done it again, promised myself I would come back in a few days and a month has almost gone by *sighs*  I'm going to go to your page and look at your updated pictures.  Aww, "Happy Forever Alone Day" well, at least you had your friends, and your young so there is no hurry.  And, it's always "who needs men" lol.  I've been married forever and it takes work, which sometimes I don't feel like dealing with, as right now it's "work".  LOL, I'm sure your mom is encouraging it.  I tried that with my daughter and it didn't work, but now that she is older she says she is fine not being in a relationship, life is funny (just sometimes not in the haha way).

Did you make it into Cheerleading?  I know there is so much to do with school and your games.  Can't believe Spring is here, even though it's cold outside right now.  Being a sitemodel is nice, that way you don't have to do it all the time.

At 7:44pm on March 17, 2011, Esme Cullen said…

Hi Allison ~ I believe you and I are on the same schedule; we are both gone from here for months at a time lol.  I just came back last week.  Keep saying I'm going to come more often, but then get busy.  Thanks for the Valentine's wishes, I had a great Valentines day.  How about you?  Did the new school have a dance also? if so, did you go?  How is school and all your sports going?  Are you still modeling?

At 9:25pm on December 25, 2010, Esme Cullen said…
A Doggie Gift comment
At 9:24pm on December 25, 2010, Esme Cullen said…

Hi Allison, don't apologize for not being on ~ this is my first time on since November!  This is really just a quick note to wish you a (late) Merry Christmas.  I hope you and your family had a absolutely wonderful day.  Hope the weather out there isn't too bad.  We are going to get a storm tomorrow!  I'll be back on this week and talk with you about school !!


Merry Christmas!!

