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At 3:01pm on December 05, 2010, Minn~ gave Daidalos Falvius a gift
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At 9:09pm on November 20, 2009, Daidalos Falvius said…
All artwork displayed above is available for free. If interested in recieving a full size copy simply sitemail me here.

Eternally yours,

Daidalos Falvius Agrippos Nosphoros
At 9:07pm on November 20, 2009, Daidalos Falvius added a gift to their profile…
Your time is over.
At 8:59am on September 28, 2009, Daidalos Falvius said…
The line of Nosphoros part three.

Sorry I have been gone for so long this time my friends. But I wanted to make a post and let you all know that yes I am still in existence, and still trying to stir up my little rebellliion. Hehehehe. There have been many things going on for me here in my city. Halloween is always a busy time here, every vampire under the sun for some reason suddenly thinks that it's open season in my city. Plus I have also had the death of very dear, close, and trusted yes I daresay even loved human to deal with. Then I had to attend to making sure that their human family is taken care of for as long as they shall live as a human being. But I am back now. So where was I. Oh I know, why I call it my City.

The answer to that question is simple really. I am the only one of my kind here. And by far the most powerful Vampire here as well. Those of the Nosphoros line such as myself, have rules. Rules we enforce upon ourselves, and upon others in our cities, for our own safety as well as theirs.

For example, because we are not nomadic, but very much like the Cullens in that we reside in one place for vast stretchs of time. Once one of our clan becomes settled into a city, we do not allow others to hunt within the limits of the city if we can at all prevent it. To not do so may bring attention we do not want from the humans upon us. And, it might also catch the attention of the Volturi whom the clan leadership hates beyond passion and I think, all reason (but I digress).

Yes, like all clans, or covens, we Nosophoros have a leadership heirarchy. There are so many of us we must, again to survive the Volturi among other things. Another rule we have, again one which I disagree with entirely, is that we must always exist, in secret. We are not supposed to reveal our existence within a city, because again if we do the Volturi or worse, might come looking for us. This is a rule I particularly disagree with. As I personally feel and have come to the conclusion that there is much the clan could do to help the rest of the vampire world to throw off the oppression of the Volturi. I also believe that we as citizens of the Vampire world have a duty to offer our aid to do so as well. After all as I have told the elders time and time again. One Vampire such as myself, would go along way in any fight against the Volturi. Not to mention the elders themselves. But still they insist it's too dangerous, or the time to strike the Volturi is not right yet, it's too soon, it's too fast, it's not in accordance with their great plan, ad hominum. This is in part why I have posted so much of my own story here. As I indicated previously, it's in rebellion of sorts to that very rule. Well I have some things to attend to here, so I'll be going for now. I'll post again soon. I hope all is well with all of you.


Daidalos Falvius
At 8:59pm on August 18, 2009, Daidalos Falvius said…
"The Change" Part Deux,

After Falvius had explained to me what I'd become, and given me my own father to be my first victim, the first of many which would follow for over a thousand years. He began to tell me other things. He told me how, both he, and his maker, and his makers. maker before that, and her, and her maker had all been of the same line. The Nosophoros, meaning "Disease bearing" line. So in honor of that, history, I took as my own surname the first name of my Maker. Falvius. As he did with his maker and so on back through time.

We are not sure why the venom of one, single vampire many millenia back, when humankind was only just begining to establish it's civilization, had a point mutation happen, but it did. And with both disastrous and quite beneficial results.

Many millenia ago, a vampire was created, in the usual way I suspect. Despite the legends which say this particular vampire was created by Cain himself.

But this vampire was created, and he had venom, and like all Vampire venom, which burns, and incapicitates our victims for us.

This vampire's venom also had some other, interesting side effects. Firstly, it damages the physical body of the bitten victim. Causing horrible deformations of all kinds. Giving those changed with this venom horrible and grotesque visages. Infact often times leaving many so deformed they can not exist on their own.

But, the venom also had another side effect, it expands the mind the mind of those who survive the change.

Much much much more so, and in ways different than that of normal vampire venom.

It opens doorways in the mind for us, doorways into the very physics of existence.

For example, as I walk the streets of my city, (I shall explain why I always state "My city" in the future as I continue with my narrative but I digress.) Anyway, at night as I walk the streets of my city, I see the lines, the psychic lines that connect all living things.

The venom also imbues us, or well I should say some such as myself at least, with the ability to control what others percieve. It is a power not unlike that of Zafrina in the Twilight books. But there is a difference. Whereas Zafrina could only project this ability to a limited degree, I and others of my kind have no such limitation. We can make an entire crowd in a park think we are nothing but statues standing in the park, as we drink from the person next to them, or we can make one individual think and see us as the most handsom man,or beautiful woman they've ever seen.

Another interesting fact about our kind, is that as we age, we become more powerful. Unlike the volturi for example, who are pale, shadowy, individually weak beings. As we grow older, we get stronger, both physically, as well as mentally.

