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At 8:22am on March 09, 2011, Jo Anna gave Joesy a gift
Happy Wednesday, the week is almost over! Smiles Jo Anna
At 6:55am on February 28, 2011, New moongirl96 gave Joesy a gift
i like your page
At 4:10am on February 1, 2011, Ana Pattinson said…

hey hun, sorry i havent been here.

i'm fine and you ?

hope see you soon love <3

At 11:53am on January 29, 2011, Stewie . said…

Ok, here i write just BYE :D

I could keep for the eternity talking about choosing school, but i dont think it really mind to you ;)

Such a long time we dont chat! Everytime I see you in the chat of fb something happens and we cant chat ;(

But fortunately we have these amazing messages :D

Love you <3

Goodbye <33333

At 11:51am on January 29, 2011, Stewie . said…

Oh my god D: Im so sorry! Im answering you after so longg!

But anyway, Hii <3

Hahah ;) Thank you for saying my skin is pretty ^^ Honestly, i like it xD But sometimes I figure myself with pale skin or black skin, and i cant xD I really adore Swedish skiinn! you all have that white skin and blonde airs! I couldnt be a swedish xD

Yeah, we have a limit, we can start drinking when we're SIXTEEN xD I am not, alright, but i just drank with my family supervision, ok? xD I dont think things are funnier when you drink.. *I didnt drink so much in my life, alright? So i dont know so well the feeling xD* you feel so terribly odd! It is actually a very strange feeling! But you do things that you wouldnt do with that ease... For exemple you can dance there, maybe with everybody looking at you, but u dont care xD Thats the good thing ;) And you laugh a lot, that's alllways a good thing :D

Mmm.. For say "What the f***" we dont have a special words.. We say like: What the f*** did you do? or what the f*** did you say? So, they are: Che cazzo hai fatto? xD and Che cazzo hai detto? xDD But i didnt mean that, i wanted to know how to pronounce "å, ä and ö" and i FOUND THEM xD Well, i forgot ä and ö xD But i remember Å! It is like an O for Orange and and A for sAra xD Anyway, i understood xD It's a weird sound LOL

I read the swedish book and it is such an amazing book *w* I ATE it in 2 days, pretty hansome <3 The swedish name is "Fallet Vincent Franke" dunno if u have listened something about it, but i think you should read it u.u

Im soo stressed! I have to choose a high school in THESE days and im so confused! I dont know if to go in a Linguistic school – we study Italian, French, English, German and Latin and we dont have much math ;) – or the Classic school – it's better as preparation to university, but harder too. We study a lot of Italian, french, Latin and Ancien Grece and Maths - So confused..

At 1:16pm on January 17, 2011, Ashley'hun♥Tshep@ng said…

skojaru cheyen?? :O <33333333

hoppas du också har det bra själv har jag lite upp och ner. Ibland FUKKING awesome. ibland piss;-) humörsvängningar japp.

At 12:53pm on January 11, 2011, Stewie . said…
Keepsss herreee :D

So, now boy question xD I didnt do anything, he just didnt want me. . . but that's ok, he wasnt the right guy for me. He's 3 years older than mee xD Love is blind xDD
No always they're so older. But always one year more xD Dont ask me why D: Dunno! And some of my bro's friend are pretty, but the only he make coming at home are ugly -.-'' i think he does it on purpose .____.

Fallen angel? FALLEN? by lauren kate? Talks about Luce?? If is it i've got it ;) Got for christmass the secondo, Torment! A good books *__*

Bye Honey <3 love so much talk with uuuu!!! **

At 12:44pm on January 11, 2011, Stewie . said…
Hey hunnie ^^

So glad to hear you againnn <3

I saw the comments yesterday, but i was too tired to answer it ;)

Won't kill TF, dont wanna go to jail xD

Ohoho xD Dont worry, at last I understood that that was u xD I mean, i knew it when u tell me that we met on tf! But i saw the name and i suddendly thought of ya :D But i didnt write "You're Joesy!" 'cause that couldnt be u and i'd seem stupidd xD
Thank u ^^ I luv my page! But since school started I hadnt much time D: That makes me sad, i really wanna stay there! Today I stayed out till 4,30 pm and then i took a shower and i started doing my homework at 6 pm >___< I'm gonna copy some of them tomorrow xD

I have to tell you something D: I had a heart attack watching ur pics D:
You're too beautifullll <3 <3 Really u.u Well, im kidding about heart attack xD But NOT about u'r beauty ** love ur hair! When i find u in chat i have to give u my real profile LOL So u see me ;) Im totally different to u xD I havent blonde hair and my skin is darker LOL

Im gonna cook u some cake and send it on u ;)

OMG you make me feel a drunkard LOL Maybe italians drink more than others D: Almost all my friends and classmates drink something in special chance D= Bad thing, i know, but only sometimes it's so funnyy :D xD

