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At 10:29am on December 2, 2012, Drink Me.♥ said…

Micah: -looks down at her once she fell asleep, smiles and stops the movie, picks her up and his arms and carries her to the guest bedroom, lays her down and lays the blanket over her body, smiles and starts to walk out of the room-


Skylar: -rolls her eyes and leans back, laying her head back with her eyes closed and sighs, feeling very overwhelmed with his whole situation-

At 2:59pm on November 9, 2012, Drink Me.♥ said…

Micah: -comes back into the living room with the bowl full of popcorn, sits down next to her and smiles a little once she got closer to him, presses play and watches the movie begin, eating some popcorn with her-


Skylar: -feels his arm wrap around her and jumps slightly at the gesture, then remembered, sighs and put on a fake smile that turned into a wince once she saw the flash of lights and people rushing over to them, walks over to the car and gets inside, glares at him- Of course I did...-tries to hide her face-

At 4:03pm on November 7, 2012, Serendipity♥ said…

Okay and they are not dating yet


Carla: *She looks at the sales lady then looks up at Tyler, smiling and blushing lightly at the kiss. She follows the lady to the dresses and watches as she pulls some out and gestures to one* I really like that one..


Austin: *He frowns a little and pulls you into a hug* I'm sorry. But hey, all the important people know your not like that and that's what matters, right? *He smiles, playing with your fingers*

At 5:38pm on November 5, 2012, Drink Me.♥ said…

Micah: -smiles at her blush and chuckles, sits down next to her and watches the previews with her, presses play once the menu comes onto the tv, then goes back into the kitchen to grab the popcorn-


Skylar: -holds onto the jacket tightly against my shoulders and nods her head- Yeah...I guess. -sighs a little then walks out the of the elevator once the doors open, couldnt help but notice that he looks kinda cute at the moment without his jacket-

At 11:50am on November 4, 2012, Drink Me.♥ said…

Micah: -smiles as she walks into the living room, grabs a bag of popcorn and cooks it, walks to where she is and chuckles at her confusion, walks over to the t.v. and points to the side where the player is- Dont worry. I couldnt find it either when I first got this. -chuckles-


Skylar: -glances up at him once he speaks and nods her head once- Yeah. Now I just have to remember not to rub my face or something. -giggles for a moment then becomes quiet, rubbing her arm feeling coolness overwhelm her body, shivering slightly since it's a little cold in the elevator-

At 11:38am on November 4, 2012, Drink Me.♥ said…

Micah: -grins down at her and nods his head- Of course we can. There are shelves full of movies near the t.v. You can go take a look and pick a movie you want to see. -smiles- Want any food like popcorn or something to drink?


Skylar: -feels like 10 pounds of makeup is on her face and sighs, slides a hand through her now curled hair, lifts her head up to look at him and stands up, noticing that his smile doesnt meet his eyes which doesnt surprise her, places her hand in his and nods her head- Yeah. I just want to get this done and over with. -glances away from him-

At 11:14am on November 4, 2012, Drink Me.♥ said…

Micah: -puts the phone down as a thumb came from the hallway, looks down at her and smiles, tightens his hold on her hand- Its okay. Its just my next door neighbor trying to move into his apartment. You're safe here. -smiles reassuringly-


Skylar: -rolls her eyes slightly then licks her lips, sighs in frustration as she takes the outfit and runs to the bathroom, slowly takes off her clothes and steps into the shower turning it on, runs her hands through her hair, washing and rinsing, then wraps a towel around her naked and wet body, bites her lip, and changes into the outfit, noticing it hits all the right curves on her body, sighs and walks out the bathroom, still noticing him still working, walks over and sits down on the bed, waiting-

At 2:23pm on September 9, 2012, ɪʀʀᴇᴩᴌᴀᴄᴇᴀᴃᴌᴇ ● said…

Michael: So you want me to entertain you some more ? -holds her waist and chuckles curriously raising his brow playfully at her leaning his face some planting a soft kiss on her neck-

At 6:51pm on September 8, 2012, Serendipity♥ said…

Carla: *She smiles, going inside with you. She looks around the store then looks at the sales lady. She blushes softly, feeling your arm around her waist*


Austin: *He smiles softly and looks at her curiously* Why would they be scared of a beautiful girl like you?