And so thats that. I am done rebelling for tonight. For you see, the line, the clan, has rules against what I am telling all of you in this rather public fashion.

So I shall return and post more in the days and weeks to come. Unless the others get too mad at me, and come for me.

Kind regards,

At 4:52pm on August 18, 2009, Scarlett Rombardi said…
I'm so sorry.
At 4:52pm on August 18, 2009, Scarlett Rombardi said…
You cannot honestly say that you feel nothing towards him at present.What he did was horrible.I'm sure you agree with me.It sickens me what he did.I am so sorry.
Always and Forever,
At 4:07pm on August 18, 2009, Daidalos Falvius said…
I dealt with those "feelings' long ago....no pain caused.
At 8:17am on August 14, 2009, Daidalos Falvius said…

I am actually much older. This site limited my to that however.

My human birth occurred in the year 798 B.C. I was the eldest son of three. My mother was a wonderful woman with long dark, somewhat curly hair, and vividly green eyes, who when not taking care of our home. Would spend her time weaving and dying wool to be sold in our village market. My father was a hard working carpenter in our village who among other things loved to carve little toy statues of various animals for us as toys when we were kids. Of course back then, the family you were born into, determined pretty much the life you would lead or have. So it was always intended, that I would like my father someday upon taking over as patriarch of the family, take over the I guess you could call it "family business" and be a carpenter as well. When I was twenty seven years old, my father left as he often did, to go on a trip to acquire some new hardwood stock. While he was gone a stranger came to our village one night. This man, who would later as it turned out be my maker, came to our door, asking if we might have someplace where he could rest for awhile as he journeyed north toward gall. Being the generous woman my mother was, she said of course we would give a road weary traveler sanctuary for the night and asked him to come in.

That was the last time I saw her or my two brothers alive. As soon as the door had shut, Falvius took his hood down revealing what he truly was to us. And moving faster than my human eyes could see, he knocked me across the room, slamming the back of my head against the stone wall, knocking me out. As I passed out I vaguely remember hearing screaming.

The next memory I have is of waking up to the most excruciating pain I'd up to that point ever felt. Falvius had just bit me. And then as he held me down with his inhuman strength did so again, and still yet again.

At the time I did not know why, but I could feel the most excruciating pain coursing through me, as if I had been bitten by a venomous snake, or stung by a jellyfish.

It burned so badly, like my entire insides were on fire. Then blessedly I lost consciousness again, feeling myself drifting away, as if I, which I thought at the time was the case, were dying.

Sometime later, I am still to this day unsure how long it was. I awoke. To find myself, and Falvius in a strange, dimly lit, dank room I did not recognize. A room that smelled of death, decay, sewage, mold, and as I would later learn yes disease.

Falvius then told me, what he was, what I had become, and how I'd become what I was. He also told me in a rather matter of fact voice, which I for some reason could not resist, or deny, that should I try to retaliate against him for what he had done. He could and would kill me in an instant. (I would later learn this was simply a mind trick all Nosferatu possess the ability to do if taught how to do so). I at first did not believe him, and begged him to please let me go, promising him I would not seek revenge or tell the others in the village what he had done to my family. But then I suddenly became aware of a kind of thirst. Only it wasn't like any thirst I'd ever experienced before. This thirst was as if I had been in a desert with no water for twenty days, amplified by a thousand.

My mouth, lips, tongue, throat all demanded, no screamed for the fire in them to be quenched.

So I asked Falvius if I could have something to drink, to which he replied with a kind of humored like sneer "soon enough, soon enough".

And then he poured something into a cup, which I thought was wine in the dim light and handed it to me. I of course immediately took a huge drink, and discovered that what I thought was wine was really blood, which repulsed, disgusted, and sickened me, yet at the same time quenched the god awful thirst somewhat, but also tasted what the ambrosia of the gods tastes like. It was at that point, I realized to my horror that Falvius hadn't been lying, when he told me what he was. He wasn't lying when he'd told me what I had become. And then he did the worst part of it yet. He went outside, and returned with human, who was already bleeding from a rather large gash on the side of their head. Falvius throwing the human at my feet told me, that from now on if I didn't want to feel the thirst, I had to drink.

Saying there not a better time to start learning than now. So even though I was repulsed, and disgusted at myself for doing so, I did the unthinkable. I sprang upon the poor human body laying at my feet, and began to drink, and drink, and drink untill there was nothing left to drink. Finally Falvius came over threw me off the dead human, who'd been laying face down the entire time I'd drank from them. And rolled the body over. It was my human father. He'd returned the day after Falvius had arrived, while I was in the midst of my change and Falvius had held him, kept him alive, so my own father would be my first victim. My maker was a horrible evil, mean and cruel creature Jordan. So you now you know somewhat about my making, and why I have said in the past, when I tell the others of our kind certain things, it is for me, actually a direct act of rebellion. I am thirsty now, so I am going to stop here and go hunt. I'll continue with more of my long long story if you wish when I return.

Your friend,




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