At 4:02pm on November 25, 2010, Esme Cullen said…
At 9:12pm on September 18, 2010, Esme Cullen said…
Hi Allison, so sorry, it's going to be another Sunday night by the time you get this *frowns* I'm not on here as much as I used to be, I do try but the days just seem to get passed me before I know it and another week is gone!! I am so glad to hear that sixth grade is everything you wanted!! You were so nervous last year *smiles* and I understand why. Well, your locker just has no taste at all LOL. I'm sure you get that five minutes worked out, but I'm on your side with this, I don't think schools give you students enough time between classes to go to your locker and get to class!!
Sounds like you are involved in a lot of different activities, which is so wonderful !!! I hope your soccer team wins all their games!! And, of course, you get all the words spelled correctly. Spelling was never one of my strong subjects, which is another reason I just absolutely LOVE computers and spell check LOL.
At 8:10pm on September 14, 2010, Stephella Volturi & friends-muff said…
Stephella: hey how are you?
At 8:26pm on September 6, 2010, Esme Cullen said…
Hi Allison, it was very good to hear from you!! Do not apologize *smiles* You should be busy with a lot of other things!! I'm not on Twifans as much as I used to be. I try to come on at least once a week, but sometimes I don't make it. I just can't believe that summer is over already and school has started!! How do you like sixth grade? I know you were a little nervous last spring. Do you change classes for each subject now?
You do have a lot of things that you are involved in!! That's wonderful *smiles* A lot of running with both soccer and track *smiles* Good Luck with both!! And, I hope you do really well with modeling, that is something that would be great to get into!!
Did you have a great summer vacation? It was very hot here and I feel like I spent most of it inside. But, that's ok, I still like summer over winter, at least I don't need a coat when I go outside *smiles*
Write when you get a chance and don't worry about the time in between!!!
At 8:10pm on June 22, 2010, Esme Cullen said…
Hi Allison ~ how are you? I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation!! I sure wish I could have the summer off too lol That would be wonderful *smiles* Summer is my favorite time of year !! It has been very hot and humid here and everything is turning brown as we are not getting much rain. So, sounds like your area is like ours, this winter too much snow and now not enough rain, oh well...
Starting to see some of the outside kittens and they are sooo cute. I get attached just from one look LOL.
One reason I have not been on lately was I was taking care of a kitten (and sorry this story does not have a happy ending) I think this little girl's mom didn't make it back from where ever she had gone. I thought the kitten belonged to another mother, but the next day I realized she didn't *frown* I took her into the house and did my best for several days of bottle feeding. Actually she would not use a bottle, had to feed with her with an eye dropper, which isn't good. But, I did my best. I get attached instantly, so needless to say I was devastated. Last year I did have a happy ending and a little guy that his mom would not take care of is living in his new home *smiles*
I love fireflies ~ we call them lighting bugs here *smiles* They are just starting to come out. By now you have probably had 15 sleepovers ~ just kidding - or maybe not lol. I do hope you are really enjoying yourself!!
How is your league doing?
At 10:47am on June 8, 2010, TwilightTrinity AKA Shaun said…
Hello Allison.My name is Shaun.I just wanted to personally wlcome you to Twilighters4Christ.Feel free to leave any comments you like.And check out the discussion blogs.I would love to hear your comments on those too.God bless:-)
At 8:18pm on June 7, 2010, Esme Cullen said…
Here's the deal *smiles* you don't worry about it at all ~ I'm a great worrier, everyone always tells me that. They say if I don't have something to worry about, I'll find something. So, I'm going to do all the worrying for you on this. You get it out of your mind, it's now my job *smiles* ~ seriously!!!
We went to a streetrod show over the weekend and it was so hot and humid until Sunday. Storms came through Saturday night and dropped the temps 20 degrees and it was so nice after that. So, now, it's cold lol. Went from 90s to 60s ~ guess I'm not never happy *smiles*
The first kittens have been sighted *sigh* one is black and white and the other is white with simese markings!
I like when games are played for fun! When you play for competition some people, and sometimes it more the parents, just get too upset! I mean it's only a game *smiles*
So you are out of school for the summer ~ that's great!! But, I do understand being sad (and also excited)! You will have a great time when you go to middle school. But I know it's hard leaving friends and, even teachers. I hope you have a great summer!!
So far my summer had been good. Wish I had it off lol, so you enjoy that part for me *smiles*
At 6:09pm on June 1, 2010, Esme Cullen said…
Hi Allison, I'm so glad that you are feeling better!! I was worried *smiles* I certainly can understand your confusion since it hasn't been explained exactly what was causing the problem. But, maybe they feel it's better this way for now. And, one medicine is not so bad. I'm sure that later you'll understand why you have to do this. *whispers* Carlisle wouldn't explain it too me either, so I don't know anything otherwise I would tell you *wink*
I think everyone's computer was having problems with Twifans, or I should say Twifans was the problem *smiles* I just gave up trying to sign in. Once when I did get in, later I found out the message I wrote got lost somewhere in cyberspace!! I'm just glad it's working now *smiles*
It's really hot here too, but I really prefer this type of weather to the snow and cold!! And, you are right, it is perfect baseball weather *smiles* Wouldn't be happy with tornados!! Do you get them often? We get threats every now and then, but it really isn't a common thing for this area.
Oh, Felix must be sooo adorable. I love baby animals. If they would all stay as babies, I would have hundreds of them lol. Guess it's a good thing they grow up *smiles*
I used to play softball (that was a million years ago *laughing*) and it was the sport that I really liked!! How are your games going? How about track? Wow, school is almost over now (or is it already). Middle school, that is so exciting, you are going to have a blast!!
At 8:20pm on May 22, 2010, Bella Cullen said…
hey are u doing?
i havent been on in awhile..
ive been busy wit work and everything.
At 9:28pm on May 8, 2010, Esme Cullen said…
Hi Allison, so sorry I haven't been on lately. Came back from vacation, got sick and it just took it out of me. Feeling alot better now. First time I've been on in a long while. I'm so sorry to see that you had been in the hospital!! Really made me feel bad that I didn't at least come and look at my page *frown* I'm glad to hear that your test came back ok, but are you ok? If they had to run those kind of test, did they find out what was making you feel sick? I hope they did and that everything is ok now!!
Our weather went from being too hot (for this time of year) to being cool again. Today the wind is horrible ~ it has blown a tree down in our front yard, but it's too windy to do anything about it. I'm sure there will be other damage before the night is over!!
I'm sure Felix is really getting big now, I've lost count of how old he is *smiles* All the cats outside have had their kittens (can tell by their bellys - haven't seen the kittens yet) When I do I'll want to pick them all up LOL
At 7:06pm on April 26, 2010, Esme Cullen said…
Hi Allison, sorry I haven't been on. When I came home from FL I got sick - sinus infection *frown* I had a wonderful time in FL. I love hot weather *smiles* Sounds like you were having alot of it too!! Actually, it sounds like your weather was warmer LOL. Had a great time visiting with the family and also got to visit with a friend I haven't seen for several years.
Never worry about neglecting the computer when you can be outdoors having fun. Actually, I neglect the computer sometimes just to read (not the case lately!!) Wow, sounds like Felix is really growing and sooo cute. Pretty soon you are going to be chasing him all over the place LOL.
At 5:25pm on April 10, 2010, Esme Cullen said…
I'm with you, I hope we don't get sick *smiles* The weather has been great. It was in the 70s most of the week, Easter was great also. Very quite for us but we had a great time. We had some really nasty lightening couple days ago. So, do you like playing baseball/softball in the storms like the Cullens, or do you like the storms because it cancels the games *smiles*?
Felix is a cute name! Two weeks already. I'm glad you had a fun spring break, it went fast too!! Just think, school will be over soon for this year *smiles*
I'm visiting my family in FL this week *hugh smile* it's so great to see them, plus I know their weather will stay in the 80s all week lol
At 1:43pm on April 7, 2010, Alyss Mainwaring said…
finally finished your new stories <3 WILL <3
At 7:23pm on April 2, 2010, Esme Cullen said…



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