At 12:47pm on September 8, 2012, Sweet Nothing♥ said…

Nick:-decides what I want and looks up at you smiling- Really? Well I like ice cream too a lot. -smiles then tells them what I want- I want an ice cream sundae with extra hot fudge,whipped cream,and sprinkles. -looks at you-


Cherry: -finishes my make up and hair smiling to myself,goes and puts my shoes on before grabbing my purse and phone,walks out and starts heading towards your house-

At 8:30am on September 8, 2012, Drink Me.♥ said…

Micah: -smiles at her blush and nods his head- I can order some. -picks up his phone and orders the pizza, still holding her hand-


Skylar: -looks up at him with a glare- I dont want your money Brody. Plus I dont want to be in this position with you. You are such a jerk! How can you do this to an innocent girl? Did you just want to get married to a poor girl just to get back at your father?

At 2:50am on September 4, 2012, ɪʀʀᴇᴩᴌᴀᴄᴇᴀᴃᴌᴇ ● said…

Michael: -laughs softly and can't help but say yes and holds her around her slim waist tightly walking to dance floor and chews on his bottom lip-

At 5:21pm on September 1, 2012, Sweet Nothing♥ said…

Nick: -smiles walking in behind you grabbing a menu aswell,looks over at you smiling softly- Your too cute. -looks down at the menu trying to decide what to get-


Cherry: -smiles reading the reply and types back -Umm yeah I love parties,see you in a bit.- sends it and gets up making my way to my closet,finds something to wear and puts it on then starts fixing my hair and make up-

At 2:58pm on August 28, 2012, Serendipity♥ said…

Carla: *She smiles at him, nodding* Cool. *She looks at him and pretends to be offended* You mean you don't like my clothes? *She laughs softly, shaking her head* No, that sounds fun.


Austin: *He sighs a little, nodding* Okay, I'll wear a helmet. *He thought for a minute* But on one condition... I get to take you out for dinner afterwards... *He looks at her, standing up*

At 3:19am on August 28, 2012, Drink Me.♥ said…

Micah: -smiles and nods his head- What would you like to eat? -takes her hand gently in his leads he over into the kitchen-


Skylar: Im meeting your..Father? -looks at him with widen eyes- And since when was I your fiance? I didnt even agree to be your girlfriend. Plus I barley even know you.

At 7:58pm on August 27, 2012, Sweet Nothing♥ said…

Nick:Yeah. -looks at you smiling a bit- That's cool and I don't get why you're not famous yet,you're absolutely beautiful.


Cherry: -sees that I have a message from you and reads it smiling to myself,replies back: It's cool and I'm glad you sent me one.-

At 5:27pm on August 26, 2012, Drink Me.♥ said…

Micah: -walks over to her and sighs, places a light hand on her shoulder- You dont have to leave yet. -smiles- I want you to sleep here for the night. Plus you must be exhausted after what...Happened tonight.


Skylar: -holds his hand in hers and lets him drag her up into the building, tries to hide her face a little when the paparazzi, looks over at him once he takes his phone at then starts to play with her fingers-  

At 2:07pm on August 26, 2012, ɪʀʀᴇᴩᴌᴀᴄᴇᴀᴃᴌᴇ ● said…

MIchael: -chuckles then raises his brow curriously at her grining softly after leaning on bar and raising his arm for bartender then looks at her again- Hey to you,too.

At 5:37pm on August 22, 2012, Serendipity♥ said…
Carla: *She smiles softly* Darn. *she walks beside him, looking around as they go. She thinks for a moment and looks over at him* Um.. I don't think so.. Why?

Austin: *He looks up at her, chuckling softly and shrugging a bit* Yeah, I know. But I don't like wearing that stuff. 8He stands up and looks at her* That was the first time I've fallen in a while..
At 2:20pm on August 22, 2012, ɪʀʀᴇᴩᴌᴀᴄᴇᴀᴃᴌᴇ ● said…

Michael: -walks inside and all the way trough crowd inhaling scent of alcohol in air and smiles some making his way to bar-



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