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At 5:45pm on February 1, 2010, Adijah Serena Cullen said…
yep so what have you been up to?
At 11:00am on February 1, 2010, Malin Cullen Salvatore said…
okej, ja, det var ett stort plus att man fick kort och planch och alla andra saker med :D Ja, jag tror det var därifrån jag beställde det.. ^^
At 10:28am on February 1, 2010, Malin Cullen Salvatore said…
Ah, jo jag har twilight deluxe ^^ äälskaa haha :D<3<3 japp, jag har förbokat, har du gjort det? Ha det så kul med deluxskivan :)<3<3
At 12:19am on February 1, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey honey :) soo sorry that i haven't write u back this weekend
but me and my bf decided to go and have some mountain fun
since i have everything for snowboarding and my bf is very in to it..
its was very funny, I'm all in blue hah, I fell to the ground at almost every step:))
ye i'm definitely from club clumziness :))
hey hon about your ex bf, i bet it was hurtful for him,
when u broke up with him, but its for his own good i think
he can't see it now i'm sure, but like i said before u did him a favor!!!!
wow with your first bf the situations were very difficult i think,
u probably felt awful at the time... u hocked up with one guy and
u realize that u are in love with his friend... couse u know tha even if his friend likes u back he wont do anything about it because of his friend.. RRR
but u didn't tell me what happened ? did u and that guy hocked up or u were "forced"
to forget about him ?
did u ment him when u talked about that boy u still love and he now is inlove with someone else? couse that really sucks!!!!!!!! i'm sure though that u will find your Edward
u are complex girl!!! u know what u want and u stick with your decisions :)))
i think thats a very good thing :))
haha ye i will stick stick to the line :)) i love the 'line" sooo :))
hey honey how are u? is your eye still hurt? i hope its better !!!
and how was your weekend?
At 5:51pm on January 30, 2010, tatiana pattinson said…
hi !!! how r u??
At 2:08pm on January 29, 2010, Malin Cullen Salvatore said…
Hej! Ja, jag gillar också våren. Men gillar nog sommaren bäst (; Är det bättre med ögat nu då? <3 Nu ska jag snart se på någon film eller nått :)) vad gör du?
At 10:34am on January 29, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey Brenda :))
ye hon u are right we have to stop apolpgizing to each other:)))
soo i'm stopping now :) oo honey i hope u feel better!!!
and i hope your eye is ok now, and that antibiotics make it much better and
quick!!!! o hon i know how uncomfortable this inflammation could be...
but the antibiotics will do it for u i'm sure!!!
ye hon u did the right thing braking up with him, he might not understand it right now
but u did him a favor, when someone loves u more than u love him and u know that its not gona work out u have to break up with the guy...
hey hon i think that u still haven't met the right guy for u thats why u think that u and relationships does not work... i think that one day u'll meet some guy and its gona hit u that hard that u'll not even know where it came from hah :)) wow at least thats how it happen with me..couse i was like u... i couldn't stick with one guy very long but then i met George... and BANG haha :))
hey u were not bad girlfriend i think its the opposite!! like i said before u did him a favor! hey i think u wait for Edward!!!!!! the perfect guy!!! hey i have bf but i'm still hoping that Edward will come and find me hah :)
hey hon its great hobby !! i wish i could express myself on paper...
oo hone it would be so excting to go and study abroad and Australia is such a beautiful
country!! and L.A. sounds great too!!! i'm sure whatever major u pick will be great!the important thing is what u study to be interesting for u :))
haha oo i new u like bad guys too its in our nature(women nature) we don't like it when its easy hah:) except Edward ofc!!! but hes a vampire soo ..
hah hon thats probably the reason why u broke up with your ex haha :)
hey apart from the eye inflammation was you day good :)
At 8:50am on January 29, 2010, Malin Cullen Salvatore said…
jag gillar snö, men de betyder ju att det kommer bli slask sen..som inte e lika kul xd Vill ha sommar nuu :O
At 8:21am on January 29, 2010, Malin Cullen Salvatore said…
Nej ush vad jobbigt! Stackars dig ;O<3 har int varit med om det ( som tur är) men det låter ju inte jättekul precis.. jag har inte gjort så mycket idag. Efter skolan så har jag varit ute i snön lite, haha ^^ Nu är jag bara inne här och på msn och är glad att de är helg :D<3
At 7:46am on January 29, 2010, Malin Cullen Salvatore said…
Hahah ja den scenen när Edwaer hotar Jacob är jätte bra ;D Rolig haha. Blev ganska arg på Jackob när man läser hom hur han håller på och ska vara så jobbig och orättvis mot sammtidigt förstår man ju honnom. ;) vad har du gjort idag å? <3
At 6:25am on January 27, 2010, Malin Cullen Salvatore said…
hahha, älskar den scenen ^^
At 12:04am on January 27, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey hon sorry for the late reply
i went to sleep last night it was kind of late
where i am :)))
haha thanks Brenda u rock too!!!!