Im searching the scene, that one with volturi and all that stuff! trying to catch that words xD
I dont find it, but a friend tell me that he says something like: Neither about your each other being
WAS THATT??? Tell me YES xD

I think TF messages arent the best was for teaching languages xD WHEN IM GOING TO FIND U ON THE FB CHAT, we're going to teach\learn xD
But now i'd be saying: Jar mår TIREDDD xD LOOOL
You're gonna teach me WHAT THE F*** are å ä and ö LOOL i dont really understand them and i dont even get how they sound xD

I think ur right about swedish writers xD Today i was indecisive about buying two swedish books and they both are thriller ;) I bought the one i told you ^^
At 8:57am on January 10, 2011, Ashley'hun♥Tshep@ng said…


:(((((((( <3 <3 < 3< 3

At 10:00am on January 09, 2011, Stewie . gave Joesy a gift
Oohh, u told me u wanted to hear something about my family! Mmm.. Im gonna tell u when I find u on the fb chat :D But, Yeah, i have a brother and often i'd like to kill him LOOL Love you
At 9:58am on January 9, 2011, Stewie . said…

So, here i go LOL

ahaha xD When she drew me it we were on english lesson xD I said: « Hey, draw me one of ur f****** porn drawings ! » I was kidding LOOL and she said:«  Ok! » laughing xD And she did! ahahahah xD I took it but i threw her immediately LOL I dont want that a teacher find that sketch on my school agenda or my mum find it in my pants xDD

yeah. I enjoyed it ahahahahahahahhaha xD Kiddingg LOL

I hate racist, they're a big s***. They should die! xD

Said, some italians have TOO much humour! They go too far with jokes ;) But u have a lot of fun with them :D

Nothing happened with me and that boy :D LOOL he said that i was too little .___. Why do i like guys older than meee?? ahahah cannot believe it! xD but thats ok :D Dont worry about it, i forgot him :D LOL

Noooo D: I hoped I wrote 3 messages xD i guess it's because of the pc, that erase me everything! yeah, f****** pc! LOOL

Oh, no, i have to write some b******* more LOL

What did u get for xchristamasss?? ^^ I had a lot of clother (all that i have bought on milan ;)) and bookkss :D And other stuff LOL I really dont remember them xD

Hope we talk on fb, now ;) Can't believe that we talked and u didnt tell me that you were! ahahah

Kisses honey ^^ Really liked talk with u again <3

Love ya


At 9:43am on January 9, 2011, Stewie . said…

Im gonna kill tf. AAAAAAAAAARRGGG!! I had writen a longest comment and i erase me it.

Now i wanna shout and destroy my computer! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-.-''

Ok, im trying to rewrite it, though im still angry xD

Hi hunnie! I missed u so much!

im gonna cry :( I wrote so much and now it all is erased! Aaaaawww >____/p>

Well, i passed a pretty christamss, i had told u everything and now im too angry with the computer for tell it again xD But im gonna tell u on fb.

I cannot believe we r friends on fb, now! We had to become it before! ^^ It is so fantastic!

Now i copy the message because i think i'd write a shorter comment if it erase me it! xD

How was ur new year's eve? I passed it at home with mum and bro, i really wanted to stay with them that day ^^ U can see on my fb page what I ate :D LOOL I had so much funny xD Maybe because i really love red wine and when i start drinking it i can't stop LOL So i was a bit drunk that day xD I danced the same song over and over xD so funny and stupid!!

Oh, honey LOL i really dont understand which word you want to know! Is it on eclipse? Maybe it isnt italian LOOOL

If u want to, i'll be ur italian teacher (and u my sweden teacher) xD I know some words in Sweden, Svala taugh me them! I can say hi (HEJ :D) how are you (Hur mår du?) :D Im amazing LOL and then Im good (Ja dar bra, i think i got some faults xD ) and im bad (Jar dar dålig) apoligize me if i wrote something bad, im trying to learning it but i cannot imagine how sound them! LOOL

I love the Bree book, too ^^

Oh, last day I see in the market xD a book, but im telling u this 'cause a swedish wrote it :D I think im gonna read it, 'cause it seems good, but violent too xD It is like: The weird case in Stockolm.. But im just doing the traslation to italian in english! I can imagine how is the real title! LOL

xD Write too much! LOOL

At 3:00pm on January 6, 2011, Ashley'hun♥Tshep@ng said…

SMJRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA,

ja jag var uppe i sthlm och så, polare all the time, sjukt mys, ändå skönt att komma tbx nu till skolan :) själv? :DDD<3333

At 1:17pm on December 22, 2010, Stewie . said…

ahahahah can't believe ittt! i wrote a romance LOL

so funny xD

Oook, where were we? LOL

I dont really know what Aro says because when i watch NM it is in italian,so i dont know.. I dont remember if i have seen it in english.. i dont watch them so often, i like better read them ;) but i guess it was "la tua cantante", doesnt it?

