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At 3:24am on July 18, 2010, SeLma Cullen Salvatore said…
no problem honey .. you don't have to apologize honey ! yeah i have msn ... can you give me your e.mail adress ... i don't want to lose you too honey ! i haven't seen eclipse it's not our here xDD but today i am going to the premiere and i am pretty sure that i will love it xD ... and thanks for all the awesome pics !! they are great honey !! love ya ♥

what do you think ? i've made it myself xDD

At 10:43am on June 17, 2010, SeLma Cullen Salvatore said…
heii honey
how are you?? wow i haven't talked for you for sooo long
anything new?? ya ♥
At 10:16am on June 13, 2010, Popi said…
Egw dn exw dei kanena video...
Oxi psemata exw dei auto p eixe dei3ei stin Oprah mono gt 8elw ola na m einai new...
lol!Anupomonw!!! Mallon egw 8a paw sto midnight screening gia na dw k tis 3 mazi...hahaha!
Esu ti nea?
At 9:32am on June 13, 2010, Adina said… problem ;)
hehe.welcome :) are you?something new?
how is school going on(exams and tests)?
At 10:02am on June 12, 2010, SeLma Cullen Salvatore said…
yeah i watched the new scenes...i loved them...i felt the same when they were on the stage i love the pic...thanks...both are awesome...nina and ian are so sweet together... as sweet as rob and kristen xD...soo how are you?? love ya ♥

At 7:40am on June 12, 2010, Popi said…
Nai epitelous!!! lol
At 4:00am on June 10, 2010, Wish Zaman said…

At 8:25am on June 6, 2010, Adina said…
hey Nassia..I wanted to say that I did it!!!!!I made my channel from youtube to work!!!!!here's the link honey :
At 10:08am on June 2, 2010, SeLma Cullen Salvatore said…
woow..i love the pic..xD...thanks xD...its awsome!! soo what do you think about this one?? xDD

At 3:41am on June 1, 2010, Maddy Love CullenSalvatore ™® said…
I love ur page! The Twilight Saga .By Heena.
Add Glitter to Pictures

At 3:33am on June 1, 2010, Adina said…
No problem honey :)
Yes,I would like if you could send me the lyrics in english ..I'll be very grateful :)
and yeah..It's pretty cool.That's why I have the lyrics on my page ;) you're right,I like it very much :)
I love that too!!!When I heard it on the semifinal I was like "This will be in the top 3" :))) and it is :))
The Cyprus song was Life looks better in spring or something like that?
I totally understand you honey..don't worry :)
mm..well..I :))
I'm very good..don' worry about me :) and yes,I am on msn :))
see you here if you can talk :)
At 1:11pm on May 31, 2010, Adina said…
hey honey..I wanted to say that Eurovision was pretty cool..I really like your country song!and those dancers...mmm :))
what does "opa" means?sorry but I'm really curious :)
by the way..What do you think about the winner,Germany's song?
so..I'm sure you are very busy these days but..I hope to hear from you soon :)
At 3:41am on May 29, 2010, SeLma Cullen Salvatore said…
wow honey thanks for the ian pic..its awesome i love it..he is sooo damn hot!! xDD
yeah you are right...maybe we should start sending us pics of rob..what do you think?? or paul wesley?? or alex meraz?? xDD just a few ideas ♥ love ya ♥
what do you think about that pic?? xDD

At 11:19am on May 27, 2010, Adina said…
oh my Gosh..I'm still listening that song!I love it!And to be honest ..I like your music 'cause it's sounds so oriental and... I like that :)
well..We won little places..but I've never liked our songs..they're just..boring!we have here our Lady Gaga ..I like to call her like that..and she is pretty awsome :))
yes I know..I was like that too!I'm glad I have finished with my stupid exams..grrr!!
Yes I like him..He's pretty sexy :)) lol
By the way..this is your country song for Eurivision? ???
At 8:28am on May 26, 2010, SeLma Cullen Salvatore said…
ome...i love the pic...its awesome...he's soo damn sexyy =) i really don't know which pic i should send you know xDD
what about this one??

At 5:58am on May 26, 2010, Adina said…
hm...did you country won any prize of Eurovision in the last years?
well..I can't leave comments there..I don't know why..Maybe because I'm using the Opera Program..I'll try to use more often Google Chrome...and when I'll be done with'll be the first who knows :))
Yes,it is.I accepted your request honey..:))
oo honey..I understand you!I hope you have done your best there ;) I'm happy that you're more..available now :)) lol
It's pretty good..Not the best I can have but it's good...:)) have fun?well..not really.I'm always bored and boring :)) I don't know if you seen but I'm always bored..I have always said hat and ..I believe it's soo true! :)) lol
what about yours? I hope it's better than mine!
At 9:01am on May 23, 2010, SeLma Cullen Salvatore said…
ok i love the pic were he is looking younger too...its awsomee..and i love nina's style she's soo gorgeous..xDD btw i love the nirvana song smells like teens spirit...ii love nirvana xDD

what do you think about that pic?!

At 2:28am on May 23, 2010, Adina said…
hello again honey..I'm glad that you like it =))
Thanks a lot're so sweet!But I'm not sure about that..I'm sure you're the good twifriend :D I'm evil :))
Gosh!That's true =))I know you didn't but I was saying you're a patriotic romanian 'cause you loved our song and I wasn't even liked it =))I have a channel for long time ago but I also have some problems with i 'cause I can't leave any comments o add videos,change my photo..nothing!That's why I've didn't tell you about it....
No problem honey!I don't mind!I understand you 'cause you have to study and find some time on twifans and youtube so you can't be there all the day..=)
The only thing that I know about wars it's the year 1918 'cause that is about Edward and..I couldn't forgot =)) I like history but..I hate it if I have to learn it :))
yeah..we talk about them..kinda :) And I've seen them..I'm just surprised 'cause hey give us so many clips and pics..I's like a prize for being such a good fans ,right? =)) just kidding
I'm so happy you don't..But if you ever decide to do the opposite ,I hope we'll find a way to talk at least :)
Of course I like her!She is very beautiful and sweet..I love her hair,especially in that picture you've gave to me!thank you about it!
At 11:15am on May 20, 2010, Adina said…
you're welcome honey!You did a good job :)
Yeah I didn't like it 'cause it was another good song that I wanted to win but after I saw you video,I've seen such a powerful energy in their voices and I like it now!
oo now,it doesn't sounds weird to me!believe me .when Linkin Park composed a new song ,my brother asked me if I like it and I was like ''yeah..yeah It's pretty cool..I love it!"' and I wasn't even heard it before he told me about that point is that it's weird at all =))
thanks a lot!You're more patriotic than me!lol =)) well..I wish good luck to your country too!
Thank you!I'm proud to be one of those people !and I hope your decision it's to stay here :) and OMG I can't believe what you're saying..Ive always thought that I'm boring and my life represent that..I'm in sock!lol :))
hmm..that's weird 'cause today I was at a regional competition at chemistry..well..I hope you did a good job!
oh Gosh! I hate history..It's so boring..I mean,I like some lessons but not all of them!I hope your teacher will be patient and understanding with you (and your class).
oo..I understand! My brother it's in the first year of university.That's the annoying part of having big brothers..I mean ,you have to be quite and stuff but..when is he quite for you?NEVER! well..that's happening to me ..a lot =)) he helps you to learn for your exams?
I love that too sweet!!!!

At 9:38am on May 20, 2010, SeLma Cullen Salvatore said…
wooohooo ii love the pic...its awsome honey thanks...yeah i have to look for an better one xD...

what about this one?! ♥



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