Parody of TI Live Your Life

Youre trying to be, a Vampire
Pointy fangs, suckin blood-ud
But then ya see, its a lot harder
When youre allergic, to the garlic
Just like Twilight, ay ay ay
Youre trying to be a Vampire
Just like Twilight, ay ay ay
Youre trying to be Isabella
Just like Twilight, ay ay ay
Youre trying to find your own Edward
Just like Twilight, ay ay ay
You wish your last name was Cullen
Just like Twilight, Twilight

Never mind what haters say, Twilight and Potter arent the same
One includes the wizards way, the others got them deadly fangs
Since the day you read the page, that started this obsessive faze
You knew for sure that this book was something that was here to stay
Consider it a daily stage, to finish each chapter page to page
And now youre so hooked on Vampires, all your friends are becoming afraid
Youve never been a believer, now you know for sure that they aint fake
You totally fixed up your MySpace, now Mrs. Cullen is your Display Name
You saw the movie tonight, and now youre annoyed that you have to wait
But I promise, if youre patient, itll happen, New Moon is on the way
Time passes. Even when each tick of the second hand aches
Been 17 awhile, because gangstas never have to face their age
You say your like Bella, cause youre identical in every way
I cant believe thats true, have you ever punched a werewolf in the face?
Vampires are your life, since Twilight has presented them in a romantic way
You got faith, and I heard you speak to Stephanie Meyer when you pray


Say hi to Isabella Swan, from Arizona to Washington
Say hello to Charlie, cause step-daddy is a baseball star
From Outcast, to the new class. What guy doesnt want a shot with her?
All fightin for affection, but Bellas only eyeing Edward
But Cullen has his problems, leaving Bella completely puzzled
Dont understand his resentment, why hes tryna change his schedule
But after talkin to Jacob, shes filled in on the tribal legends
Edward is in fact a vampire, just like all the other Cullens
But love is love, they fall in love, and everything is goin perfectly
Til James travels to Forks, and decides to do some hunting
Seems like their doomed, but if love is true, theyll make it with each other
But James aint gonna have that, so he kidnaps Isabellas mother
With Swan attacked, Edward is back, to make the rescue that needs to be
But Bellas bite, and now a vampire is what she must face as her destiny
But Edward makes the save, and removes the venom effectively
But Bella wants to be a Vampire now, despite what Mr. Cullen believes


Edward and Isabella, we wanna see you together
If love is what I think it is, youll be in love forever
Cause no matter what the struggle, true love will always remain
So please just stay together, and keep on thrivin
Take a look at Victoria, and get all violent
Yeah, Laurent, and Jasper
Could never compare, or be as hot
Just like Twilight
Were hangin in the rain, kissin Vamps is our thing, twilight
Transformin when you see the moon
Just like Twilight
Jacob is a loser
Watchin Twilight
Hey Bella
Pick Edward Cullen

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