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At 5:28pm on January 27, 2010, Kailey lema said… can you Plz check out my website?I just started it! It would mean a lot if you looked at it and signed up! Thanks
At 9:01am on July 19, 2009, STUPID LAMB :) ! said…
i like ur page !!!
At 8:19am on January 31, 2009, NightLight <3 *twilight* said…
ame here lol
rly-twilight was the first book i read voluntarily lol
now i cant stop reading
im actually re-reading new moon right now =)
At 12:53pm on January 21, 2009, NightLight <3 *twilight* said…
lol im gona have to read that then- when my english class is over~ nd i also want to commit myself to read the entire harry potter series
At 7:34pm on January 14, 2009, NightLight <3 *twilight* said…
I've never heard of it- what's it about and is it good?
At 5:02pm on January 13, 2009, NightLight <3 *twilight* said…
yea- that's exactly how it is
At 4:38pm on January 12, 2009, Joanne said…
Cool stuff! Mine was ok, thanks. I cooked dinner, then spent time trying to gather friends for my 100 Monkeys UK Fan Page. Just finished watching Unbreakable, and I'm now off to bed. I shall speak to you tomorrow maybe! :) Night!

At 4:12pm on January 12, 2009, Joanne said…
Ah righty. Maybe I'll have a look then :)
So how was your day?

At 8:02am on January 12, 2009, WolfieCullen said…
Tah for the add ^^
At 7:12am on January 12, 2009, Joanne said…
No, I haven't joined the bookclub. I could be wrong, but it looks like it's about reading Stephenie Meyer's books and then discussing them. I'd rather read new books. I guess I'll have another look to make sure.. but I don't know.

At 6:00pm on January 11, 2009, NightLight <3 *twilight* said…
yea-u'l notice that the story takes big jumps @ a time-it's crazy=)
At 4:43pm on January 11, 2009, Joanne said…
They are! Sucks. I would so love to hear them play live, well as live is as possible. God I love that guy, and that band! :)

At 4:35pm on January 11, 2009, NightLight <3 *twilight* said…
So- how do you like The Host so far?
At 4:05pm on January 11, 2009, Joanne said…
He might be on for band night some time in the future. Which sucks for me because when that's on, it's 2am over here :( But, as the Vamp Radio have old shows listen on their page that can be listened to, I might be able to catch it afterwards - which means you could probably catch the interview in a day or two :) Actually, I've just checked, and you can listen now. Click here and play or download the featured episode. You can't miss it, it says Jackson Rathbone in blue :)

At 3:51pm on January 11, 2009, Joanne said…
Ahh, that's cool! :) The interview was amazing! The guy's voice, my word. Seriously, I think something is wrong with me. I'm 21 years old, I haven't been a "fan girl" in years, but he just brings it out of me! He's so sweet, and just lovely. Very passionate about what he does, his acting, his band, even his photography. He's very down to earth too, very grounded. Someone asked a question about how he's coping with the fame since Twilight, and he said something along the lines of it not really effecting him, because "I'm still my older sister's little brother, and my younger sister's big brother, and my Mom and Dad's son". Oh, he's just awesome. I swear, I could listen to him talk all day, but not just because of his voice, but because he seems... so normal but in such an interesting way. Like you could have a proper conversation with him about... stuff! Big love for that dude! :D

At 3:39pm on January 11, 2009, Joanne said…
Aww, sucks! I'm not up to much tomorrow. I'm still on my Christmas holiday, so I don't have an awful lot to do. I'm going to pick up a parcel that didn't get delivered, and I'll probably go visit my Nan. Should be an ok day :)

At 3:26pm on January 11, 2009, Joanne said…
The Grudge is pretty iffy, in my opinion. I'm better at watching horrors where the "baddie" is a human rather than a monster thingy, lol!
So you up to much tomorrow?

At 1:01pm on January 11, 2009, NightLight <3 *twilight* said…
Yea- it's really good lol
I just joined the Twilight Book Club- thanks for the invite =)
At 12:40pm on January 11, 2009, Joanne said…
Awesome! I'm not great with scary movies. I don't mind watching them at home, as long as the lights are on, I'm watching it with Mum and Dad, and I have a cushion to hide my face, lol. I can't really hack them at the cinema; I went to see The Grudge at the cinema when it came out, and I left within five minutes, haha! I want to go see Dread at the cinema though. Several hours of blown up Jackson Rathbone! (Y)

At 6:47pm on January 10, 2009, NightLight <3 *twilight* said…
First I thought all my friends were crazy-because they were so long-Then I HAD to pick a book to read for school so when my friend suggested twilight I bought it
I was hooked from the Preface! and was obsessed/addicted from then on lol
SM is such a talented writter! I read The Host over winter break and it was Amazing! not as good as Twilight of course but Very Very Good! =)



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