If im in the right way it means "your singer", 'cause, you know, Bella's blood "sings" for Edward ;D

Oh my good i feel so powerful LOL So stupid xD I am like *she asked me it 'cause she doesnt know it but i DO * ahahahahha

Ok. I'm getting mad LOL

Byeee honnneeyy! I hope to get a new message before kristen, but if I don't, MERRY CHRISTMASSSS <3 I hope you get amused and you'll like all you presents and you enjoy this family moments. Family is the most important thing in our life, dont forget it! I took much time for understand that my mum is the most important person in my life and that she wont leave me, never. It is a great thing, i hope you have a beautiful relation with your family ;)

Unfortunately I haven't it with my dad... no matter xD

* I really enjoyed these comments xD *

Really like talk with you ;) in some lines i can tell you so many stuffs ;)

Love you! Enjoy your family, remember <3

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year too <3

At 1:08pm on December 22, 2010, Stewie . said…

Hiiii **

It's so funny that our comments are the longest LOL

Anyywayy ;D Yeah, it was great.. I mean I took Twilight, finished it, took NM, finished it, took eclipse, finished it, took BD and finished ;) all in a week xD Pretty cool ;) But i had to wait for the short second life of bree tanner (did u read it? ;) It's awesome )

LOL I'm so stupid xD But they smelled sooo good *________________*

My dirty mind *o* Well.. I am always like this xD Today a friend drew me a porn drawing o.O LOL Let's stop, again xD

Why do I hate this place? Well, living here is horrible, trust me! And I dont like people that live here, so many people are narrow . . . For exemple: I have a new classemate, he's africain and he DOESNT speak italian, he just have his sisters and mum, all his family got dead. Now, yesterday a Stupid, ignorant, really ignorant, guys were with our class and they bursted out laughing FOR HIS SKIN COLOR. What the f*** is wrong with black skin?! I hate, hate, hate, hate racist. They are the biggest s*** in this planet. I really hope you arent racist v.v

By the way xD I think swedish are hot LOL But i like better dark-hair guys.. i mean, i like people like Taylor xD Or models, naturally LOL

Italians're hot, but not here. In this f****** valley there are few hot guys, but they are xD You can find whatever kind of boy you want here, or nearly ;) Blonde or dark.. you know xD a thing awesome from italians: they are sooo funny! I mean, it always depends by persone and persone, but italians are essentially really funny... but, often, they want to be TOO funny. They joke about you, even with things that make you angry\sad.. But, i dont know why, the only time i fell in love he was cuban LOL I dont like italians xD Well.. yeah, sometimes i took crushes, but the time that I felt most he wasnt italian xD

Unfortunately very few italians are like models in Milan.. but they are ;D

Keep in the other LOL

At 7:16am on December 22, 2010, Ashley'hun♥Tshep@ng said…

jo tappa inte hoppet gums ;) det kommer säkert..

lmfao, jaa det är det vi ska vara joesy! du om engelsan e LMFAO borde ju det vara SMJRA-skratta min jävla röv av? :s den ska jag börja säga nu, vi e rebeller!!!! (H) (L)

At 12:37pm on December 21, 2010, ♥The Cullen Family*♥ said…

hi joesy - smiles -  i wanted to wish u a merry christmas and a happy new year -hugs you- love u bestie joesy-

At 9:46am on December 19, 2010, Stewie . said…

Hello my dear friend ;)

But.. why did you wait so much for? Did you find out the twiligh Saga after every book went out? or maybe in your country the book got later... o.o xD I found out it last year and I bought all books for Xmas ;) Almost one year i read them *-*

LOL No, i didnt ask help all time xD Just 'cause i am a shy person >.< And then, i was w/ my mum and i didnt need help.. I didnt know what to say.. I couldn't go there and say: Hey, where are the jeans? when they were in front of me LOL But whatever, when i passed aside them I sniff their smell xD They smelll sooooooo good *-*

I repeat.. It was heaven!!!

Yeah, they're surely older than me so they dont get interessed to me.. but it is - unfortunately – right, 'cause they have sex and i dont LOL Ok, let's stop this subjet 'cause it can get dangerous for my poor mind xDD

I live in Aosta Valley, Italy.. Do you remember? LOL I hate this place, i'm gonna leave it! :D

I love our loooongest comments ;D I get amused when i read\write them! ^^

Kissssssseeess! *Waiting for a long comment about men! ...what are swedish guys like? LOL*

Byeee <3

At 6:23am on December 18, 2010, Ashley'hun♥Tshep@ng said…

asså om nån skulle fråga mg vem min allra bästa kompis va skulle jag säga min klass :$ nu när alla killar har mognat har vi så jävla kul tsm ! usch då, killar ja jo jag har också kill trubbel fast inte så mkt trubbel, mest killar;> nej fan independent woman :D<333333

At 4:28pm on December 17, 2010, ♥The Cullen Family*♥ said…
thanks for commenting on my video i added yesterday i love him



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