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At 2:20pm on June 26, 2010, Malin Cullen Salvatore said…
Hii Selma twiinie! <3 Yeah wow, fan-event was awsome, i have no words! I whanted to be there wid you so much honey!! The only bad thing was that it was so much people there and it was very hot. So yeah i I was pretty close the stage too :) I can show you pics on msn :D weird that the book came out so late in austria.. :S Can't really understand that..but now when we have both read the book we can talk about it! I soooo love the book, just like you!! (because were twins xD ) I really like the end, when Edward says "Close your eyes" Soo sad, but so good!! :) Kisses and hugs Malin your twins <3
At 4:04pm on June 23, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Aw, that does look really sad. What scene was that taken from i wonder. Poor Edward!:(
At 10:50pm on June 20, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
No, i haven't read the new book. I'm in my own way rebelling bc i'm so mad she'd publish that instead of any other interesting twilight book like leaving where she left off from BD or any other back story she could of done with the cullens or werewolves, characters i know and love, ya know?
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At 4:55pm on June 17, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
That's no problem. I understand, school before free time. I'm doing ok, just waiting for my friend to get her butt over here and walk with me. IT's almost 8pm though and the sun will be down soon, so she needs to freakin hurry!!! How are you doing? What have you been up to?
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At 8:22am on June 12, 2010, Nassia Somerhalder said…
thank uuuu
ahhh edward!! lol
btw did u watch all the new scens? and the mtv?
XD it was so funny when they were on the stage 4 the best kiss..
but for one minute i wanted to kill them.. why didnt they kissed normally?? hahah

i know it's about ian... but i cant find my fav pic of rob :( and i love this one.. :))

and this about rob (ok eclipse lol) xx i hope u like them too :D
At 9:10pm on June 10, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Alright that's fine. Whenever you perfect them. :)
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At 4:41pm on June 3, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
That one looks great too!:) You have a knack for making good pics!:) I'd love to see some more if you have anymore.:)
At 7:57am on June 3, 2010, Megan davis said…
At 2:59pm on June 2, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Wow, you made that! That's awesome, i love it! I love how it has the mirrored image in it too.
Yeah, if you two want to see it, i say go for it. :)
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At 10:09am on June 2, 2010, Megan davis said…

At 3:04am on June 1, 2010, Nassia Somerhalder said…
love it love it love it love it lol
ahhh one of my fav rob's pic :))
thank uu
well i owuld choose rob 4 now... lol

i know it's simple but i really like it ;) hope u do the same lol xx cya
At 1:11pm on May 29, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Thanks. I'm glad you liked the pic.
I went and saw Prince of Persia with my friend last night. It's a good movie, if you wanted to see it.
I hope your having a good weekend. :)
At 7:48am on May 27, 2010, Nassia Somerhalder said…
yeah ahhh.. he is lol
and thanks again.. love it as always XD
well i think we should start sending for some1 else..
what do u think? hmm but whome? :/

At 1:29pm on May 26, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Oh good!:) I liked the HP movies that i've seen so far but i haven't ever read the books, don't really have the desire to either. No romance in their for That's why i love Twilight so much, the romance is the basis of the story. Thanks for the pic w Rob's sexy pouting lips.hehehehheee
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At 12:22am on May 26, 2010, Nassia Somerhalder said…
i love this song too ;)
and yeahh this pic is great!
well i'm sure u cant find pic wich dont like me hahah
i just looove him...
hmmm which pic sould i send now?....

*hug u*
At 1:05pm on May 25, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Aw, thanks so much for the compliment!:)
That sounds like a pretty relaxing weekend. Are the Harry Potter books pretty good? My friend loves them but if you want to give me your opinion, i wouldnt mind that. Has your sister already read Twilight or is it something she's giving a try?
I really like that pic, you and your sister made it? it's awesome!!!:) You also are very good at making pics!
Thanks Selma, i hope so too! I hope your week goes well too!
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At 12:21pm on May 23, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Thanks!:) Thanks for the compliment on my background too. I made another blingee yesterday. I'm really addicted to that site I'll post you the new one at the end of this comment and feel free to tell me what you think of that one
My weekend was terrible. Sorry, i know that wasn't positive but i'm tellin the truth. I got in an argument w my mom over something so stupid. It's all fine now though. Then my brother got in trouble for underage a ticket bc of it and lied to my mom so i had to hear arguing all weekend about that. I hope yours was better. How was yours?
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At 12:23pm on May 22, 2010, Nassia Somerhalder said…
hahaha we cant stop sending pics lol
so it's just awesome as well thank uuu
hmmm what about it? i know it's old but i really like it for a reasson but i cant explain it XD

and btw what do u think about nina? i just lvoe her and her style lol

At 7:50pm on May 21, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Oh that makes me feel so good that you said that!:) And i just love the one you made me!:) I love how it looks so classic and beautiful! And the quote from the movie is a nice touch!
So how have you been?
I've also made this one, but i wish i could have done more with it.
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At 2:03pm on May 20, 2010, Jamie Lynn said…
Yeah, life can be pretty boring and routine. I know how that It's alright about you not having time to make one. I understand. I made a new one last night, it's not quite perfect but i guess you can tell me what you think of it.
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