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At 11:49am on February 16, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey honey :) soooo sorry for the late reply
i was so very busy with my exams these day that i didn't had 5 mins
to sit down and write a one good and long( as usual) letter haha :)))
how have u been these days hon, oo i'm happy u finally had some sleep!!!
people need rest, we are not a vampires ( unfortunately).........
o thats exciting hon what did this ex said? what did he wanted :))
to get together and catch up, or hes not over u ?
o totally honey all man have much to learn from Edward!!!
hes the perfect man !!!! i have to say i love my bf more than anything
but if he was more like Edward i would be veryyy happy!!!!
i know it sounds awful but its true i want him to be like Edward..rrrrr
haha i know but we did something special my bf (hes name is Georgi by the way)
made me a dinner it was sweet cous hes not very romantic and he can't cook
hah but that made it even more romantic :) how about u hon, what did u do on V's day?
ooo than u sooo much for all the great pics of Rob!!!!!!!!!!!
u made my day u i have to say hahah!!!! i can sit and stare at him all day long!!!!
soo thank u thank u :))
hon i wanted to apologize early couse my next reply will be late again,
couse me and my bf are going snowboarding from tomorrow to Sunday
sooo we'll talk then i hope :))) have a woderful sparkling week hon!!!
and i hope that u sleep more these day and that ur eye is good now :))
lots of lov !!
At 9:38pm on February 15, 2010, Miss Amanda Cullen said…
Hahaha nice to meet ya Lazy Late! No kidding though, I am late everywhere I go! Every day I am late for work, good thing they like me because I would've been fired a long time ago! I'm always late to appointments and family functions too! I call it a disorder, I need therapy!! Lol I'm even late for my own kids' birthday parties, that's bad! :)
At 3:25pm on February 15, 2010, Miss Amanda Cullen said…
Thank you!! Late is my middle name, so I don't mind! Yeah I'm hooked to this computer for a couple hours at a time. I have to tear myself away to go take a shower since the day is half over! I had the day off and I have been really lazy!! Ttyl!! =)
At 2:42am on February 13, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey hon :)
how are u, sorry for the late reply by the way :)
i hope u'll forgive me :))
ye hon u are totally right if faith wants it u'll meet him some day
and who knows u may even get together :))
hey isn't there some guy that u like now?
o right i forgot that your ex like it haha thats soo cool
that there are guys who like our book!! couse i think that every man have to,no, the must read Twilight!!!! they can learn soooo much from Edward!!!!
hah y thats funny movie f the year :) hey i'm too a movie fanatic haha
when some new movie comes out i'm already on the line for tickets haha :)))
hey do u have something special planed for valentine's day?
i just want to look at Robert's beautiful face all day on V's day haha :)))
my bf is not very in to my idea haha :)
ye hon i'm sure that u will find time to see the deleted scenes these days!!!
ooo i love to watch deleted scenes!! i can wait to see the ones from NM...
hey hon i'm glad your eye is ok now !!! obviously the antibiotics did a good job!!!
o hon u are totally right to be a little a head so u can be sure !!!! u obviously really want to study in Australia so i'm absolutely sure that u will do great!!!!!!!!!! u are very smart girl !!!!!!!! hey hon how are u these days? anything interesting pland for ths weekend :)
heres pic for happy Valentine's day :))))
lov u hon :)