wow i know!! who wouldn't want to be a Vampire?!!!
with golden eyes hah :))))))0
wow no my bf is not a fan of the saga, he hadn't read Twilight....
bu hes very supportive of my addiction haha :))
he even came with me on the premier of NM it was sweet of him :)
wow u were very lucky that your ex liked the series!!!!
why did u broke up? ye i know u can't base your relationship on your
common love of fantacy novels right :))
hey hun its very good that u write!!! i want to and i have many thought in my mind but
i just can't get them on paper... the words just never come out properly ..
hey and u are still very young u have enough time to write a novel!!!!
most of the great writers have started to write after they turn 30 soo
u really can be next SM :))
wow ye i lovee that episode it was very interesting!!!
ye Stephan is very hon but i like his brother as well haha i like bad boys lol :)
hey do know that actress who play Elena is from bulgaria hah its very cool :)
wow i wrote soooo much, sorry honey when i start i just can't stop lol :)
i hope u feel much better today!!! ye skiping school is fun wow but its better
if u are not sick... lots of lov :))
At 1:42pm on January 26, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey i love all of your songs :)))
At 1:41pm on January 26, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey Brenda :)
wow hon i hope u are not sick, and if u are
i hope u feel better now!! don't worry for the reply
i can't always write back at the moment too :))
we are humans right (unfortunately hah i want to be a Vamp lol :)
we can't be infront of the computer 24/7 :)) unlike the Cullens hah :)
haha clumssiness club hah i'm a member since i was born hah:)
even if it not a real word i like it !!! well i'm not sure if its fun,couse
i'm about to learn how to do it... good luck to George (my bf :)
hey u write ? thats soo cool!!! may be you'll be the next SM :)))
who knows ha :) if u have something ready and if u don't mind i would lovee to read some of your novels :)) if u don't want to its ok i understand its personal :)
hey i've seen VD i like it :) how about u ?
ye its not scary, True Blood is so much scarier!!!
how was your day?
At 11:45am on January 26, 2010, Malin Cullen Salvatore said…
Ja, alla böcker är jätte bra! Hoppas mer en allt att SM skriver färdigt Midnight sun! Jag gillar allt med Eclipse, men framför allt tex "Tält" scenen med Ewart och Jacob :D
At 11:02am on January 26, 2010, Malin Cullen Salvatore said…
okej ^^ Villken bok gilla du bäst då? jag tycker det är jättesvårt att bara välja en, men jag gillar verkligen eclipse!<33
At 10:18am on January 26, 2010, Malin Cullen Salvatore said…
Wow vad coolt att du fick se twilight innan biograferna! Skulle också villja ha en "twilightlägenhet" haha (: Kul att man int är den enda svenskenpå den här sidan! Blev medläm här för några dagar sen och tycker verkligen att det är en jätte kul sida. Mina kompisar gillar inte twilight så mycket, så det känns kul att snacka med några som inte tycker att man är konstigt att man är "besatt" :D Jag bor i Halmstad, ganska nära Malmö ^^
At 9:10am on January 26, 2010, Malin Cullen Salvatore said…
Hej! Kul att du gillar bilderna, Robert är verkligen hur het som hälst!! ;D<33 haha..känns konstigt att skriva på svenska nu..blev glad när jag såg att du va från sverige ^^ Jag har varit ett fan av twilight ganska länge ;). jag såg twilight hos en kompis och blev helt kär..haha xd sen dess har jag typ varit bestatt av twilight :D :D Ofc Team edward! <3 Hur länge har du varit ett fan av twilight då? (;
At 11:05am on January 25, 2010, Adijah Serena Cullen said…
i'm so happy for ya coolio an d i hope you enjoy :)
At 12:57am on January 25, 2010, Veronika Ivanelova said…
hey Brenda :)
lov your page :))) great music !!
hey its cool anyway that u have sis,
i have too but shes bigger than me,
and we are very close now , but when we were a little
younger we weren't so close :) any way wow i talk to much sorry :))
my weekend was good :)) my bf is very in to snowboarding
so this weekend we buyed for me snowboard and special clothes and everything
so from now on i can go with him hah its fun couse i'm like Bella
a little clumsy :))
and how are u ? anything interesting planed for this week?



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