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Name of Video: No One Knows || Twilight Saga (MS, Twilight, NM)
For: SYTYCV Contest (Semi-Final)
Type: Saga Overview with Key events and points.
Time Taken: about 2 weeks
Twilight Saga Quotes: http://www.twilight-quotes.com
Lyrics: http://www.hot-lyrics.com
Color Theme: Saturated with Touch-Up and Black and White for Memories/Dream Sequence

Dedications: Fran (BellasaftercarF430), Kayla (XxxxPiratesxxxX), Tenesha (Kellygirl2002) and Violet (weasleygirl2002). And to all Twilight Lovers. Special thanks to Kelsie (Kelfheart) who even though she is competing with me using the same song, offered me help on improving my ability to hear the beats. Thank you so much hun, that means a lot!!

Tenesha! OmGee! There is NO WAY I would have finished this without you encouraging me and threatening me, haha! Seriously! You listened to my complaints and more. I dedicated this video to you very much. Thank you so much and I appreciate the help!
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Yay! So, I made it into the semi-Finals, which is a huge honor for me! Our job was to use the song that our group was assigned. I was in group one which was assigned the song you hear. Enjoy!!! After reading the lyrics and listening to the song over and over, I interpreted the song to mean that the person whos PoV it is that the only one who really knows the effect the person they are focusing on (e.g. Bella, Edward, Jacob) has on them. No One knows whats going on inside their hearts, minds and what they are feeling. I have broken the video down into the Twilight Saga. PoV and explanations/quotes are down below. I hope you like it, and it was certainly a challenge! I did nearly the entire song, Im pretty damn happy about that considering the epic beats ;) I tried to utilize all the clips I could find, especially for the Midnight Sun part, which actually was the last part I finished.
Midnight Sun: Edward and Bella PoV. *No one knows* that he wants to suck the very life out of Bella. She doesnt know he wants to kill her, either. The call of her blood.

Her scent hit me like a wrecking ball, like a battering ram. There was no image violent enough to encapsulate the force of what happened to me in that moment. In that instant, I was nothing close to the human Id once been; no trace of the shreds of humanity Id managed to cloak myself in remained. I was a predator. She was my prey. There was nothing else in the whole world but that truth.
Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun, Chapter 1, p.12
---------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Twilight: Both Bella and Edwards PoVs. Saving Bella from a near death experience had to have irritated Edward right? He finds himself unable to say away from her. The closer he gets the more he fears for his familys secret. Bella wanted answers. Could he have just had an adrenaline rush? Because to her, something was offand she was going to find out what. *No One Knows* the length she will go to uncover secrets.

I sat without moving, more frightened of him than I had ever been. Id never seen him so completely freed of that carefully cultivated facade. Hed never been less human or more beautiful.
Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 13, p.264

Im essentially a selfish creature. I crave your company too much to do what I should.
Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 13, p.266
---------------------------------------- ----------------------
New Moon: Bellas PoV. Bella is lost without Edward. He left her alone and in pain from a broken heart. *No One Knows* her pain, or the inflicting darkness that surrounds her when she dreams at night. Longing for Edward, can she keep herself from going insane as she sees the flittering image of her love? And can her best friend understand that her heart beats for another?

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