At 1:25am on February 13, 2010, Miss Amanda Cullen said…

At 7:28pm on February 12, 2010, Naila Husna Pratami said…
At 6:10pm on February 12, 2010, Naila Husna Pratami said…
Breaking Dawn
At 4:52pm on February 12, 2010, Naila Husna Pratami said…
no problem :)
At 2:20pm on February 11, 2010, Bella Hale said…
twilight made me a vamp girl because jasper is so fine
At 12:46am on February 10, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
wow ye i thought u did see them :)) they are sooo great ha :) and the second one is kind of hot haha i soo want to be in Bellas place haaha :)))
oo i know what u mean Eclipse has some veryyy hot and jusy scenes!!!11
i hope they do them right!!!!! i can't wait to see thats scene in Edward bedroom when he gives her the engagement ring OMG !!!!!! HOT!!!
Hey how is your eye? i hope better!!!
oo hon that really sucks not to have enough sleep,this can ruined your whole day...
but u probably are stressed with everything that is on your mind your exams and everything...
oo honey good for u!!!! i'm so happy that did good !!!!!
are u excited that u might go and study in Austria?
hey let me know when they tell u for sure so i can be happy with u :)
thats for now hon sorry i wrote soo much... have a wonderful day !!!!
lots of lov
At 12:35am on February 10, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey honey :)
oo u have exams too ha, thats sucks but what can we do?
we have to study and everything.. :)
oo ye i understand your dilemma hon, u would lovee to tell him the trought
about the way u felt about him, but its been a while so u don't want to make a big deal out of it... its very complicated situation... but may be your twin will help u, u are sisters.. u have to support each other :)
wow everybody have taste for books, but your neighbor is a woman soo she might
enjoy the love story in Twilight :) that book can melt even the most sarcastically heart hah :) wow do u think that a boy can apriciate Twilight? wow if your neighbor son like the movie please tell i don't know many man that like that movie, couse they are sooo stupid haha :))) i'm kidding its just that we are more emotional :)
hey did u like AVATAR? i really do like it. its a great movie(not as much as Twilight ofc)
ye hon u are lucky!!! i wish i had Twilight Deluxe, but i can't find it here... RRR
may be i'll order it from USA but its gona take forever to come here, we'll see..
wow thats suck, i understand why u had to fast foward the deleted scenes... u want to see everything in a little time u had with the tv!
ahah u are funny hon, complications is your middle name ha :)))
hey by the way how are u these days :)
At 6:19pm on February 9, 2010, tatiana pattinson said…
hi, actually this thursday i will travel to the south of my country for my vacations and i wont be here, but i will try to bring my computer jajaja....and you??
At 1:12am on February 9, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey honey wow sooo sorry for my late reply !!!
i was so very busy the last couple of days.. i
had much study and paper work to do, couse i
have exams coming this week so i'm going a
little crazy haha :) hah now my turn to say that i haven't been here for a long time it totally seems like ages !!! i missed my twifriends :)))
o honey of course u want him to know about your feelings!!! couse if u don't ever tell him u 'll feel awfull and u'll always wonder what would happen if i've told him!!! i think u should find a good moment and try to explain to him :)))
hah u are trying to explain to your neighboar about our twi obsessed comunity hah its very hard for people who are not addicted like us to understand i think :)) but if u give her the books to read them she maight be able to understand us after that right :)
haha i know what u mean hah wow u are soo very lucky that u have Twilight Deluxe!!!!!!!!i wish i had it rrr its so unfair that here i can't find it!!! ye i pre- order NM too :)) i'm soo very excited!!!! i can't wait hah hey did u saw the new stills from Eclipse OMG they look so cute :) i'm happy u had a good day !!!
wow i'll check this Justin Nozuka!!! i lovve it when i acidently find some good artist!!!
hey by the way how are u hon, anything new with u ?? lots of lov , V :)
At 11:50am on February 8, 2010, makino said…
heyy i m fine !! just exams :S it's sucks !
btw i don't watch vamp diaries i just watch't one day but it's not like Twilight i think after this amazen Serie i can't becom fun of another ;) but the actor not bad at all xD
and still not like Edward XD <3
At 9:07pm on February 7, 2010, Sandra said…
i know i've been really busy for skewl haven't been online for u've been?
At 11:22am on February 7, 2010, makino said…
heyy hwr u !! i like u r poste he's hot but not like Edward xD

At 5:46pm on February 2, 2010, tatiana pattinson said…
ohhh thats sucks i mean that you dont have it....and its sucks too that your plans never work out... thank you i love your page too!!!......well here i am a little bit tired but good jajaja...and you??
At 4:49am on February 2, 2010, makino said…
i m fine Brenda and u? ^^

At 12:39am on February 2, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey it sounds like u had great weekend!!!
despite you eye u managed to write thats sooo cool!!!!
and its great that u escape from the routines of this world for a few hours by writing...
i wish i could to that :))) but when i want to escape for a while
i open my Twilight book and BANG :)) LOL
oo honey u are very lucky that u have nice neighbours!!!
not everybody can say that hah :))) oo its sooo cute that she trys to hook u up:))))
she obviously like u very much !!!! its so cute!!!
hey i'm glad that your eye is a little better :))) ye that antibiotics kicked in !!!!
OMG I'M SO JEALOUS(friendly jealous ofc:) !!! I LOVEE THAT DELUXE PACK!!!
u have no idea how hard i've tryed to find it here in Bulgaria,
but i just can't find it!!!! i have to order it from USA .... and its gona take forever and a lot of money but we'll see....
good for u honey !!!!!!!!!!! its is wonderful?? did u see Edward piano concert ??
oo tell me everything haha :)
by the way how was your day :)
At 12:27am on February 2, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey Brenda :))
its me, again :)))
haha ye we,the members of club clumziness have to support each other :)))
oo honey it looks like u were in a horrible situation !!!! be in a relationship with one guy
and be in love with another... and this person is the best friend of your bf...
i don't know how u managed to get out of that situation in one piece ...
o hon he confronted u after you broke up with your bf...
u probably felt like crap at that time.... its normal that u still have feelings for that person, and u i totally understand why u shut him of your life .. i would do the same thing .. its such a normal reaction !!!
but who know u may be together one day ha ? :)))
since a few years have past i think that u both grew up a little
and u should try u know, u should call him and see if something can happen :))



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