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At 8:29pm on August 3, 2011, Alexxandra ´´) said…
dont worry collage=time consuming! hahahhahaha OMG! yeeeees! its craaaazy! now I CANT wait seriolusly! what about you? how are you been???
At 5:30pm on May 22, 2011, Bella Cullen said…
At 8:38am on March 10, 2011, sara brownies said…

well ... i'm DYING to see the wedding scene , specially bella's dress ! isle esme. and the birth scene !! also excited to see makenzie foy as renesmee ,but i don't know if they are going to show her in part 1 

it sucks that we'll have to wait for another year to see part 2 !! don't you think ??

everyone is saying that bill condon is really great with BD , so i hope so

what about you ? and what is your fav book ,and movie so far ??

At 8:06am on March 10, 2011, sara brownies said…

it's not that hard ,and i'm still a freshman

ur pic is really cute !! what's your name anyway ??

At 2:18pm on March 9, 2011, sara brownies said…

well yeah , it is nice , i think of it as my second home

i'm jordanian btw =)

i study dentistry in october 6 uni , what about u ?

At 6:59am on March 8, 2011, sara brownies said…

i really like egypt , egyptians are heros ;)

well ..... i live in the UAE and i study in egypt !!!


At 3:58pm on March 7, 2011, sara brownies said…

heyy =)

just read your comment on the comic con post , you're egyptian ??

At 2:03pm on April 5, 2010, Alexxandra ´´) said…
nop..my dady drive! lol
oooh thats sound funny!
is the ur family house far??? =D
At 7:43pm on April 4, 2010, Alexxandra ´´) said…
today...fine...i come back to visit ma grandma
and was pretty cool my little trip! =D
now tell me u!
At 8:33pm on March 31, 2010, Alexxandra ´´) said…
i loooove eclipse!!!
but i like twilight pretty much!!!
well all the saga is amazing!!! i have to said that new moon is kind of dark and sad
and i dont like that...just saying!!! lol
so...what about ur favorite character???
At 11:46am on March 29, 2010, Alexxandra ´´) said…
oooooh thats very ingenious!!!!! lol
the dvd n blue ray..is just in USA think!!!
cuz´here is not come yet! =(
mmmmmmmh didnt ask u whats ur favorite book of th saga...right?
At 11:30am on March 29, 2010, Alexxandra ´´) said…
hahahaha....ok...i just saying!
so...do u have the brand new dvd??????! =O
At 10:56am on March 29, 2010, Alexxandra ´´) said…
yep...good think"!
new moon is theatre yet???
At 10:48am on March 29, 2010, Alexxandra ´´) said…
ok...just try to look for them!
here??? im pretty pretty borring!!!!!!!!!
im =( in my house right now!!!! with nothing to do!
n u? =))
At 10:30am on March 29, 2010, Alexxandra ´´) said…
ok serve to the church is good!!!!!!!!!
im 16....
a good movie??? well i think: valentine`s day, and remember me!
the last one was specialy good!!! lol ;)
At 8:23am on March 28, 2010, Alexxandra ´´) said…
hahahahahahaha.....a kind a!!!!!!!
MY Holiday is for the easter....here in guatemala the
people is very catolic i think...
anyway i dont have plans for this "holiday"
what about u??? how old r u?
At 5:20pm on March 26, 2010, Alexxandra ´´) said…
ooooh thats great!!! well here in guatemala...kind of borring thouhgt...well next year im going to the collage...so i thing will be interesting (hope so) but in this moment im in a kind vations( just for a week) but any way is like every day with nothing to do!!!!
At 5:18pm on March 25, 2010, Alexxandra ´´) said…
hahahahahaha...now we are two!!!! lol =)))))
and how are the things there???
TTys.....love uuu!!!
At 5:43pm on March 24, 2010, Alexxandra ´´) said…
hahahahahahahaha.....yeaaaaaaa...i hope sooo!!!! lol lol lol
but for the book this movie will be mor intense a defenitily HOT!!!! lol=)
thats a good thing wiiiiiiiii!!!! TTYS
At 3:55pm on March 20, 2010, Alexxandra ´´) said…
u are totally right girl!!!!!!!
i dont want much of jacob any more!!!!!!! that was new moon!!!!!!!!
and do u like the new movie of kristen??? The runaways???
i think is cool!!!!
TTYS!!!! =))))))))))



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