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At 12:37pm on January 10, 2009, robbiejimmy said…
yeah i do cadets :P
i handed my thing in too late for the army so i'm in raf
its not that bad, i ust dont want 2 have 2 fly a plae cuz to parachute u like get out and stand on the wing while its still flying before you jump off :S scarryyy lol leats i ent doing community service hehehe
in my school i can only take 9 gcse's so im taking english langlit, 3science, maths dt graphics (although i soo cant draw) history (we're going cinema for a history trip hehehe) and urm french lol fun
we didnt get the choice of like buisiness studies or drama of anything
ggrrr private schools!
At 9:59am on January 10, 2009, O~*~ClaireBear~*~O said…
hiya im good too. and its ok. loads of my friends have been studying mega hard for their exams. but i don't have any! yay me lol. im not up 2 much at the minute. just on youtube and chatting to friends on msn :). wat u up 2? xxx
At 10:47am on January 9, 2009, O~*~ClaireBear~*~O said…
hiya. how are you today? im a little bored lol. so i thought i'd just say howdy..........
At 9:13am on January 9, 2009, Zoeyy said…
OMT, i know! xD
gorgeous, much?! i can't wait! new moon is going to be amazingg! :D
At 4:33pm on January 8, 2009, Catherine_Cookie(Team Dimitri) said…
yeah, i know this site is so much fun, and we can talk about Twilight without worrying about haters and stuff! And yes I had a good New Year, although I had to work that day! How about you?!
At 1:49pm on January 8, 2009, robbiejimmy said…
lol i know how u feel :(
i have exams too but its for the RAF i have to swim and do rifle shooting etc, im crap! hehe
good luck in ur gcse! what options did you take?
At 1:32pm on January 8, 2009, lolol . said…
AGHHS I KNOW ! its so awesome ! :) i always wanted taylor . <3
At 10:37am on January 8, 2009, Zoeyy said…
haha yeahh, they are the like most addictive thing ever! xD
lalala, i love them. ;)
At 9:08am on January 7, 2009, robbiejimmy said…
im in year 10 lol and omg i have biology at the end of the day! hehe
my teacher hates me, if i so much as blink she starts yelling im like -.-
grr hehe
what year are you in?
At 8:58am on January 7, 2009, Zoeyy said…
haha same :P
i was like talking about it non-stop today, but my best mate (and twilight buddy) wasn't there, so i think everyone else got annoyed and thought i'd lost it. lmao
i lost it a loooong time ago. ;)
At 4:23pm on January 6, 2009, lolol . said…
arghhs well trust me , dallas is cold too ! it just... doesn`t snow . only ices up a whole heap . i think . i haven`t been living here very long . :P
At 1:53pm on January 6, 2009, Fanpire Facinelli (Fanpy) said…
are you coming on chat?
At 9:45am on January 6, 2009, Mrs Hollie Cullen said…
yeah i saw it and it was s*** awww i know i will cry if they mess it up cos i think it should be really good ....will you still see it even if it is rubbish?
At 9:20am on January 6, 2009, O~*~ClaireBear~*~O said…
yh. rob and all the others in twilight are under so much pressure to do and say and be the right things. i hope they don't get too affected by it tho. and i agree about rob being scared. but i know wat he means wen he says its overwhelming because he's always saying how like no one was interested in him a year ago and then suddenly he's like the most famous in the world. it must be scary for him. its like a normal member of the public becoming famous overnite! wat wud u do with ureself?! being mobbed everywhere! lol
At 9:01am on January 6, 2009, robbiejimmy said…
i was back at achool today
i'd forgotten how much it bores me :P
At 8:41am on January 6, 2009, Zoeyy said…
i know! fit lads walking round half naked? thats gunna get some butts in those cinema seats! ;)
yeahh, the "busting out of their clothes" thing is going to be urm...pleasent. that's a good word. ;)
At 3:51pm on January 5, 2009, lolol . said…
oh , despite my belated location thing , i actually live in dallas . (: and what about you ?
At 2:01pm on January 5, 2009, Catherine_Cookie(Team Dimitri) said…
At 12:24pm on January 5, 2009, Zoeyy said…
yeahh, i love edward, but not rob. :P
haha tarzan!
i can't wait till he chops it all off either. he's so fit when he has short hair.
i'm looking forward to when he turns back from werewolf form, and he clothes have been ripped off.
hmmm, yummy! :D
At 11:05am on January 5, 2009, Mrs Hollie Cullen said…
hehe hi nida omg you got to go to the london premiere thats so lucky i live in wales so i had to wait to see it in cinemas ive seen it 10 times now its awsome...nice one on taking the poster i would have done the same thing
i really hope they dont screw new moon up cos of whats happaning with taylor and how its being rushed that wont make it as good if they rush it i hope it turns out okay as for twilight coming out on dvd i cant wait for it getting hyper as we speak.damn you didnt get robs autograph unlucky i bet is was packed there



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