Finally done! You have no idea how much I went through on this video. Ah..It crashes twice (the entire project!) and I had to restart twice. So the preview I posted a while ago is no longer what this looks like. You guys wanted me to finish it, and so I have. PLEASE RATE!!!! You guys wanted this done, its the only reason I finished it. I would appreciate it! Thanks. And feel free to share this video. I cannot share a large group this video :\....Again, your not obliged to rate or anything but I use comments as motivation and improvement advice!

{Video Information:}

Name: You keep on cryin baby, Ill bleed you dry.
Song: Closer by Kings of Leon
Footage: Twilight, New Moon Trailer, Adventureland
Software: SV8
Maker: Shena
Time taken: 3 months
End credits song: Letters From The Sky
By: Civil Twilight
Dedications: Tenesha and Yass (soupshop! Happy Belated Birthday souper!!!), and to Violet (I am so sorry I changed the color on this 60 times and made you look at them all, the end, this color kicks ass!)

**************************************** *********

{General Information:}

This video seriously was a real pain. Vegas crashed twice, both while 2 minutes into the video, so I had to start from scratch all over again! And the preview I posted earlier has been changed because vegas kept saying it was corrupted and was a sony 9 project! Bah! But after 3 months its here. I got a little lazy near the end, but, meh, whatever. LoL. Hope you Enjoy! Some of the beats are off..but you know what? I dont care, haha. It was one of the most difficult songs in terms of beats.

**************************************** *****


Edward, at first is not liking Bella much at all. The smell of her, the closeness of herbut yet, he cannot get her out of his mind. Violent and evil thoughts press into his 100+ year old brain. He tries to get away from her, only to be drawn back into her. He acts pretty strangely. Enough to have Bella looking into what he is. When she finds out, she really could care less, already have been drawled into him. He warns her, but he is really trying to warn himself. Everytime he touches her, he goes into this tormented fantasies of hurt, blood and violence toward her. Each time, pulling away as if struck by lightning. But as the video nears the end he wont have the prom ruined by his fantasies. He is in love with her, and there in no pulling himself away from her. Together they dance, without a thought, other than he loves her.

**************************************** ******


Color: Present
B/W: Fantasies of Edwards.

**************************************** ******

{Personal Opinion:}

I like it. I saw some others with this song, and I thought damn mine sucks. But I like it either way. It took me a long time, and I really enjoyed working on it. And I really, really love the color I put on this. I dont know why...I just do.

{Editors Note: I am going to take a 1 or 2 day break from the computer (my vision is horrible from starring at the screen a lot) so if I do not answer you, dont be offended. I will. As well, do you guys know that Rachelle (plays Victoria in Twilight) is being replaced? *sad*. Anywho, please do rate/comment/share it fills me with joy when I read your comments!

**************************************** *******

{Download Link:}

This video does not intend to copyright. The clips and music belong to their respective owners. I own the editing alone and do not make any profits. Simply fan made. July 29th, 2009. Editing property of Twilightshorizons. DO NOT REUPLOAD. ENJOY!

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