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At 6:42am on September 9, 2009, Jess' Cullen Martins {Dracula} said…
YAY! thank god you're ok again!!
I'm SO excited to new moon too...
I'll so read it!! you have to see ALL my videos... :D
Hope to talk to you soon!

TwiKisses *****
Love ya


PS: go Veggie Coven!!
At 12:47pm on August 13, 2009, Jess' Cullen Martins {Dracula} said…
YAY!! You're back!!!!!!!

I've been ok! Missed you like hell... what about you?? Last time I talked to you you were a bit sick... how are you?? how's life treatten you???

Love you

At 9:57am on June 24, 2009, Jess' Cullen Martins {Dracula} said…
EJC where the hell have you been??
I miss you like Edward misses Bella in New Moon. I'm this close to go piss the volturi...

Miss you soooooooooooo much! Haven't talk to you in ages.
Hope you're better!

Love you

Jess' Martins
At 4:05am on May 8, 2009, Jess' Cullen Martins {Dracula} said…
Sis... I missed you soooo much!
Yes I've been studying but I'm almost finished...
Sorry for being 'out' but my computer died and I only got him back like now. (PS: my video was erased so I have to do it all over again).

Hope you're feeling better!


Jess' Martins
At 4:22pm on May 7, 2009, Alice mary Jones said…
I LOV UR PAGE♥♥☺☺☻☻♣♣
At 12:37pm on April 23, 2009, MR Hale xx said…
thks for adding me as a friend i appericate it alot and im liking the posts to thks once again for adding me xx
At 5:45pm on April 18, 2009, micala.<3 said…
like it(:
At 9:37am on April 13, 2009, Leah said…
go to google imeges and type in renesme icons thats haw i found the photo.
At 9:33pm on April 1, 2009, Harley Clifford said…
In ur display pic, what did you do to get your eyes red?
At 5:17am on March 30, 2009, Jess' Cullen Martins {Dracula} said…
EJC I'm in both chats waiting for you girl! In the main chat you have to pop out otherwise you can't talk... and in the Twichat I created a veggie coven! :D

Waiting for you sis!
At 10:11pm on March 29, 2009, CuriousCovenette said…
No, it's actually quite good! I know what you mean though...
I dont' have Photoshop or anything fancy like that *sigh*
I have to rely on Paint or whatever edits I can do with Photobucket.

Just stick to that "veggie" diet and they'll turn gold, lol ;D
At 3:00pm on March 28, 2009, CuriousCovenette said…
Love the addition of the glowing crimson eyes in your profile pic!
At 1:45pm on March 15, 2009, Jess' Cullen Martins {Dracula} said…
Yeah! I miss you so much! My exams are almost finished... and good or bad.. they're done! XD I hope you succed as well!

Yeah we definetly have to talk! Miss you soo much! I'm having Easter Holidays in 2 weeks so I'll try to be here more often! I'm planning to do something for Twifans and i may need your help sis!

Take care... and Be safe!
Your Vamp sister of the one and only Veggie Coven
Jess' Martins

LY@ Sis
TwiKisses *****
At 10:03pm on March 3, 2009, Alison Genet said…
i hope you feel better. not sure i can edit them but i will try.
At 12:52pm on March 3, 2009, Jess' Cullen Martins {Dracula} said…
Sis sorry! I really couldn't be here in the weekend and I think I would not be here for this next weeks because my final exams are beggining and I have to study otherwise my mom can have the idea of forbidding me to see/think/breath Twilight things!

Be good please!!!!
Miss you!
LY Sis@

Jess *****
At 7:35pm on March 2, 2009, CuriousCovenette said…
LAWLS! umm...yeah...like I said, my mistake! Do forgive! =) It was Ramora that I saw in that group, not you! (30 will come before you know it, though, hahaha. At least, it did for me! ;)

It's nice to meet you, btw. =)
At 11:01am on March 1, 2009, CuriousCovenette said…
Oops! Beg you pardon! (regarding my previous comment) That's your friend Ramora that's in that group, haha (then I must have found you in HER list of friends!) Well, I always have gotten lost quite easily, lol...and hmm, I thought your pictures looked very young for being 30! =)
At 3:55pm on February 28, 2009, CuriousCovenette said…
Hi Elizabeth Jane...I love your page--it's truly be-YOU-itful! I saw you when browsing groups (in the "30 and then some" group ) and I fit this category as well. I'm brand new to the TwiFans site. Just wanted to say "hey"! I hope you're having a good weekend.

(a.k.a. CuriousCovenette)
At 2:57pm on February 28, 2009, Laurenn ♥ said…
heyy thnxs 4 posting a comment on my blog the blog wen they talk about sex and rob goes on about him being a tool! i soo laught wen he says dat"im just a big hard tool!" lol i love rob/edward one hes hot,2 rob is just funni and 3. edward he sweet and loving!
At 8:41am on February 27, 2009, Jess' Cullen Martins {Dracula} said…
Lol I have to wait more time than you do! "The Host" only cames out in Portugal next week... so Twilight DVD is going to take a little while...

Sorry but I've been working so much (school stuff) and haven't the chance to come chat here!

Also miss you sis!

LY@ my Twilight vegeterian vampire sis!

Be good!



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